Into the past- a Star Wars story

Chapter 3

He saw them coming as he was eating. He moved quickly, he sped across the sandy deserts of tatooine but he was too late they had taken her. But he wasn’t going to give up. He had to get to the camp. When he got there they were in the process of taking her in, he leapt up into the air and slashed off the heads of two tusken raiders, grabbed his mother and sped back to the homestead. As now his mother is safe he brought her back to mos eisley and gave her enough money to settle down there and he headed back to coruscant he also had to stop order 66. He had to find fives, he knew he came to the bar during his warrant for arrest if he could just follow him and stop the coruscant guard from killing him. He waited for years until fives came, and finally he did, he waited until he left then leaped on a speeder bike and chased him down to the storage facility, at the facility he watched as Rex and him had entered the building. And a bit behind him was the coruscant guard he had to delay them, he rushed after them and stood in their way “sir please move out of the way, if you don’t we will have to arrest you!” Said the clone He ingnited his lightsaber to see it was very much still red. The clones shuffle back, he ran forward,

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