Riddle Of My Past

Run Away

Chapter Eight: Run Away

How could he kill Dekiru?

Yes, I understand that Dekiru was probably not supposed to tell me, even though my father should have told me that himself, I don't think Yameru should have killed him.

Yameru's hand tightened on my mouth, as if warning me not to make a peep, and he continued to drag me away, deeper into the forest.

When the forest broke, presenting a road, Yameru stopped. "We should have traveled far enough," he mumbled. He looked down at me and scowled. "Don't look at me like that."

I looked away from him, but couldn't wipe the grim expression from my face. Dekiru was dead...just because he informed me of something that I should have already been aware of. I didn't yell at Yameru, I didn't cry, but the weight in my chest made me almost lifeless.

"You...killed him..." I mumbled. A part of me didn't want to accept it. I felt Yameru's hand soften and he sighed.

"You don't understand, and I don't feel like explaining myself, just...just follow me," Yameru said. "I have a lot of other things to discuss with you."

I looked up at him, deciding on what to do. I trusted Yameru. He had been really good to me, and...I had kissed him. I could even go as far to say I loved him, but after seeing him kill my friend, I wasn't sure what I think anymore. It's true that Yameru could be cruel at times, but he didn't seem like someone who could murder other people, especially innocent ones.

But...after all of these years what if Dekiru wasn't so innocent? What if he was just as corrupted as my father?

A tight ball in my stomach made it hard to breath. Yameru pulled me along. I was blind to see where he was taking me, but I let him. I didn't fight back.

After God knows how long, he stopped, making me stop, and I looked up. We were in the middle of a forest, but the trees had gotten taller, and thicker, leaving little room to move about with making a ton of noise. Yameru turned to me and placed a hand on my cheek. A murderer's hand. I could almost feel the blood on his hands. It made my stomach churn. I didn't look up to meet his eyes. I looked down, away from him.

"Don't ignore me." I felt my eyes burn with the need to cry. "Rairakku," he whispered. He trailed a finger down the side of my face. Instinctively, I leaned into it, pressing my eyes closed. I'm not going to cry.

"I don't know what to think," I admitted. "You just killed one of my best friends. Why?"

"He knew who I was," Yameru said. "He knew that Yameru was just a false name. He would have killed me, had I not killed him."

A whimper escaped my mouth, and I backed away just enough for him to drop his hand from my face. "Yameru's not your real name?"

"No, it's not."

My eyes squeezed tighter as I tried not to yell and scream and cry. "What is real then? What is your real name? Who are you?!" My eyes were open now. I glared at Yameru, trying to melt him with my rage.

He stayed perfectly cool under my rage, making me even more livid. He still didn't say anything, as if he was considering telling me, or not saying anything. He opened his mouth to draw in a breath before answering. "I'm Madara Uchiha."

My anger died. It just seemed to fizzle out and snap into shock. I stared at him my expression mixed, and ever changing between shock and disbelief. A bitter laugh escaped my lips as I looked at him. The distance between us had grown. "You're lying."

"No, I'm not." He crossed his arms, and stood a bit taller. "How shall I prove it to you?"

"What would Madara Uchiha be doing here? Huh? What kind of business would he have here? What kinda sick joke is this? He's all the way on the other side of the country!" I spat. "You're not being funny."

"I'm not trying to," he defended. "I'm being serious, Rairakku." He closed his eyes, and then reopened them, only they weren't their normal black, they were crimson with the pattern of the Sharingan.

My heart stopped. "Get away from me," I whispered. My fear consumed me and I stumbled back, falling into a tree. "Stay away from me!" I yelled as he tried to move forward.

Madara swallowed and glared at me. "Knock it off. I'm still the same person."

"Don't talk to me. You're a murderer!" I screamed.

"That didn't matter to you in the closet," he reminded. His tone was light and on the endge of joking. The pit in my stomach turned cold.

My eyes hardened and I looked up to glare at him. "I thought you were someone else. You lied to me."

"Of course I did! Do you want to know why I am even here?" he snapped. He was in front of me in second, his index finger under my chin so I could stare into his black eyes. "I was sent here to kill you, Rairakku." The way he said my name made me want to slap him.

"Then do it already," I spat, looking away. "You could have done it on day one, anyway."

Madara let out growl, and I shrunk back. "If I wanted to kill you, then you'd be dead already. Trust me."

I narrowed my eyes. As true as that was, I didn't want to trust this man. I didn't even want to be around him. He was evil. He disgusted me. Even so, there was still the part of me that knew I loved him. I couldn't just push that away. "So now what?"

"Run away with me."

My eyes snapped back to him. "What?"

"You heard me."

I shook my head. "I can't... I'm getting married, you know that."

"Yes, but you don't want that, do you?" His voice was soft, but there was power behind it that made me shiver.

"I don't, but that doesn't change the matter that I am."

"It can if you want it to."

I didn't say anything.


Even though his tone wrapped around my soul, and started ripping it, I couldn't answer.

His hand moved from under my chin to caress the side of my face. At his gentle touch my eyes fluttered closed and I leaned against him. Just then, and there, everything seemed to melt away. His touch took away all of my uncertainty, and fear.

He may have been Madara Uchiha, but he loved me. He wasn't going to hurt me, and...somehow, it made me feel safe. A murderer, a man who could kill easily, wasn't going to harm me. I could feel it. Madara saw this, and his lips pecked mine. My eyes, loving the feel of his lips on mine, and moved towards him. His lips continued to met mine, each encounter lasting a bit longer, and making me warmer, and warmer.

I remember feeling this way in the closet, before I had ruined our moment by thinking of Keiton. Yet, this time the mention on his name didn't matter to me. We were here, not there. We were alone, and we were together. Somehow, the thought of being alone drove my hormones wild. I wanted him, he wanted me. I couldn't explain why either. I was weak, and naive, while he was strong, and smart. But at this moment, that didn't matter.

His hands, moving around my body, pulling me from the tree so he could lay me down. His lips pulled away from mine, and they found my neck, nibbling, and trailed down, down down. I gasped at his touches and what they did to me, and what they made me think, and what they made me want. Somehow I knew he was mine, and by allowing him to touch me like this made me his.

Lust. It was all that was on my mind. I wanted him. I wanted him more than I've ever wanted anyone. I wanted him inside me, him in my life, him to always be there. by allowing him to touch, and caress my sentivie skin and body, I was allowing him to take me away.

Author's Note: I'm going to get a lot of hate for this. A ton, if I'm correct.

"I've waited this long for this?!"


"What the hell happened to a lot?"

Well, I'm ready for it. I'll be sitting here taking it like a champ because I deserve it. I went back to look at this story's document to work on it, and realized that I should end the supposed-to-be-long-chapter-that-I-had-no-inspiration-for here. :): Aren't you happy? I want this story over with, honestly. The fact that it's been on here a year, and I'm not done with it disgusts me. I'm sorry, folks. It's going to be choppy, ugly and just bad, but I'm just going to say it.

I don't care. I'm so done with this fanfiction. I'm not into Naruto anymore. It bores me. I'll be making edits and all that jazz.

Wanna know why? Kishimoto killed off my favorite characters. Konan, Kisame, Itachi, and I'm not going to watch Madara and Sasuke and all that. It hurts too much. Also, Neji died. I'm done. :):

-Your Sad/Fed Up (Favorite) Author

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