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The Destiny universe is vast and mysterious, who knows where the next tale will come from. Maybe the story of a ordinary human will shape the battels of tomorrow. Come with me as we explore the unknown and share Stories among Stars.

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To the future inhabitants of Earth,

I am writing to you now from one of the most trying times we humans have ever faced.
Never before have we all had our sights on one target, shared a common threat. Up until now, we have only looked out for ourselves, fighting in petty wars against fellow men and women to establish who amongst us was the most powerful. But now, this invader has backed us into a corner and we can see how easily that thin vale of power is lifted. Our sense of superiority has been stripped away, now we see how vulnerable we truly are.

This realisation has shaken us to our core. Where we once saw clear borders of empires and
territories, countries and states, “mine” and “yours”. We now see the singular island we all reside on and the vast ocean of stars that we cannot hope to swim through. We have nowhere left to run, nowhere left to hide.
For the first time in our modern history, this intrusive force has taken our foot off the accelerator of progress. No buildings have been erected, no gadgets invented, nothing new to distract us from what is real. The time is nigh to stop and reflect.

So what will we do?

Will we fall backwards and return to an “us” vs “them” mentality, where every country is only looking out for themselves? Maybe towns will even put up their walls, shutting out the rest of the world and bracing themselves for the unknown future.

Or, will we embrace this challenge head on and enter a new age together?
One where we recognise our similarities with no judgement on any differences of race, gender or beliefs. Where instead they becomes a source of celebration, a chance to rejoice in our uniqueness and share in the diversity that is life on Earth.

You already know our fate. I remain hopeful.

Currently, we have homes in lockdown, riots in our streets and still we neglect to address the reason why we lash out like this. Our strongest mental foundations of power and control have been laid to waste, we are driven by inevitable change that for better or worse will define future generations to come. Simply put, we are all scared of what we can’t control.
I see people panicking on the streets, fighting amongst their fellow humans for any scrap of security to hold onto in this ever-changing world. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, or if there will even be a tomorrow. We all want things to go back to the way they were, to go back to the life we knew. But they cant’t go back. We can’t.
Going forward is the only way, we need to come together to tackle this new challenge. We need to unite under a new banner, a new flag and call ourselves one.
We are all of Earth after all.

This is the fourth time we have had this uninvited guest enter our system, it’s now so close that I swear I can see it with my naked eye. I’m scared, but I’m also excited. I look up to the night sky, and my eyes can’t believe how many stars we can see from our small blue island. It was never like this before it arrived. We needed something like this to intervene and save us from all of our bad habits, to help us to see the damage we have caused to ourselves and our home. But we have also been shown that it can be reversed. Now we see more clearly than ever before, literally and figuratively.

I overheard some of the cult members in the street saying that it can actually heal anything it comes in contact with. Lending its light to disperse the dark. They have been following this from the start, before anyone even believed that it was real. And now, they say it has reached Mars. Whatever Moon X is, I hope that if this distant Traveller reaches us, we don’t come to depend on it.
That we can take the lessons it has shown us and move forward from there. I hope that its presence awakens us to the errors of our ways and sets us back on track for our future amongst the stars. I hope that we can go beyond its light and, onto our own destiny.

Here’s to letting go of the past, embracing the time we have now, and remaining optimistic for a future that we can be proud of.

From, a fellow Human of Earth.

P.S. How cool would it be if we all got kick ass powers because of this!

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