Riddle Of My Past

Ever After

Note: When I wrote this story year ago, and I've come to put the last of it on here... It is poorly written and I'm not proud of it. So, I'm impressed you've lasted this long. That being said, this is the final chapter. It is a sad one. Enjoy one last read.

It had been years since Madara and I ran away. Multiple times people had found us, but Madara had slaughtered them before they could get intel back. We had a daughter, Natsumi. She was our light in the dark times. I swear her smile could light the whole room up without even her trying. Her laugh was music to our ears. Currently, she was five years old, so young and pure. Madara had been training her in self defense ever since she could walk. What surprised me the most was how well my husband had transitioned into the family life. At first, we were both overwhelmed, but I knew how to raise a child, it was motherly instinct. Madara wasn't as lucky. He had no idea what to do, and yet somehow, over the five years he became the world's most loving and caring father. It was a transition most people would have thought impossible for the cold, murderer formally known as Uchiha, Madara.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Natsumi cried, running into the kitchen. I was preparing a simple dinner, but I paused in cutting my vegetables to give her my attention.

"What is it, Natsumi-chan?" I said, taking in her appearance. Her hands were dark with soot and her eyes shone like polished onyx.

"You have," she gasped for air, "to come see" she took another long breath of excited air, "what daddy taught me," she insisted, taking my hand. I made a noise of protest, but Natsumi was already pulling me out of the kitchen.

"Oh, alright," I said, scooping her up in my arms. She giggled as my hands ran up her sides. "But because you've postponed dinner, I get to torture you!" I tickled her sides making her squirm in my arms.

"M-mommy stop it!" Natsumi cried. I took in her expression. The way he eyes arched when she closed them, the way her mouth tilted up in her famous open mouthed smile, and the way her eyebrows twitched with every strum of my fingers. I could see so much Madara in her, from her dark eyes to her facial structure which clearly showed she was of Uchiha blood. Luckily, her hair was the same color of mine, so there was proof this perfect child was indeed, also mine. I cuddled her close to me.

"You're my little angel, you know that?" I whispered, kissing the side of Natsumi's head. "Now, where's daddy?"

"He's out back, near the clearing," she said. I made a face.

"What's he doing out there, so close to the village?" I asked, trying to hide my annoyance.

"He was training me with my fire jutsu. You have to see it mommy! I can make a fireball! He sent me to go get you because he said this was important in every Uchiha's development." Natsumi nodded with every word, puffing her cheeks slightly like she always did when she was trying to be serious. I kissed her nose, and gave her a close eyed smile.

"Then I guess it's only right for me to see it for myself isn't it?" I let out a pleased chuckle, but that was all a front. Mentally, I was going crazy. What was he thinking?! He could have been spotted. All this hiding and secrecy just for him to screw it up because he had to teach our little girl to be a ninja. Well, I'll make sure to put an end to that.

I stepped out of the house, Natsumi still on my hip. I walked out towards the back and through the forest, basking in it's beautiful before a slight. After a minute or so of walking a rustling noise caught my ear. It wasn't a normal forest sound, not one from nature at least. My steps slowly got slower as I listened closer. It was repetitive, like footsteps on leaves. I glanced up at the treetops, and frowned. Nothing. I increased my pace, deciding to ignore the sound, but frowned even deeper when the footfalls also increased. Natsumi didn't notice, though; she was too busy humming and watching the sun trickle from the canopy of tree tops above us.

Suddenly goosebumps rose on my skin and someone slid out of the forest in front of us. He yelled, "Gotcha!" I screamed and being the protective mother I am, shielded Natsumi from the man. I set her down, and wheeled around to defend her, but blinked when I saw it was Madara. Natsumi was giggling, but my gut ignited with rage.

"What is your problem?!" I snapped, my eyes vicious. Madara's chuckling died down and he rose his gaze to meet mine.

He tilted his head to the side, and before I could say anything else he sighed and said, "Natsumi-chan, go back inside, we'll show your mother tomorrow when you're well rested."

I crossed my arms over my chest and waiting until Natsumi stalked off to yell at him. "How dare you! How dare you do that to me! You know better than anyone that I can hardly protect myself. I don't understand why you felt the need to try and send me into cardiac arrest because it seemed fun." Madara opened his mouth to speak, but my glare intensified. "Oh, I'm not done. What was this I heard about you and her practicing her jutsu in the clearing? Hmm? Don't speak. I don't want to talk to you." I stepped up to him, glaring up into his narrowed eyes and spat, "I'm going to yell at you until you understand just how hard we've worked over these years to keep this-us-a secret. Do you not comprehend what will happen to us once we're caught? We'll be locked away from treason and then either your family or mine will have Natsumi sent to death." My anger spiked. "I'm not going to let my baby die because you're being reckless. And finally, I don't know how many times I have to tell you Natsumi is never going to be a ninja. We've been over this multiple times, dammit! It's too risky and you know it. Don't think you're being smart by covering it by calling it self defense. I may be a lot of things, but I'm no-"

I cut off at the sudden shell shocking punch to the gut. The breath caught in my throat and I looked at Madara, confused. Why would he hit me? It's not like we haven't had arguments before. I looked into his eyes, his cold, suddenly unfamiliar eyes, and trailed down his body until I saw that clutched in his hand was a long, jagged blade covered in sticky blood. I tilted my head, even more confused. Whose blood was that? I looked back up to Madara's face to see him smirk and drive the blade into my gut, again and again and again and again. I was frozen in shock, and my sense were dulled horrifically to the point where I couldn't feel the pain of him driving the blade in and out of my gut. With every stab a spray of blood-my blood-tainted his clothes. I choked on the blood that rushed into my throat and fought to breath. And just as he drove the blade into my gut for the last time, my legs gave out, sending me crumbling to the forest floor. I hardly noticed the tears and sobs that poured from me as I laid there, bleeding to death. I couldn't even form words, only whimper and cry. Pathetic.

I stared up at my lover, my eyes shining with the question of why. He could read me and a simple, cold smile slid to his lips. "Because, my once bride to be," slowly Madara's hair melted into short green hair and then his face began to mold into someone else. My eyes widened in horror at the new man in front of me.


Keiton continued on as if my shock was expected, "...it's about time you get the proper punishment for leaving me, and killing my brother."

With the fleeting energy I had, I spat a big slimy bit of blood on his feet. A look of disgust washed over his face and he rose his foot and brought it down on my head. I cried out, and then coughed up blood. Keiton's foot was about to come back on my head but something shot out, and tackled him. The figure soared over me, flinging Keiton with him. I instantly knew who it was. Madara... I heard them fighting, the grunts and the ridiculing taunts thrown back and forth. I heard blades be brought out, and the clash of metal, the quick overwhelming scent of blood contaminate the air, and then a sickening sound of a neck snapping. I instantly thought the worst.

My eyes were getting heavier, and right before they closed Madara took me in his arms and cupped my cheek. The look in his eyes made my heart clench. I don't want to die... I thought. Please, take care of Natsumi... Tears spilled down my cheeks, and Madara wiped them away with shaky hands. His lips mouthed my name, Rairakku, but I couldn't hear him. My senses were fading. I was dying. I tried to form words-a goodbye. But the look in his eyes, it made my ever slowing heart clench tighter, making me at a loss for words. But when my my last breath approached, I forced out one word. One word that I knew he'd understand.

"Natsumi..." It was a barely a whisper, but the way his eyes hardened before everything went black told me that he understood. My baby would stay safe.

Please Madara... I thought as the last breath passed from my lips.

Final Author's Note: Thanks for reading.

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