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Nobody's Here


She was always ignored. She was always forgotten. But when she's finally noticed, she'll do anything to get that attention back.

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The story of Nobody

There once was a little girl.

She had everything anyone could ever wish for: a kind and caring family, enough money to live comfortably, an amazing life. She was as happy as one could be, yet there was something missing: friends.

In her youth, she was socially daft and would chase people away with the odd things that she said. This led her to grow shy and silent. In her teen years, she attempted to make some friends with her mouth never opening. It only made her creepy to everyone else. Not only that, but it made her seem stupid as well.

But to her credit, she was smart. She was always amongst the top 10% of her classes and knew the answer to practically every question asked, but when she spoke the answer it was always too quiet for the teacher to hear. And then the person sitting beside her heard her answer, they would claim it for themselves and take the credit that she should have earned. Not really fair, but she lived with it.

She lived with her invisibility, finding comfort in drawing and writing stories, for even when she finally disappeared forever, her art and stories would remain for others to remember. Thus, she continued to follow the flow of the world silently in hopes that one day, she’d be noticed.

And, eventually, she was.

While she was in college, she met a group of people. They were kind and they enjoyed many of the things she enjoyed, and they didn’t mind her silence. They said that they found it endearing, and it made her happy. She had finally found friends without having to change herself.

They stayed together for several years, and she gradually grew more out-spoken, expressing things that she never would have in her youth. This is where a problem arose.

As she grew more comfortable with her group of friends, she would tell them what she felt, but what she felt made them uncomfortable. Not only that, but when she would get upset, she would tell them. And she tend to get upset a lot.

Eventually, not wanting to deal with her anymore, they cut ties with her. The only friends she ever had - gone.

She knew it was coming. She knew it was inevitable. So she smiled, and tried to end it all.

She found the tallest building she could find, walked all the way to the top, and though she feared heights, she fell; but something caught her before she reached the ground.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a dark figure looming over her. She was silent, as always, when he asked her why she jumped. The woman only started to sob.

Eventually, the figure took her to the nearest hospital to get help, but her mind was plagued by the shadow. He was all that she could think about. He had saved her when no one else batted an eye. He had noticed her when nobody else would.

She later found out about the dark figure being the local vigilante, Batman.

She wanted to see him again. So when she was released from the hospital, she was determined. But how do you attract a caped crime-fighting crusader?

You commit a crime.

However, there was a small problem with her plan - she had never committed a crime in her life, and even if she did, she didn’t want the police to find her. She wanted Batman to. So she started to study forensic sciences, learning how the police and their detectives operated so that she could avoid the telltale signs that would lead the police to her, but there was still the problem of attracting the vigilante. She needed a calling card of some sort. She eventually settled with a ripped, blank piece of paper - nothing from a nobody.

So she got to work.

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