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Isn't lovely, my heart made of glass my mind of stone. Tear me skin to bone. For everything you make me your home. JJK X Reader This story is just fan fiction, all the similarities and storylines are just artificial. English is not my native language, so please understand that there are spelling and grammar errors.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

It's been two years. Two years will feel fast if you live with the people you care about. But those two years can also be very painful years if you live with people who pretend to care for you. My parents died in an accident. An incident that really hit my heart, coupled with the fact that the person who was the reason for my parents' death was the first to help my life.

Two years ago, when Christmas arrived, when snow filled the streets, everything happened fast but strangely, I couldn't forget every second. When the train ran over my parents' car it left me speechless, making it seem as if the world had stopped spinning. I really lost it all. My father's good intentions to help push someone else's car that suddenly stuck on the tracks ended it all. After that incident, Jeon's family asked me to live with them. Of course because of the guilt that is so great, without the intention of making death immediately pick up my parents. And because of that, I can now be in a position like this. Life depended on them, even after I managed to get good grades in college, they still got me into their company.

I heard the sound of unlocking and then my door opened. He is, jeon Jungkook, the second son of the Jeon family. The second most respected family in South Korea who was saved by my parents.

"Where is your phone? Mother called and she said your phone cannot be reached." That man closed the door to my room slowly then approached and held out his personal phone.

"Take it. Call mom. I'm sure she's worried about you." I didn't say anything just received his favorite smartphone. Waiting for him to come out of my room and gather with his friends again. But instead of turning out, Jungkook stood in front of me who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Where? where is your smartphone?" He asked, looking at me closely.

I was silent when I remembered where I left my phone. This evening I stopped by briefly at the house of my only friend and I recharged my phone there. Jungkook got closer, he lowered his head even more, making his breath hit my face.

"You, don't lie to me and tell me where have you been all day?"

"I, go visit an old friend."

Jungkook chuckled. "Old friend my ass. You never even leave without me, Hana."

Jungkook started to stretch out his hand, just as he was about to touch my face but someone shouted his name from the living room downstairs.


Jungkook let out a deep sigh, he straightened his back then turned around. Walked towards the wardrobe then took a plaid shirt. "Don't forget to call mom. My friends are staying the night, so don't come out of the room."

Jungkook took off his black hoodie, exposing his sturdy back to his small waist. "Is there a problem with your throat? To answer yes, can't you?"


Jungkook quickly put on his shirt, then threw the hoodie he was wearing at me. "Wear it, don't get cold. It's starting winter, you can get sick."


Jungkook then stepped outside. Locking the door from the outside and followed by an incoming message from his other phone into his own phone that I brought.

From CEO Jeon»

[If you need anything just send a message. I'll come.]

I don't know how to react. He was very kind to me but behind his kindness there was a meaning that he really didn't expect me to be in his life. I could read his mind and without knowing it, I often transferred the pain he often felt to my own body.

I have no intention of anything, I just want to help him, at least I can try to keep him okay. Two months ago he suddenly fell ill and his cough was a little bloody. After I saw it turned out that my guess was right, he got something bad. There's someone who doesn't want him to be the leader of the company. After failing several attempts to thwart the appointment, it turns out that his uncle — the mastermind of all, is using dirty means to destroy his own nephew's career. Since that incident Jungkook often accidentally brings invisible creatures when he comes home.

And since then I was the one who looked after and treated him without his knowing.

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