Into the past- a Star Wars story

Chapter 4

“Run!!!!!” yelled the clone as the pilot started up the engine. By this time fives would have been dead, he walked over to the door and jumped through a vent climbing on the shaft he watched as fives explained what he saw, he just needed more time. He turned around and saw that the guard was coming back. he had to move fast. He flew past the vents and into the open and then just stood there the gunship approached , with much more heavy weapons he had to delay them but he also had to have fives die or else that would be a problem. Fives was almost done talking he just needed two more minutes, he stood there. Motionless and the clone were confused, they took a closer look at him and one said “master skywalker?” He had to Kill them they know the truth he ran forward leaped up into the air and slashed the front of the gunship open and swung at the driver then at the clones he missed the clones in the gunship so he circled back and slashed at them one they were all dead so he picked up a blaster and headed back to the facility when he got there he saw the fives was done explaining everything he was sad to do this but he had to he shot fives.

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