Into the past- a Star Wars story

Chapter 2

He walked for what felt like 30 rotations until he found the mos eisley cantina he had to wait for the time when the Jedi came and took him away, he had to wait for the start of his becoming of a Jedi.

Three years later…

Young Skywalker has been transported to the Jedi temple, Anakin has been doing enough work to save up to get out of tatooine, finally no more sand. He had moved to a small apartment near the Jedi temple and had started working at a nearby diner but not just any dinner, the soon to be clone diner, 79’s he had to wait till 22 bby until he could save his mother and stop his descent to the dark side.he had been watching his younger self train through the force. He was quite good at it.for many long years he grew older and more close to the force. He could use it only calling one the dark side a small amount of times, but now it was time for him to go to tatooine and save his mother. He sped over there and got on a speeder to get to the homestead and he had to wait for the tusken raiders to come for them

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