Living with the Avengers

Chapter Fifteen

"This the street?" Clint asked Carter.

Carter looked up and out the window at the street sign they were coming up on. "Yeah," She answered quietly, "that's it."

Clint nodded and turned on the street.

Currently the two were en route to Carter's old house. Two cars with a bunch SHIELD agents in them trailed them.

Carter stared out the window impassively. The spark that had been in her eye the day before was gone and a misty glaze took it's place. When Clint told her that he was supposed to take her to her old house to collect the rest of her things, she was none too happy.

Collecting her things meant that part of her life was over. That she wouldn't be coming back. That she would never live in that house again.

"Is this it?"

Carter jumped when she heard Clint's voice. She focused on the house they stopped just in front of. Biting her lip, she nodded.

Clint stopped the car and stepped out. He opened the trunk and pulled out Carter's wheelchair.

He pushed it over to Carter and helped her in.

Carter took a deep breath and started wheeling herself up the driveway. Unfortunately, given as she was confined to a wheelchair Clint had to come with her. She would much rather go alone, knowing she wouldn't have to hold back tears if she could.

Clint opened the front door and allowed her to go first.

She slowly moved through the house, taking in each bare wall. Well, almost bare. She could look around and see marks that represented her life.

A white square, where her father had plastered a hole she had kicked in the wall when she was nine and wasn't allowed to stay up. A barrage of smaller white squares, where her father's gun had accidentally gone off in the kitchen.

She chuckled when she remembered that day. It was just her father and her. Her mother was on a mission. He made her swear not to tell her mother. Though, Carter didn't have to tell her mother for her to figure out what happened.

Though her relationship with her parents wasn't the best, it wasn't exactly the worst either. They were good parents, maybe a little forgetful of her, but she loved them regardless. And would much rather be with them at the present moment than anyone else.

She finally came to her room. Most of it was packed up, but there were still a few things left.

Rolling over to a small bookcase in the corner of the room, she picked up a few of the classic children's books she had. The Jungle Book, Winnie the Pooh, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It may seem childish, but she couldn't bring herself to leave them behind with the memories they held. So, she shoved them in her bag.

Carter turned and looked at the floor boards. I can't forget that. "Clint!" She called loudly.

Clint busted into the room, gun at the ready.

"Put that down, I'm fine. I just needed your help with something." Carter rolled her eyes.

Clint quickly put the gun away. "What did you need?"

She pointed to the floor. "There's a loose floorboard over there. Could you pull it up for me?"

"What? Why?" He asked curiously.

"I kept something under there and I need to get it out." She explained. "Please?"

He sighed. "Fine. Just a minute." He searched a few seconds for the loose board and bent to pull it up.

A moment later, it came loose to reveal a box and a scrapbook.

He pulled both out and handed them to Carter before replacing the board.

Carter smiled and opened the scrapbook.

Her mother had made the scrapbook and kept adding to it until she was twelve. Then she gave it to Carter and told her to put whatever pictures she wanted into it.

There were pictures of her as a baby, pictures of her first day of school, pictures of Laynie and her as children, and so much more.

She flipped to the back and found more recent pictures, put in only a few weeks before her parents died. It was pictures of them when they went on vacation a few weeks previous. It was the first time they had really spent time together and probably a year.

Carter sniffled and closed the scrapbook. She was beginning to think that she may have to take Thor up on his offer.

She put it and the small box with it in her bag. The box was full of more pictures she had. Carter sighed. Whatever else I want will be in storage. Director Fury told me they had packed all my parents stuff up and would get me a key to the storage unit soon. I guess it's time to go.

She looked up at Clint. "I'm ready to go now."

Clint nodded sympathetically and followed her out to the front door.

Carter stopped at the door, "I'll be right out..."

"Okay, take your time." Clint replied and swiftly left to start the car.

Taking one last look at the house, she said, "I guess this is it." She pushed herself out the front door and closed the door.

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