Riddle Of My Past


Chapter Four: Differences

With a sigh, I hit Yameru in the arm. "Calm down, dummy." He glared half heartedly at me.

"Speak for yourself," he calmly muttered.

A low growl rumbled from my throat and I looked at him with malice. "Wanna repeat that?"

He shrugged and smirked a bit. "I'm not afraid of you."

"After a month of you being here, I thought you'd get smarter. But you're dumb to not be."

"Nah, you're all bark no bite." His eyes looked me up and and down, as if sizing me up.

"My bark is better than my bite. I like getting under people's skin," I declared with a smirk, trying to pester him.

He sighed and shook his head. "Don't get too full of yourself."

My smirk dropped and I frowned as if someone had dropped a ton of bricks on my lips. "I'm not full of myself. If anything, you are," I protested.

He shrugged. "I wouldn't deny it. And even if I am, I have reasons to be. I'm quite the fighter. Though, being here has made me limit my skills."

"You? A fighter? What are you? What's your biggest threat air or trees?"

"I'm obviously your guard for a reason. Am I not?" he questioned giving me a look.

I scoffed. "You have no skills. All you do is run your mouth," I said waving my hand in a dismissive way.

"You think that," he insisted, looking away, as if he was being modest.

"No," I replied snobbishly. "I know that."

"Oh, you do," he mockingly whispered. I growled at his tone.

"If you are so confident, prove it!" I challenged, crossing my arms over my chest, and giving him a skeptical look.

"Are you sure you can handle something so amazing?" Yameru asked, looking at me seriously.

I gawked at him, and was about to reply before he interrupted me.

"Oh, mouth up. You look embarrassing," Yameru scolded, taping my chin with his finger. My mouth closed instantly with a dull 'BOP', almost like the sound you would hear closing a book. With that, Yameru smirked and stepped away from me. "Much better. Now, what would you like to see?" he asked. I looked at him somewhat confused. I let the little 'moment' before us disappear in time and cocked my head to the side.

"What do you mean by that?" I wondered.

"Any requests, mi lady?" I blushed at his tone and shook my head, suddenly flustered. His eyes danced with amusement, and I frowned, somewhat displeased.

"What can you do?" I asked, looking away slightly, not missing the winning shine that danced in his eyes.

"I can do a lot of things," he purred. Again, I blushed, and he chuckled. "Pervert." He winked at me when I made to reply, but only blushed more. I was not! "No matter," he said dropping his little act of trying, and succeeding, to make me blush be flustered.

"Well get on with it," I impatiently snapped. I narrowed my eyes at him and he turned around.

He cleared his throat, and seemed ready himself by closing his eye. I blinked boredly, but when my eyelids flashed back open, he was just...gone. I jumped, and slapped the air in front of me where he had stood. Where did he go?!

"Yameru?" I squeaked, glancing in front of me cynically.

"What is it?" he called from behind me. I gasped and wheeled around.

He wasn't there. I felt my face scrunch up, creeped out. "This isn't impressive. I'm sort of creeped... Creeper."

"Only you'd think that. I'm pretty sure if you would stop cowering, you'd notice how slow I'm moving," Yameru informed, suddenly in front of me.

I jumped back with a gaso and comically pawed at the air in front of me. "Not possible. How are you moving so fast?!"

"I'm not going that fast," he protested, looking away. "You're just slow."

"Well...uh. You win?" I tried, not sure why he would win. But I wanted him to stop doing whatever he was doing. It's was amazing, but scared me a little. Okay, a lot.

"I win what?" he asked, giving me a bemused look.

I shrugged, calming down and relaxing. I continued to walk, and passed him. "A good gulp of oxygen."

"Nothing more?" he mewed curiously. He marched beside me.

I glanced at him and scoffed at his expression. He looked like a thoughtful child. "And nothing less."

He gave me a sour look and turned to look straight ahead. "Fine," he grumbled. I chuckled at his words and shook my head.

"You act like a child." I stepped over a fallen tree and let out a peaceful sigh.

"What?" He shot me a questioning look. "And you act like an adult?"

I pouted. "No."

"Thought so," he mocked. I scoffed, and rolled my eyes.

"Let just hurry home. We took too long at Rin's house," I suggested.

"We would go a lot faster if you didn't walk," he pointed out.

I shrugged and looked around. "Who would want to rush with smells and views like this?"

"Someone who doesn't want to be late to dinner."

I waved him off with a smile. "I like being late for dinner. Plus, mom understands I like the forest. I used to climb trees when I was younger. My mother would watch while my father was away doing something boring like ordering around his people. I'm not exactly sure what he does, but it seems important. My mom said that as soon as I get old enough, I'll be just like her." My face scrunched up in disgust. "I like my mom and all, but I don't want to be like her. Ya know?" I looked to Yameru who was just staring at me, as if something made him curious. I tilted my head to the side and whistled. "Yoohoo. You there?"

He snapped out of it slowly and then shrugged, turning away.

What did I say? I gave him a sour look and then ignored him. It must be something he didn't want to share. But after being an open, chatty person for a couple of days, why did he suddenly not say anything?


"Yameru!" I called, looking up and around my garden. He was standing beside me looking sourly at the garden. I frowned and shook my head. "Don't look at them like that."

He rose an eyebrow, and crouched beside me. He asked slowly, "Look at them?"

"Yes, them," I responded distantly, looking at my babies. "They are my little babies. I've raised them from when they were little seeds. I've been with them since the beginning, and I'll be there in the end to chop them up and eat them for dinner." I giggled and glanced at Yameru shook his head.

"They're just plants, yet you talk like they are humans. Which is gross considering you just described chopping them up to eat." He flicked the leaves of the potato plant in disgust. I gasped and slapped his hand.

"Watch it! They are all precious," I snapped, petting the leaf he flicked. "You're okay baby. He didn't mean to hurt you."

Yameru leaned close to it and nodded, cooing to it, "Yes I did."

I scoffed and scowled at him. "Stop it, or you'll make them cry. Don't have to be so mean to my babies!" I growled, glaring at him. He hummed, as if a little uncomfortable with my words and stood up, and walked behind me, avoiding confrontation.

Good boy.

I smiled faintly to myself at how self control Yameru had. It was very appealing and pleasing. I know I could get a little...out there, but he was always so reserved and disciplined. It was refreshing to have someone like him around. Of course I hated him at first for it, and it was slightly annoying, but it just meant he had a strong mind. Or, that's how I took it. I reached my other hand out to gently pet my beautiful potatoes. They were so cute when they were healthy. With a hum I looked around my garden and let out a pleasant sigh, I turned around and looked at Yameru thoughtfully.

"Wanna go inside now? Dinner will be ready soon." I smiled bubbly. "I hear she making my favorite."

He smiled faintly and nodded. With that I smiled brightly. He's so kind when he's not speaking. I giggled at the thought and he looked at me thoughtfully. I turned around, so I wouldn't have to see the look on his face when he noticed my blush.

I really don't know why he makes me blush so much.

I marched up the stairs without seeing if Yameru was following. It didn't matter much. He would go inside when he wanted, right?


Yameru peeled his shirt off of his back, and I smirked, a sudden thought popping into my mind.

"I still don't get how you're so comfortable with undressing and dressing in front of me," I commented. He shrugged, and sighed.

"You don't pose as a threat," he supplied.

I felt my eyebrows scrunch up in curiosity. "A threat? What does that mean?"

"You know, a threat to my body," he tried to clarify. I was still stumped. He frowned at my confused expression. "You know... Try to touch me a whole bunch." He turned around and stared at me blankly.

I felt my cheeks puff out and my face burn with a blush. "Huh?!"

He waved his hand in front of himself and stepped forward, a sweat drop sliding down the side of his head. "No, no. I said you weren't a threat."

I felt conflicted. I am too a threat! But not to his body. I flinched away. "What does that even mean?!"

He looked to the side as if in thought and then shrugged, calming down a bit at my blush. What, was it proof I wasn't angry? He smiled as if he had found and answer. "You know, like the bird and the bees talk," he informed with a nod, though he shifted uncomfortably.

Birds and bees..? They were completely different things. The only similarity was they both had wings. Right? Or was a I missing something. I shook my head and frowned. "I don't get it, Yameru. What do birds and bees have to do with each other?"

"They have nothing to do with each other, Rairakku-sama. It's just a metaphor. Uh. You know, the birds and bees talk."

I blinked and shook my head. "Well..." I started thoughtfully. I sat down on my bed and looked at him expectantly. "Tell me about it."

This time it was his turn to blush. A light shade of pink powders his upper cheeks.

He's cute when he's blushing, I thought, smirking.

"Come on, you got me curious," I insisted. "Take a seat, too. I don't like you standing over me."

He opened his mouth to protest but just settled for groaning and nodding his head. "If you wish," he grumbled, sitting in front of my on the bed.

"Oh good. I also wish for a bedtime story." I smiled when he gave me an uncertain look.

"How old are you?" he asked, as if trying to make sure of something.

"Still old enough for bedtime stories, Yameru," I assured mindlessly. "Anyway, get on with this talk."

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, stalling. I stared at him the whole time, awaiting this new information. "Should I tell you what I told my brother? Or do you want it in a less descriptive way."

I rolled my eyes. How bad could this be? "Just tell me. I promise I can handle it." He gave me a skeptical look, but I just rolled my eyes again. I flashed him a reassuring grin.

"Well, if you say so. Okay, so when a man and woman love each other very much, and they both know that the person they love loves them back, they make love. Or do the bird and bees." He paused, and stared at me, seemingly uncomfortable. I gave him a look to continue. He awkwardly continued, looking down on the bed, but still speaking coherently. "When the man and woman make love, they become one being, and spirit, and it's the best thing that the two beings could ever experience. It doesn't take long, only about a minute, but from it, their love only gets stronger, and their bond is almost unbreakable. There are also other things they can get from these actions, which it why it's also called making love. The woman can get pregnant with a child.

Pregnancy is painful, but most women endure it because they are strong, and willed. Not only that, but because it is a known fact women have a higher tolerance for pain. Stop smirking, you might be an exception to that statistic." I frowned at his comment. How the hell did he know I was smirking?! "Anyway, the woman carries the baby in her stomach for nine months, or until it comes out of her. And of course the father of the child is always proud, but not always there to care for the child. This means the mother must take care of her son or daughter until it feels it is time to leave the nest, or its home.

But with the birds and bees is the side effect of getting used. You see, some people don't exactly use the...action...appropriately. They may claim to love the other person so that way they can get the incredible feeling that doing the bird and bees gives the couple. In doing this, the side effect to these actions still occur, but if done often enough, a person might get sick. Or, in other words, their...reproductive organ...might...uh how would you put this...become diseased, and become nasty." He sucked in a big breath. Then he lamely finished, "So, that is why you only have birds and bees with one person. And to has to be someone you love."

I nodded and look at him thoughtfully.

He cleared his throat and looked up at me instead of at the bed. "Any questions?" he asked slowly, as if dreading what could possibly come to my mind.

I hummed and nodded again. "Yes, uh." I looked around and lowered my voice off of instinct. The way he was acting about this made me think it was something to be embarrassed talking about. So, it felt silly not to be uncomfortable with the new information. "How...do...does...uh...it, um, happen?" I asked, my face heating for unknown reasons.

He did reacted unexpectedly. His face lit up in a blush that was bright red and he swallowed hard, suddenly panicked. He jumped away from me and asked, "Why do you want to know?"

I felt my cheeks puff out again in embarrassment and I leaned away from a now pacing Yameru. "You're the one who asked if I had any questions..." I said, looking away. "You don't have to answer it."

"Well, I want to answer your questions," he supplied and then jumped back again, as if again suddenly panicked. "But that one is a little difficult to explain."

I gave him a sour look, and shot at him, "Then why don't you show me?"

Again, he reacted unexpectedly. He stopped being panicked and a hard glare was shot at me. In the blink of an eye he had me, back pressed against the wall, pinned.

His panicked demeanor snapped into something deadly. It scared me to see.

His hand was over my mouth, and he looked at me with dangerously narrowed eyes. I felt myself whimper and tremble. My eye were wide, I could feel it. His blush was still there, but his eyes were steady and hard. "Did you not hear the part where the woman and the man have to love each other?" he asked coldly. In his eyes, the message of, 'I should kill you right now, you stupid girl' was the only thing I could read from them. So cold, like ice, and hard like stone. So dead, like they had been when we first met. I shook my head, and felt tears form in my eyes. Whatever nerve I had struck, I didn't mean to.

"Sorry, Yameru," I whispered, even though it came out as mumbles. "I didn't mean it that way..." When he didn't respond I slammed my eyes shut and pushed him away from me.

His free arm gripped mine, and pulled me with him. I landed on top of him, my knees side by side his hips, my hands still on his firm shirtless chest.

He mindlessly flipped us with an almost effortless twist of his body. I let gravity pull my arms down to the bed, and his hand squeezed his hand firmly to my lips. They quivered under his hold, and my dark green eyes looked fearfully. I whimpered again, and he blinked. He blinked rapidly and shook his head. He flinched, as if my whimper had snapped him out of his little fit, and he yanked his hand back like the contact had burnt him. He looked at me, his eyes softening rapidly to what look like regret. "Sorry Rairakku-sama," he mumbled, looking away. His eyes showed a mental conflict going in on the inside. A deep stab feeling went through my heart at the sight of him. He looked so troubled, like he was hiding something that kept the whole world on his shoulders alone.

I shook my head slowly and frowned. "I shouldn't have asked. It was a stupid question. It's my fault," I dryly stated. I felt numb, but I didn't know why. It was almost as if I was dazed.

"No it wasn't. It was a bad request. Remember the side effects. I do not wish them on any woman, even pregnancy. It is not something someone like you would want to go through. I was not lying to scare you when I say it's painful. Extremely painful. I've witnessed my mother go through it. All she did was scream." He sounded like someone who was trying to beat the information of why doing the birds and the bees was a bad thing in my head. But for some reason, I didn't react stubbornly, and not care for his information.

"For nine months?" I asked, stunned slightly by how awful that sounded.

"Huh? No." He shook his head slowly, and spoke softly. "When the baby decided he wanted to finally see the world outside of his mother's stomach," Yameru clarified. I nodded.

"Oh." I looked around as if looking for something else to talk about. Only then did I notice how close we still were. I felt my face heat in a different kind of blush. This blush didn't just warm my face, but seemingly my whole body as well.

He noticed my staring and looked down to meet my eyes.

His long blue hair fell off his shoulder like a waterfall. His black obsidian eye held life that burned a picture in my soul. They were so pretty. I looked at them, as if a moth drawn to a flame. I remember faintly how his eyes had held little life when we first met, but now he showed much more emotion, and wasn't as much of a prick. I smiled at him. Absently, my hand moved up to curl a finger around a random strand of his hair.

Our eyes were locked together, and we were just staring at each other. One of his hands came down to caress my cheek. A tingling feeling bubbled in my heart, and I felt very light, almost faint.

I unwittingly tugged on Yameru's hair, making him lean down. His head tilted slightly and he kept coming closer and closer. I leaned up, and let and elbow support me so our lips could meet. Something about him was drawing me closer. No thoughts passed through my mind as my eyes started to slide closed.

But before they could, the door burst open and my mother shouted, "RAIRAKKU!"

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