Living with the Avengers

Chapter Thirteen

Carter moaned as she awoke the next morning. She turned to her side table and looked at the clock. "Why am I awake at seven?"

She tried to fall back asleep, but gave up only ten minutes later. Carefully, she swung her injured leg over the side of the bed. Looking around for her wheelchair, she finally found it. On the other side of the room. Why did you put it so far away Laynie? She inwardly groaned. Okay, so, either I'm going to have to risk further injury and hop on one leg to the wheelchair or... I'm gonna have to use Jarvis to ask for help. Carter was about to get up and start hopping to the wheelchair, but then she thought of something very important. If I do that and injure myself, Laynie's going to kill me. In a very painful way. She sighed and grabbed the small device that Tony gave her the previous night.

After pressing the button, Jarvis said, "Miss Carter, do you require assistance?"

"Um, yeah, my wheelchair is kinda on the other side of the room and I need somebody to help me. Is anybody up?" She asked, a little uncomfortable talking to the disembodied voice.

"Of course, I will inform them of your current situation. Just a moment."

Well, I guess I just have to wait now. Carter sighed.

Less than a minute later, a booming voice could be heard outside the door. "Miss Carter! I have heard that you require assistance. I have come to help."

"Uh, thanks. Come on in..."

The door opened to reveal Thor. "What is it that you require?"

She pointed across the room to the wheelchair.

"Of course," He grabbed it and rolled it over to the bed. Offering Carter a hand, he helped her into the chair.

"I am glad I could be of assistance to you, Carter. How do you fare this morning?"

"I'm good. How are you?" She asked awkwardly. Though they had been there for a while, she hadn't really talked to Thor much.

"I am well!" he exclaimed with a smile. "It is certainly a pleasure to have you back here."

Carter was surprised when she heard that, "Oh... thanks." She looked at him with a shocked expression.

"Did I say something to offend you?" Thor asked, a nervous look on his face.

"No!" Carter shook her head vigorously, "No, of course not. You just surprised me that's all."

"In what way have I surprised you?" He asked curiously.

"I just didn't expect anybody to say what a 'pleasure' it is to have me back. Especially with how I was acting before. Which I wanna apologize for, by the way." She smiled up at him.

He waved one of his large hands. "All is forgiven, Carter. I know the pains of losing a family member."

The smile faded from her face and her gaze dropped to her lap. "Yeah..."

After a silent moment, Thor said thoughtfully, "I am sorry for bringing this subject to light, especially at what is such an early hour for you."

Carter shook her head. "No, it's fine. Don't worry about it."

"I will not, but it is evident that you may." He took a seat on her bed, looking her in the eye very seriously. "If you ever wish to talk about it, I will listen."

She looked up at him, "Why do you care about this? You barely know me..." She couldn't understand why he would say such a thing.

He had to think about his answer. "I feel as though I've known you for much longer than I have. This past week and a half has been much fun for me and my fellow Avengers. You and Laynie have brightened the house and turned it into a home. I care because you are one of us now. You know pain and trouble the same as any of us, if in a different way. There is a difference between you, your friend, and us Avengers. We have learned how to handle the pain and move on, while you and Laynie have yet to learn this skill. Allow us to help you, please."

She was quiet for a moment.

"Carter?" Thor inquired worriedly.

She sniffed and rubbed at her eyes. "Thanks. I appreciate that." She looked up at him with a teary smile.

"Any time, Carter!"

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