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The lone wolf

A Great meeting chap 2

As night fell I made my way into Shadows room and locked the door as requested by my love. Looking outside the window seeing the full moon pierce through the clouds showering the land scape with a golden light from the heavens above. “Wow that’s a beautiful sight” out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadowy figure move through the trees although I didn’t know exactly what it was well I just figured it might be shadow. Decideing to fix something to eat I turned on the TV to the Mobius 6:00 o’clock news hearing the reporter say that there was a large red and black wolf hit by a truck on the main highway on the way to shadows castle. Fixing Myself five chilly dogs plopping down on the bed watching the TV as I ate my chilly dogs. I finished eating my food and put my plate in the sink hearing a knock at the door startled I walked over and unlocked it and opening it only to reveal a Shadowy figure with a hurt leg. “Who the fuck are you” the dark figure growls and limps over to the bed and lays down as I look at his hurt leg I walk over and gently touch his leg as he looks at me and whines softly wrapping A bandage around his damaged leg. “Wait a minute you must be that wolf that got hit by a truck” the wolf looks at the night stand and motions for me to open the drawer.

Sonic pulls out the drawer seeing a bottle filled with a golden liquid the wolf grabs the bottle and drinks it in one gulp then looks at Sonic with a devilish grin. “Faker you’re very sweet helping me but you didn’t realize you were wearing a thong did you” Sonic blushes blood red “Oh I uh no Shadezy is that you.” Shadow nods and grins softly at the colbolt hedgehog seeing a twinkle in Sonic’s eye. Sonic lays down beside his dark love seeing how big he has grown finding his eyes pear down to the bigger figures crotch area. “Dear god his sheath is huge I wonder how long it’s been sense he’s used his big wolf cock it must be so stuffy inside that fluffy sheath” Sonic thinks to him self. “Faker does something ketch your eye fluff butt” “fluff butt whats that supposed to mean.” Emerald eyes meet crimson as Shadow grabs Sonic’s
rear causeing him to yelp out in suprise. Shadow grins a devilish grin Sonic looks at shadow with a long lustful smile “so this is what you had planned Shadezy” “actually it is blue boy but honestly should we try it.” Sonic nods slowly a little afraid to try it in Shadow’s current form due to the fifteen inches hidden in a large fluffy sheath the colbalt blue hedgehog wasn’t worried about the leangth but the girth would probably rip him in half but Sonic had to know how big his love truly was beneath his sheath. Before sonic knew it his hands were on Shadows balls that barley fit in his hands the large wolf let out a lustful moan as sonic began to gently rub them both in his hands Shadow put a paw on Sonic’s head and lays his muzzle on the large sheath.

As Shadow moves my muzzle onto his sheath I could smell his musky cent my mind became fogged with lustfilled thoughts as I inhaled deeply licking his sheath slowly moving my hands to his sheath rubbing it slowly as I felt his knot begin to form at the bace of his sheath I could tell he was getting turned on by my actions. The large tip of his member began to appear as I licked his sheath slowly shadow looks down at me with a devilish gleam in his eyes “I think it’s time we put your muzzle to better use little one don’t you?” I nod as he grabs my head putting it close to his tip opening my muzzle as he
pushes down causeing the tip to inter my mouth licking the tip slowly pulling his sheath down the rest of the way revealing a large knot at the bace as he pushes my head down half way causeing me to gag on his large member. “Oh god’s this is amazing fluff butt get daddy Shadow nice and wet so we can continue our fun” Shadow let’s me come up for air as I do I catch my breath as he pushes my head back down onto his member thrusting the entire leangth of his member down my throat as his huge knot smacks my lips causing me to gag and drool all over his large member shadow moans loudly pulling my mouth off his wolfhood. “What do you think Sonic will that be slippery enough for your tight little hole” “I’m not sure how slick you will need to be I need to be relaxed to take it though” “I have a idea to help you relax little guy.”

picking sonic up turning his rearend around I slowly pushed my muzzle up to his tight little hole slipping my toung between his cheeks licking the outside of his hole. Sonic was really tense when I first started licking the inside of him but I felt it loosen up after a little while of me licking covering his tight hole with my saliva as I felt him relax he slowly rubs my head I could hear the little blue fella panting softly as I gently slide my toungue deeper into his rearend. “Shadow I think I’m ready for it if you wanna try” I pull my toungue out “only if you promise to relax” “I promise cutie I’ll try to relax” I pick Sonic up laying him on his back gently as I line up with his hole.
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