Living with the Avengers

Chapter Twenty-Four

After a late night of gaming, James and Carter retired to bed at three in the morning and were woken only three hours later.

"We should not have stayed up so late." James yawned.

"It's not my fault you wouldn't accept defeat." Carter answered as they both sat down at the table.

"You just got lucky." He said firmly.

Carter just rolled her eyes.

"I see you two are getting along well." Paul smiled as he stepped into the kitchen.

Tanya nodded from her place at the kitchen counter. "They certainly became fast friends." She came over to the table and set a plate in front of both teens.

"I told you video games were good for something, Mom." James grinned.

Tanya scoffed and returned to the kitchen counter. "Just eat. You both need to get to school."

James and Carter quickly finished their breakfast and ran out the door when they realized they were going to be late for school.

Carter was thankful that the Kings' home was so close to school. It made it easier to be on time.

Almost as soon as they were inside the building both had to leave for different classes.

"Meet me in the cafeteria at lunch." James called to her over his shoulder.

Carter nodded. "Okay, I will." With that, she started walking to her english class.

Well, at least I have one friend. I was thinking, worse case scenario, I would be completely alone.

The day passed by slowly, but was good for the most part.

She stepped into her world history class, her favorite class of the day. Mostly because it was with her favorite teacher, Mr. Newell. She entered in the middle of one of Mr. Newell's lectures.

He stopped talking and looked to the door. "Carter! I've was beginning to wonder if we would ever see you in my class again." He was a younger man, early thirties. Always had a smile on his face. He was the favorite of most students.

Carter smiled. "Sorry I'm late, Mr. Newell."

"It's no problem. It's good to see you back." He gestured to the many seats in front of him. "Please take a seat."

"Yes sir." Taking a seat, in the front row- the only time she'd ever take a seat in the front row, she took out her notebook and quickly took notes as Mr. Newell spoke.

Mr. Newell had easily returned to his lecture on the Greeks.

Carter found herself smiling. If there was one thing she missed about school it was her teacher's lectures. He spoke so passionately about each culture they covered and seemed like one of the few teachers who actually enjoyed their job.

The class had passed by quickly.

"Remember we are having a exam on Greece tomorrow. Be prepared." He said just as the bell was ringing, signalling the end of their class time.

As Carter was gathering her things, Mr. Newell spoke, "Carter, may I speak to you for a moment?"

For a second Carter thought she was in trouble, but the smile on Mr. Newell's face said differently. She walked over to his desk. "Yes sir?"

"I was just curious as to how you were doing? I haven't had the chance to speak to you recently."

"I'm doing fine. It's been a long couple of weeks, but hopefully it'll be getting back to normal." She replied.

"Good, good. I'm glad." He grinned happily. "Well, you better get to lunch. I'll see you tomorrow."

Carter nodded. "Yes sir. See you tomorrow!" She said over her shoulder as she left.

Before heading to the cafeteria she made a quick stop in the bathroom.

As she was washing her hands, she was surprised when a voice spoke behind her. "Look who's back." The voice said harshly.

Carter took a deep breath. Not even bothering to look up, she asked, "What do you want, Tammy?" She definitely did not feel like dealing with her today.

"How's the new foster family?" Tammy asked cruelly.

Carter spun around quickly. "How do you know about that?"

"Don't you know, news spreads quickly." She smirked, "You know it's only a matter of time before they get rid of you. Who would want you?"

For once, Carter tried to take Laynie's advice. Just ignore her. She isn't worth it.

She started walking toward the door, but Tammy stepped in between the two. "Where's your friend? I haven't seen her all day."

"Not here." Carter answered coldly trying to side-step her.

"What? Did she leave you too?"

Carter clenched her fists and tried once again to bypass the girl. Let it go. It's not worth getting in a fight over.

"About time she did, everyone was beginning to wonder why she stuck around someone like you. All you did was get her in trouble."

"Just shut up." Carter growled.

Tammy just grinned maliciously. "Just face it. No one cares about you. You're just a little nobody."

It was then, with no one to stop her, she took a swing at the girl's face. Her fist connected with Tammy's cheek and she fell to the floor. "What do you know?!" Carter shouted at her.

Out of Tammy's mouth flew a stream of profanity. She quickly got up off the floor and pushed Carter up against the wall and started to punch her in the stomach over and over again.

Carter tried to push her away, but couldn't. The other girl continued to jam her fist into Carter's stomach eliciting a cry of pain from Carter each time.

Eventually Carter was able to wrench herself free from Tammy's grip and threw the girl to the floor. Rather than take another risk of attacking Tammy, she headed for the door.

What she didn't expect was for Tammy to grab her leg and trip her. She fell down onto the hard, tile floor.

Tammy pulled herself up and pinned Carter to the floor. She didn't waste any time throwing a few punches at the other girl's face.

Fortunately for Carter, a teacher had walked in at that time. Quickly, Tammy was pulled off of her and both girls were escorted to the principal's office

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