Is it normal for two girls to see their TV break out of nowhere? Or to be teleported? Well for Karis and Isabelle, this became normal for them. Every night their parents went out, they were visted by ghosts, creepy people and... one perticular creepy lady. They are told that if they do whatever the creepy lady wants, they will escape all this. But what if what the lady wants is impossible to get?

Thriller / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It wasn't an usual night. Me and my sister Karis was just watching TV. Our parents left for a party so we had the whole house to ourselves! So we were just fooling around. Suddenly, we heard the TV smash!
We knew that it wasn't the neighborhood boys, dad had hold them to leave us alone. We both tried to figure out who broke the TV. Then, out of nowhere, we were outside! It was as if we got teleported or something! Karis and I both stood together, shaking. How are we outside? We remember just standing in front of the broken TV! I tried to slowly walk back to the house and open the door. It was locked. I knew that mom must have locked it when they went out, for safety reasons. Neither Karis or me had the key. So we waited outside. "let's get out the tent!" Karis suggests. It's actually a great idea! Then we won't suffer from the cold. The tent should be in our shed, we only use it like once a year. I went inside the shed and... There was a lady with a knife! She looked like one of those people from horror movies! I tried to get out of the shed but I couldn't open the door! I screamed for Karis. Luckily she was just outside the shed! She had to break the door open in order to let me out. Big mistake! The creepy lady also went out! We had to get rid of her, but how? "Hello... can I help you?" I asked her. No reply. "Excuse me?" I asked again. I tried not to sound nervous but I knew that she could tell I was terrified to death! She still didn't reply. I passed my phone to Karis and motioned her to go to the back of the house. I wanted her to call the police. Meanwhile, I was stuck with this creepy lady! I tried to act as if she was a normal person but she was wayyy beyond normal.
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