Riddle Of My Past

The New Guard

Chapter One: The New Guard

I sat down by the table, forcing myself to stay still in the itchy dress I wore. It was made from rough material the dug into your skin after a while of having it on. It was pink, as well. Pink was my least favorite color ever. It was far too bright and never on clothing I prefered to wear.

I looked around the small meeting room. I had never been in here before. Something about women having a certain place in the family and this place wasn't one of the places I was allowed to be in. That being, I wanted to memorize it, so I wouldn't have to keep guessing. I let my curious jade eyes wandered around, taking it it's scenery. It was well lit by a few dozen scented candles. The scented candles reminded me of happy times with my mother. They were the scent of apple and cinnamon. It was something my mother must have picked out. She was always one for glowing scents. It was the fume that surrounded me daily when I was around her, learning to be the heiress.

The wooden table I sat at was no higher than two feet from the ground. It was made of dark oak from the back woods. Six dark green silk pillows were laid on the floor for something comfortable to sit on. Two on the tables longer sides and one on each other end.

Nothing else was in the room, but cream walls with perches for the candles themselves.

The door to the room slid open, and my head turned quickly to it. I smiled brightly at my father as he entered. His green eyes narrowed slightly, silently telling me to stop. I did as he ordered and stopped, letting my mouth slide into a line, my lips pressing lightly together.

"Good evening, father," I greeted, nodding as I did so. His forest green eyes scanned over me, as if looking for something to correct about me, but when he found nothing, he stopped.

"Daughter," he greeted back with a dip of his head. His flat and thin hair that banged his face, shifted slightly, showing the scar on his forehead. It was a scar he always kept covered up; so it was a rare sight to see it. Again my curious eyes took that in as well. He shifted on his feet before walking silently to the table. He didn't kneel though. Instead he turned my way and said, "Come."

I tilted my head to the side, but stood slowly. I watched him, gesture me to follow him and then he stalked from the room, out the door that let to the back woods.

What are you doing? I thought to myself as I hesitantly followed behind him. I was sure whether I should or not. He was acting out of character. Kinder than normal.

We stepped down steep stairs that led to the garden and flower bed. Both were things I had asked father to let me have. I took care of both as if my life depended on it, and made sure to talk to the plants daily, and to treat them with the gentle care they deserved. Because for one, you don't want spoiled food to eat and two, the scents the flowers gave off made it worthwhile to sit next to them and complement them, just to make sure they knew how refreshing their scents were.

I snapped open my eyes when I realized they were closed and leaped from the remaining stairs. I gracefully landed behind my fath, only the regular swish of clothing to be heard.

I shouldn't let myself do that around him. He'll figure out what Rin-san has been teaching me. I thought suddenly worried for my friend. If he dose, it will only give him more reason to ban be from meeting with her.

I fiddled with my hands behind him as darker thoughts clouded my mind. He could take a lot of things from me if I become too attached.

He led us to the back woods through the path he had created when mother and him were younger. They used to walk this path when they went to the river.

He glanced back at me a few times, as if checking I was still here behind him. With every glance his green eyes that were dull with distaste. This only made my stomach churn with self consciousness. Why was I always such a burden to him? What made him look at me with those kind of eyes?

Once the forest broke off, and the river could be seen, I could help but let a smile tug my lips up. It was just so beautiful. The river was clear and you could see the rocks below the surface almost crystal clear.

"Rairakku," my father's voice demanded attention and I instantly stopped basking in the beauty of the river and looked at him. He crossed his arms and looked at the river, but I could tell he wanted my attention only on him, not the river. "You are to be getting...a guard. I don't like you in the town with no one around you. It bothers me. I can't have you recklessly doing whatever whenever," he informed with an uncertain twang to his voice. Even with the twang, I could feel the threatening aura around him that whispered fearfully into my ears, 'No exceptions.'

I, even though he had that aura, retorted mindlessly, "I don't need a guard, I'm a big girl. I can handle myself."

"I just want what's best for you. Don't you remember? Your sister said that once," he hissed. He glanced at me, anger sharp in his dull eyes. "Then she came back with a sword through her chest."

I instantly narrowed my eyes in somewhat defeat. I didn't want him to use that against me. "I...can see your point..." I told him, my eyes still at a down cast.

"I shouldn't even have to tell you," he snapped. I cowered from his words a bit. They bit into my heart and tore a couple of holes. His reminder of my sister also made me want to cry, but him standing there was like a complete block of tears. I couldn't cry in front of him.

'You shouldn't. He's right. I'm so thoughtless. I can't be so...terrible. He deserves better. But can I ever reach his expectations?'

As if reading my thoughts he chided, "You're too thoughtless for your age. You shouldn't be such a servant, either. Maybe the new guard can teach you something about being a woman of your class, as well."

As if on cue, a man walked out of the forest behind me, and stood next to my father. He was draped in a black cloak and only a shoulder bag was on him. The cloak's hood shadowed his face partly, only leaving my to see his nose lower. I tilted my head to the side to look at him more, possibly trying to see his face. He saw this and pulled off the hood of his cloak. As he did so, he turned to face my father, as if waiting for orders of what to do next.

I felt myself blink widely at the site of his eyes. They were black. Black as if all of the color had been thrown in, but they weren't very full of life. Still, they shined like obsidian and it was...amazing. I then looked at his blue hair. Blue hair. It was midnight blue that I thought looked good with his obsidian eyes. He glanced at me, and a hint of displeasure came with it. It was as if I was a nuisance.

I felt liquid anger boil in my gut and I opened my mouth to insult him when my father cut in, "Rairakku, this is your new guard, Yameru. You are to not inflict harm on him for any reasons." His dull eyes snapped to Yameru. "Same goes to you."

Yameru nodded and then turned to face me. He bowed and greeted in a forced voice, "Rairakku-sama." I smirked evilly at him and just nodded.

Heh, I hate him, I thought rudely. I looked at my father before bowing quickly and striding back to the path.

A/U: Heh, short chapters. What more can you ask for? Longer ones? Are you bonkers? Well...I can try...but I don't think I can do it... I HAVE PLOT LINES. Hehe. Just kidding~. I do plan on them being longer... You for now will have to suffer with small, short ones. I hope that's fine though. I hope it's not that bad... Please review~

And also, I really am sorry if this story is disappointing... I don't want it to be, but I guess from the lack of updates it is...


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