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Those are some of my old stories. It's just scenarios with BTS as characters. BTS ❗ is human beings and I'm just using them for inspiration. They are beautiful people with wonderful characters. Those stories don't reflect to their true personalities. Hope you enjoy some of them.

Romance / Drama
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How we first met- Yoongi edition<3

As the sun pierced through the curtain, my alarm went of at exactly 7 o'clock. I got up ready to start my daily routine. The same but slightly different routine as I just escaped from a toxic relationship a few months before. I didn't have to make breakfast for him, fix his clothes for him, have him raising his hands at me.

I was finally free.

Slowly I went to the bathroom. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and let the water run in the bathtub. Even after all this time I still look tired af. I entered the bathtup, letting the warm water run down my body helping me relax.

After half an hour I was done with my bath . I went out and chose a simple outfit. Ripped black jeans and a long sleeved yellow shirt. I finished my makeup routine, it's not something extreme, light makeup ,ate breakfast and got ready to start this day hoping it will be good.

Soon I reached the café close to my house. I was pretty used to it, like it was a part of my routine as well. As I entered the café I looked around seeing not so many people. I waved at the worker since we see eachother every morning.

"Hello y/n what are you having for today? The same?"

"Hello to you too, cutie!! I will have a latte today. Make it sweet ok?"

"Got it!!"

I walked towards an empty table to sit , waiting for my drink to be made. I noticed a couple. They looked happy as they smiled to eachother. How i envy that. He never looked at me like that. I was so blind by my love for him to realize he was a bad man for me. He was a possessive piece of trash. Too possessive , like I was a thing that belonged to him and only him. Quickly my thoughts were interrupted by the worker calling me as my order was ready. I thanked him with a smile and left the café. Since I don't have a car anymore I have to walk to work. Thank God it's not far.

I reach the little sweet shop I was working. I work here for at least 5 years. It's a successful little business. I went inside greeting Mary, the owner of this shop. Mary is a good woman , a second mother for me. After all she is the one that helped me escape from this bastard. I own her my life.

Aside from my thoughts I got ready as i put my apron and start work.

The day went smoothly as a lot of Mary's spectacular sweets were sold.

The bell ringed as the door opened reminding me that a new costumer has arrived.

It was three men wearing masks. Besides the masks I could for sure confirm that they are good-looking men. One of them was tall with shoulders tho... So wide. The other two were short. Well I'm much shorter than them so who am I to judge their height. I greeted them with a big smile and gave them trays so they can choose whatever they want. I heard my phone vibrate. Should I check it? I mean I'm in the middle of work. ...

Fuck it , it might actually be important.

I picked my phone and I saw I had a message from an unknown number.

|Its been a long time pretty.|

What the fuck...

|Who are you?|

|Did you already forgot me... I'm so sad now darling. It's been months.| freaking way. It's not him. He was forced to leave the city. He has no way to contact me. I tried to not freak out so the people around me won't notice. I started to look outside the street and then I saw him. My ex . I couldn't hide my anxiety... I couldn't breathe. I didn't even notice that the three men were looking at me.

I didn't have my exhaler with me. My lungs were hurting so much since I was only inhaling and not exhaling.

Author's pov.

Y/n as she couldn't breathe her legs almost gave out. She put her hand on her chest clenching the shirt. The three other in the store noticed but they were unable to understand the situation until one of them saw in which way the girl was looking. It was a creepy man. He was looking at her.

"Jimin she is looking at this man".

"Oohh you are right..why is he looking at her like that?".

"Should we leave guys?".

"What the... Jin what if he hurts her?"

"We will be late for the rehearsal"

"Yoongi what should we do?"

Yoongi took a deep breath.

"You two leave I will stay here. Don't worry Jimin I will find a way to help her".

Jimin smiled at Yoongi .

"Please do ,I feel kinda bad if he tries to hurt her".

"Ok go now".

After they left he approached the girl. But before he could reach her, she fell down.

"Are you ok?"

No response.

He sat in front of her trying to look at her face. She was pale and fear was written all over her face.

"Why are you scared?"

She still didn't respond.


She flinched at his voice,which also helped her snap out of her thoughts. Y/n slowly pulled her head up. She looked at the man in front of her. He looked kinda familiar. In y/n's eyes he was ...well cute, the way he looked furious by the lack of attention he was getting from her.

"I'm sorry he still there?"


"Tha..that man"

Yoongi picked himself up ,looking over the counter. The man was not there anymore. That made him a bit worried. But he couldn't stay anymore. If he is late then it will cost his performance. He cannot fail the expectations from the fans.

"No he is not. Don't worry".

He got up. He helped y/n get up guiding her towards a chair.

"Look I have to leave".

"Yes...thank you".

Before he left the shop, he gave her money for the sweets Jin and Jimin took. As Yoongi closed the door, he dumped in to a man but he didn't look at him.

The man entered the store. The bell at the door informed her that someone entered. Unfortunately it was him. Her ex.

Y/n pov.

As I heard the bell , I looked up. For my bad luck it was him. Ji-uk was in front of me.

"Hello love , it's been a long time."

My hands starts to shake, my legs gave out once again and words didn't dare to leave from my mouth. I quickly moved back till I reached the wall.

"W..wh...aa y..o..u w..a...nt?"

My voice came out like a whisper, trembling. He was now standing low. Right in front of me. Our faces once inches apart. I was trapped between his hands. I didn't even realize I started crying.

Yoongi's pov.

That girl looked really scared. And the fact that he wasn't there leaves a bad feeling in my stomach.

Author's pov.

Yoongi called Jin to tell him he is gonna be late. That bad feeling was still lingering in his stomach. So he run to the derection of the shop. He was still running but soon he saw it. When he entered , he saw something that for some unexplained reason made him mad. The girl was trapped between the creepy man he saw outside before and she was beaten up. Blood was running from her nose, her lip was cut. They both looked at Yoongi. Y/n eyes were widened and you could see a little hope in them. Suddenly Ji-uk got up slowly approaching the boy. When he reached Yoongi punched him. The other returned the punch. That continued for a while y/n was hiding in the corner covering her ears. She was terrified. She couldn't stop crying. After a while,the fight stopped and Ji-uk was on the floor unconscious.

Yoongi slowly reached the girl that was still curled up like a ball in the corner. She was still crying.

Y/n's pov.

I had my ears and eyes closed. I didn't even realize that the fight stopped. Slow steps were getting louder as they were coming towards me. I let my hands down and I opened my eyes, I saw two unfamiliar pair of shoes. I felt a weight on my shoulder. It was that man. That man with skin as white as sugar. His features were beautiful. This was the first time I saw such a pretty man. I started crying uncontrollably and hugged him.

"Don't cry. You are safe with me. He won't hurt you".

"I'm so sorry.. because of me you are hurt".

He chuckled.

"Worth it".

He swifted his head and locked eyes with me. We were like this for a few minutes.

"Hey what's your name?"

"Yoongi..Min Yoongi".

"I'm y/n..y/n l/n".

"That's a beautiful name for a beautiful lady".

"Gosh that was cheesy"

I couldn't stop giggling.


"Are you free on friday?".

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