bad meets evil.


in a realistic sense, he wouldn’t win. no chance in hell he would. did he care? no. it was this. . primal urge to kill and destroy, an impulse mixed with anger. he’d kill this man, either way. even if it was the most self destructive, most suicidally-ignorant plan.

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“. . you’re okay, right? pl-”

no response. blood continued to leak.

the static in his ears, it was all he heard. the body laid out sprawled on the floor, and it made him sick.


it was a new feeling, he never felt sick around dead bodies, but this specific one. this one, it made something in him feel human. and he decided at that moment, that he didn’t like it. not one bit.

he looked over at his “partner” and the blood in his left eye seemed to leak out nonstop. a new emotion seemed to overtake his nausea, and it was insatiable blood-lust.

in a realistic sense, he wouldn’t win. no chance in hell he would. did he care? no. it was this. . primal urge to kill and destroy, an impulse mixed with anger. he’d kill this man, either way. even if it was the most self destructive, most suicidally-ignorant plan.


he was crying now-- or, trying to. trying to cry consisted of his left eye streaming blood, and his right eye just twitching, liquid pouring out in an inconsistent manner.

“okay, okay, listen- i didn’t . . lie, per say- i said ‘i could get rid of your fears.’ and you specifically told me one of your fears was the state of your brother’s mind. now, you don’t have a brother to worry about! simple.”

bad au couldn’t help laughing at that a bit, and that made evil rhi lose it -- punching him square in the jaw and climbing on top of him, then grabbing him by the collar, getting ready to punch him again before bad au headbutted him right in the middle of his forehead, leaving evil rhi to stagger back and fall on his ass.

“i don’t have a brother to worry about? you fucking idiot. he’s your brother too, or did you forget?” evil rhi lunged at him again, punching him repeatedly, kicking at him, then scratching at his remaining eye. bad au was struggling under his breath, but that sadistic smile on his face showed a trump card. pulling out a small little remote that showed a single button, followed by a low-to-high setting.

and he turned it to the highest volume, turning it on.

evil rhi had no time to grab it, no time to react, and realized he had no point in running. he couldn’t do anything before the pain came rushing through his body.

all that was heard at that point was screams from the child, convulsing on the floor. foam coming out, eye rolling back. he couldn’t move, and bad au seemed to kick at him. Laughing.

when the older version of evil rhi had his fun, he switched it off and left him there, but not without putting his foot on the younger version’s chest, and said five words that made evil rhi grab his foot, trying to twist it with no avail. bad au just dismissed the attempt.

"nightstar was right, you’re pathetic.”

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