Penelope Storm use to live with her mother in Hawaii. Until a dangerous encounter with someone of her past brought her into the safe keeping of her father, who was as oblivious as everyone else in town. Just the way Penelope wants it and plans to keep it, despite the mental pain it brings. So when she meets Edward Cullen, a guy just a secretive as she is, will she push him away or bring him in?

Romance / Fantasy
Ordinary Girl
Age Rating:


When you look at something for so long, you begin to wonder if it was ever there in the first place. You want to move your eyes away but you can't, its like your stuck.

My eyes began to lose...the face I never wanted to stop looking at became unclear, unfocused.

As my heart beat slowed, I heard loud screams of agony. I was desperate to help, I wanted to know what was wrong, but then, I had my own problems...

I couldn't move my arms.

Once I came to that realization the screaming abruptly stopped.


I was the one screaming.

I tried to move but knew it was pointless, I felt nothing, people kept screaming a word over and over, I guess it was my name.

I heard people talking. I couldn't decipher what they were saying to one another, because my hearing started to fade in...and out...

"Hold....I....please... hold on...." An angelic voice said to me, his voice kept fading and I tried to smile before I lost all my senses, but I don't know if I succeeded because everything went dark...

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