Riddle Of My Past

Little Lunatic

Chapter Two: Little Lunatic

You can't let your anger get to you. Keep calm, Rairakku, I thought to myself, walking away.

I couldn't help the anger sweeping into my stride. It annoyed me that I moved in such a 'wiggly' way.

Just go see Rin-san. Everything will be fine. Nothing bad can happen with her. She's going to make this all better somehow, I reminded myself while I walked down the dirt path I knew very well.

When I came to the fork in the path I instantly stopped and thought about where we were going to meet.

Were we meeting in town, or at her house? Um, well it can't hurt to check her house first, I thought, feeling a sudden lift of happiness that flooded my gut at the blissful thought of busying myself. I took the left side of the road, going into deeper forest, and trying not to step on twigs and leaves, making a game out of being silent as possible. Of course I was barefoot and my feet were obviously going to reflect that I was in the woods, or maybe look like I was in the garden, but not going to someone's house.

I sighed after a moment of walking, feeling eyes on my back.

Of course. I have that stalker to worry about. What if he reports to my father that I am hanging out with Rin-san? And what if he figures out that she's teaching me things that he never wants me to learn? Oh God. What would he do if he finds out she's teaching me some jutsu? I felt my heart sink and I couldn't help the regretful feeling that filled my gut. It would be my fault if that happened! I sighed and then shook my head slowly. I knew Rin-san could take care of herself, but that didn't stop the feeling in my gut.

I don't know why, but I never listen to the feelings in my gut, but I know I should. They only are trying to warn me or something, but when it comes to Rin, I didn't think anything bad could ever happen to her. She was untouchable, strong, and willed. She was so different, and kind in her own way. So unique and not bothered that people despised her and almost always instantly hated her for her positive and bubbly attitude...plus her lack of womanly skills.

I frowned thinking of all of the things my father would do if her found out I was learning jutsu. It was again one of those things were women and men differed in the house hold. Women were to clean and cook, men were to fight and protect their family. I liquid feeling discomfort swished around my gut, but when I saw Rin's house, it faded into excitement. I smiled pleasantly, and walked around to the front to get into the only entrance. I didn't knock, just stepped in.

"Hello? Rin-san?" I asked, walking in farther, not closing the door. I made sure not the hit the couch while I walked forward, looking into the kitchen, and bedroom.

"I'm over here - and stop calling me that!" she called from the living room. I turned around quickly. My eyes swept over her and she smiled, meeting my eyes. "I'm making lunch," she informed, poking something out of the fire, and setting it on a white plate. I looked down at her plate and smiled, feeling as if I should laugh at her failure. I placed a hand over my mouth to stop any of that sound from coming out. After a second of collecting myself, I cleared my throat and sat down next to her on the floor, acting as if I hadn't been about to laugh at her mindlessly.

"That looks...yummy?" I said, shaking my head. Rin sighed and flicked it with her finger.

She nodded, while saying, "My best attempt so far, but it doesn't look editable. Can I borrow your cooking skills?"

"Later, I have a problem." She tilted her head my way, suddenly serious. Her bright blue eyes turned stern as she did so.

"What is it?" she demanded.

A small knock on the door made her eyes flick over and she blinked, then scoffed, shaking her head as if disappointed.

"You brought a guy with you? Why didn't you just say so?" she asked, hitting my arm with her shoulder. She grabbed her plate and stood up.

Now that she was towering over me, I grabbed her shirt and tugged on it a little begging, "Don't let hi-"

"Come in~!" Rin sang, earning an untrusting look from Yameru as he stepped inside. "Hey, no mean looks. I'm in no mood to be judged. Just be glad I let you come in. I don't usually let anyone - that's not my lil cupcake down there - in."

I glared at Yameru, and then at Rin for betraying me.

"I said don't let him in!" I hissed. Rin looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Why? Because he is wearing all black, a weird hood thing, and looks completely gorgeous? You're insane. Your guest or not, I might keep him around," she purred, winking at me.

I frowned and ordered, "Do keep him."

She snickered. "Please, cupcake, I'm not one for guests. As a matter of fact, you're not a guest anymore!" She walked into the kitchen and threw the thing she had about turned to ashes, out the open widow. I sighed, and stood, following her into the kitchen area. She then set her plate in the sink and turned to me. She grabbed a knife and pointed it at me, making Yameru stiffen and watch closely. "I promote you to be my loyal little family pet! I shall name you Rairakku, and you will be mine forever!" Rin giggled when I smiled and pulled me into a hug. I squirmed but couldn't help but giggle as well.

"You're going to cut me!" I laughed. She chuckled and twirled the object in her hand expertly.

"Oh, just how right you are," she mewed, winking at me again.

I gasped and pouted, not able to say anything. The pout was too hard to keep with Rin's beautiful smile shining on me.

She saw my difficulty and stuck her tongue out. "I'm just too amazing. I won't cut you--yet. But, I will try to cut this!" She let go of me and pulled something from the top of the counter that I hadn't noticed before.

I saw what she held up and facepalmed.

"RIN!" I yelled, snatching thing from her. "Please stop trying to cook without me. I mean, this isn't even good anymore. It's green!"

Rin blinked at the thing I had taken from her. "But..."

"Not buts. This isn't a veggie either. This is..." I rubbed the surface, praying nothing what going to eat me or infect me. But when I turned it over I saw the unmistakable smooth texture of a rock. "a rock." I looked at Rin in a bemused gaze. "You were trying to eat a rock?"

Rin shrugged and said, "I've never never been good at fishing..."

I shot her another bemused look. "How does this look like a fish? It's a rock! It's heavy and covered in green moss."

Rin shrugged and snatched it back. She looked around and then threw it out the open window. "What's heavy and covered in green moss?" she asked innocently, looking around.

I shook my head at her slowly and sighed. "I will need to teach you all of this, won't I. Why didn't your brother teach you these things?"

"He was the one who liked to do it. He never even wanted me around while he fished or cooked. He said I was bad luck, so I never went with him," Rin supplied.

I nodded and sighed again. "I wish you would stop trying to cook."

"I just need you to teach me, Rairakku!" Rin insisted, gripping my shoulders.

I smiled. "I would, but I barely have time to come over here everyday."

"Rairakku-sama," Yameru interrupted suddenly. Rin gasped, while I turned to glare at him.

"What?" I snapped, ignoring Rin's pulling on my hand giddily.

"What time do you usually leave here? The sun will be setting in less than an hour," he deadpanned.

I frowned. "About now."

Rin whined, "But you just got here!"

I looked back at her and shrugged. "My father summoned me before I could leave. Hint why I'm here in this kind of outfit."

"What did your Father want you for, may I ask?" Rin asked, tilting her head to the side.

I scowled and tilted my at Yameru. "To give me that."

"He's your slave?!" she asked. "Make him-"

"No, he's not," I deadpanned, giving her an unamused look. "He's supposed to be guarding me."

"That explains the looks," Rin whispered. She tossed away the knife and bumped me with her hip. "You can leave now, cupcake."

I rose an eyebrow, but didn't say anything as I turned and left. I couldn't help how her smile hip bump had made my day, putting me in a better mood.

Bye-bye, crazy lunatic. I smiled. Til next time.

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