Riddle Of My Past


Chapter Five: Choices

The door jingled frantically, and my eyes snapped open. Yameru was across the room before I could blink and the door then shot open. I made myself look casual and not so stunned.

My mother bounced in the room, bringing my mind back to reality. My would-be-kiss was pushed to the back of my mind as my mother grabbed my hand, and pulled me from the bedroom. I snuck a glance at Yameru to see him turn around, and act like nothing happened. At seeing that, my heart ached a bit, but I again pushed that away. Why would my heart ache anyway..?

Again my mother's voice brought me out of my head. "Rairakku, I would like to discuss something with you," my mother said in the calmest voice she could muster. I could tell she was about to jump with joy. I wondered why. A part of my didn't trust how happy she was, and the other part wanted to get excited with her.

"What is it?" I asked. She pulled me into the living room. I felt my breath catch in my throat at the sight in front of me.

My father was shaking someone's hand. I looked at them, stunned slightly. I couldn't place the other man's face, but I could tell I know who this was. I felt my jaw clench, and my mouth press into a line. When my mother stopped, I slid behind her, hiding myself.

"Keiton-san," my mother greeted, drawing the man's attention to her. He looked back and smiled at us. Before continuing, my mother pulled me out from behind her and shoved me forward. "This is Rairakku, my daughter."

I felt my firm lips curve up slightly in a small, polite smile. Kaito turned away from my father, and bowed to me. As he was leaning back up, he strode forward. He seemed perfectly casual, as if he'd been here before, and not only that, his movement looked rehearsed. I held back a grimace as he took my hand and kissed my knuckles.

"It's very nice to meet you," he said kindly. I nodded. "You and my little brother used to play together, am I right?" he asked, taking me of guard.

I stayed silent for a moment, the only male friend I've ever had popped into my mind. I took a small trip down memory lane, recalling everything we used to do together. When that moment ended, I asked, "You're Dekiru's older brother?" I felt my mouth go dry, nervous to hear the answer. There were so many things I wanted to know. How was he? Is he different? Has he grown? I licked my lips to calm myself, and made myself look a little presentable. "You look very different from him, sorry for not recognizing you."

Keiton chuckled, and raised to his full height. "Yes," Keiton paused for a moment, a pleasant smile slowly stretching to his face, "he's doing good, by the way."

"You look very different from him, sorry for not recognizing you," I said. I felt myself smile genuinely at Keiton. I hadn't seen Dekiru in years. Deep down, a warm feeling circulated. If this man was close to Dekiru, then he should be no harm.

"It's perfectly fine. No one ever does. He is learning how to deal with political stuff now, just like I did when I was his age. He's learning fast, and training hard," Keiton informed. The pride in his voice made my heart lighten. It was great to hear about Dekiru after all of this time.

"That's great news to hear," I replied, not even hiding the excitement in my voice. "So, what brings you to our home?"

Keiton's smile faded from his face and he turned serious. He informed, taking my hand, "My father thinks it would be wise for our clans to unite. I am here to ask for your hand in marriage, Rairakku-hime."

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