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The lone wolf


Shadow is a werewolf and no one knows what he is capable of doing but he’s just the average teen age shadow knight running with a pack of humans killing the creatures that threaten the people of the town hiding himself from his friends at night staying in a castle.

Romance / Erotica
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The big secret chap 1

Shadow was leaned up against the wall watching his pears pass him by some waveing and some saying their good mornings as he waited for his friends to arrive. Seeing Sonic and Silver walking up to him “Hey shadze how are you” “hello faker I’m fine actually just been waiting for you and the rest of the crew” Sonic grins and slowly walks up beside shadow slipping a pece of papper into his jacket pocket. The tall darker hedgehog looks at the smaller cobalt blue hedgehog with a small grin plastered on his muzzle. The rest of Shadows friends walk up to the small group that had already arrived. Shadow, Sonic and Amy walk to class the three of them walk in their history class first and sit down as Shadow finds the note in his pocket.

Shadow’s POV

As I sat down I noticed a pice of paper was sticking out of my jacket pocket. Takeing it out unfolding it as I read softly in my head. “dear Shadze I love you and I am afraid to tell you in person so this is the only way I could ask you do you feel the same way about me if not I can take a hint love Sonic.” Later that afternoon after PE in the locker room Sonic and I just got out of the showers and we where getting dressed for our last class of the day as I walked over to the cobalt blue hedgehogI put a gloved hand against the locker above his shoulder. “Ok faker let’s talk because I got your note and I have something to say about it I feel the same way about you but you realize we’re alone in the locker room and we’re both males right” as I spoke softly I noticed he began to blush. “Yes I realize we’re both males and alone in the locker room but we do have class together oh yeah by the way sit next to me at the lab table” “who alls gonna be in there today anyway” “Just our crew that’s all.” Sonic and I finished getting dressed and I noticed he would glance down looking in my direction then quickly turn his head back to his locker he was looking at my boxers but I knew what he was looking at. We finally finish getting dressed and walk to the science lab and sit down beside each other.

Narraraiter’s POV
Sonic puts his hand on shadows thigh as the teacher walks into the room. “Today class we will be learning about the human anatomy and puberty as well now then with that said turn to page 39 in your books and we shall go over it.” Shadow and Sonic share a book turning it to page 39 as the teacher begins to speak more about puberty while Sonic begins to day dream about shadow taking control over him and making him his mate. About an hour goes by the bell rings wakeing Sonic who fell asleep during the lesson. Shadow sat there with a big smile on his face Sonic smiled back as he grabs his backpack and gets up. “Hello sleepy head lets meet up with the gang and we’ll figure out where we’re going to hangout today.” “How about your place Shadzy we love hanging out at your house” “oh uh sure as long as everyone knows where to go that’s fine with me.” Shadow and Sonic walk out to their cars meeting up with Amy,Rouge,knuckles,Vector and Espeo “hey you guys wanna hang out at shadows house” “sure Sonic we love shadows house.” Shadow nods softly and gets in his car and heads to the store to pick up some stuff he parks and gets out of the car walking into the store and grabs a buggy then starts to get snacks,beer,condoms and lube for Sonic as his phone buzzes looking down at his phone his face turns ghostly white “oh no damn full moon tonight.” Shadow sends out a mass text to his crew including sonic “hey guys can’t hang out tonight something came up see you tomorrow” but little did Shadow know Sonics phone died and he was already at the castle waiting on Shadow to show up.

I walked up to check out and paid for the stuff I had as I went back to my car getting in and driving back to my castle noticeing Sonic siting on my steps looking at me as I grab the stuff and walk up to my door. “Sonic what are you doing here I sent a text to everyone saying that something came up so I couldn’t hang out” “sorry shadzy my phone died I’ll go if you want.” I wanted to hang out with Sonic but I didn’t want him to get hurt by my werehog form. “No stay here with me at least until you’re phones changed” Sonic and I walk in as I grab my phone charger and puts his phone on charge then I go back to putting the groceries away as sonic stumbles onto the bag of lube and condoms. “Shadow what’s this oh uh never mind I see” “faker I can explain I uh wanted to try something special with you but I have something important to do tonight that is gonna take up my time so feel free to stay upstairs in my room and lock the door please I don’t want you to get hurt by any thing or any one also there’s a kitchen in my room with a fully stocked fridge and a bathroom with a king size bed and 60 inch flat screen tv so you can intertain your self.” “Tonight what’s happening to night Shadezy are you in danger” “No hunny I’m not in danger you look out the window when night falls.”
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