Into the past- a Star Wars story


Darth Vader is dead and he is Sent to the past to make what he has done wrong right

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Darth Vader watched as the flames engulfed him, so ironic, his soul, the soul of Anakin Skywalker who died in the fire of molten lava, and he will now meet the same fate as him. He was dead, he watched as his body crumpled to dust under the heat of the flame. He turned around to see his old master, kenobi. He turns to face him and smiles, it’s good to see him, the last time he saw him he had killed him. Out of anger and hatred, but now he was cleansed of those bad feelings, he was once again Anakin Skywalker.

He watched as his son turned to him and smiled, he had forgiven him, he had done many bad things but now he is good, he is the one with force, and the force is one with him. Kenobi offers to take him to see all the other Jedi he take his hand but as soon as he enters the light something grabs him pulling him down deeper in to the grounds of Endor and then he falls onto a sandy desert, it is tatooine, he hates sand.

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