Living with the Avengers

Chapter Eight

After coming back from school the next day, Laynie and Carter learned of Steve, Bruce, Thor, and Natasha's plans to go to Costco. And that they had to go with them.

"And why do we have to go to Costco with you all?" Carter asked lazily from the couch. Over the past few days, Carter had opened up and made herself at home in Stark Tower.

"Because Clint is on a mission and Pepper and Tony are working. You can't stay here alone." Natasha answered, pulling on her coat.

Carter sighed. "Okay, fine." She pushed herself up off the couch.

The group went to the garage and piled into Steve's car. It was a bit crowded, but once Laynie volunteered to sit on the floor at Carter's feet, everybody fit alright. Natasha simply chose to ignore the fact that she couldn't legally be down there.

Only a little while later, they were pulling into the parking lot.

Carter followed Laynie out of the car and quickly jumped on her back. The Avengers came to find that this was normal behavior for the two. Piggy back rides, off-key singing at the strangest moments, prank offs and 'scaring the living daylights' out of people as Steve liked to say.

Laynie piggy backed Carter into the Costco and very literally dropped her on her butt.

"Ow..." Carter moaned and stood up slowly.

"Geez, Carter, you're getting heavier." She had a playful smirk on her face that she couldn't have hidden if she had tried.

"Is that a fat joke?" Carter asked in mock offense.

"I hardly doubt anyone could get away with calling either of you fat." Bruce said with a small smile.

Carter shrugged. "It's happened before."

"Really?" Natasha asked, grabbing a cart before leading the group deeper into the store.

"High schoolers are cruel."

"I can't argue with that logic." She pulled down one of the aisles and dragged down a large box of cookies.

A few minutes and a large amount of boxes of cookies and bags of potato chips later, Carter said, "You people really like your junk food, huh?"

"'Tis like a taste of mortal heaven upon the tongue, Carter!" Thor bellowed. "I care not for the nutritional value."

"That's a pretty legit explanation," Laynie told her friend. eyebrows raised.

Walking past a shelf, Thor grabbed a can pallet of cheese in a can. "Natasha! The last time we bought these it gave me much pleasure! Another?!"

Natasha rolled her eyes. "Yeah, toss it in the cart."

After that, Natasha told the girls to go find some things they like so they'd have some more to eat at Stark Tower.

"Okay," Carter nodded and dragged Laynie away with her.

The girls walked back and forth down some aisles for a few minutes and that's when Carter saw a ladder leading up to the rafters of the store. "Hey Laynie, look." She pointed to the ladder with a mischievous glint in her eye.

Laynie tried not to crack a grin. "Carter, we would get in so much trouble."

"Only if we get caught," Carter countered, already placing a foot on the bottom most rung.

"Ooh, Carter, that is just a bad idea." She started to climb up after her. "This is a bad idea. Very bad idea. Blame is on you."

Carter looked back over her shoulder and stuck a tongue out at her. "You sound like a broken record. Can't you just let loose and have some fun every once in a while?"

"Nope." Even though she knew that they would get in trouble, she kept on climbing after her bad example of a friend. "Carter wait for me," she hissed.

Carter finally reached the top and stepped onto the catwalk at the top. She helped Laynie up and looked down curiously. "Hey, there's Bruce and Thor," She pointed down at the frozen food section. "Why am I not surprised?" She wondered aloud as Thor pulled out ten or so frozen pizzas.

"I am a little surprised. I thought Thor had more tastebuds than to eat frozen pizza. But I think that guy could eat dirt that went by a fancy name and shout 'ANOTHER'." Laynie looked around from their sky-high view and gulped. "Hey Carter."

"Hm?" Carter hummed, leaning over the railing looking for Steve and Natasha. Mostly to try and keep out of their sight as she knew they would get in major trouble if they were found on the catwalk.

"I am terrified of heights. We are going to get in trouble, if we don't die first."

Carter pushed off the railing and rolled her eyes. "I think you're being a little too dramatic, Laynie." Suddenly, a bullet out of nowhere whizzed right by Laynie's head. "Or not." Carter squeaked.

Both girls looked around in fear, eventually they spotted a leather-clad man across from them on the other catwalk.

"Time to go," Carter grabbed Laynie's hand and started dragging her further down the catwalk.

Bullets were heard clanging against the metal bars.

"What's that?" Steve asked, down on ground level with Natasha. He looked up to the ceiling and spotted Carter and Laynie running across the catwalk. "And what are they doing up there?"

Natasha looked up and saw them too. But also saw the men shooting at them. "Getting into trouble. That's what they're doing." She pulled out her concealed gun.

Steve was already to the ladder the girls climbed up. That's when another man started shooting at him. Grunting lightly, he pulled himself up the rest of the way and pulled out his own gun. He took aim and pulled the trigger.

The man fell over onto his side, fortunately not falling off the catwalk onto ground level. That would cause unnecessary trouble for them. Not that they didn't already have that.

Steve turned and started running toward Carter and Laynie, hoping to catch up to them before somebody else did. He around and saw that Thor was already climbing a ladder farther down. "Thank God."

"Why are they shooting at us?" Carter shouted fearfully.

Just as Steve began to give his answer, Laynie screamed. She was several steps behind them both, teetering on the edge of the unrailed catwalk. Steve ran forward to catch her, but was too late. Laynie fell backward, and Carter didn't hear another sound out of her.

"Keep running," Steve ordered.

"Bu-" Carter started to protest.

"Now Carter," Steve said firmly, pushing the girl.

More shots were fired, and Steve dodged them all easily. He and Carter reached another ladder and Steve ordered Carter to go down. She obeyed immediately, climbing downwards as quickly as she could. Just as she reached the bottom, another shot fired. She fell the last couple feet, having been finally hit in the leg.

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