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Playing the game


Amy was 18 with a boyfriend when she met Luka at her boyfriends house. After Amy and her boyfriend broke up she became withdrawn until a she recieved a message from someone she hardly spoke to.

Romance / Erotica
Becky Roberts
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The beginning...

3 years today I had been dating Ryan, I felt so happy being around him and all the fuzzy feeling were still there like at the beginning.

Getting dressed I wore my ripped skinny blue Jean's and a white strappy tank top, I threw on some subtle make up and dashed for the door. I was so excited to see Ryan today I hope he hadn't made any plans as I wanted him all to myself.

I jumped in my car after locking up and drove to his place. The drive was great as o didnt get caught in any traffic. The sun was shining and I played the music loud through the speakers.

I pulled up infoent of the block of apartment and made my upto the top floor. I opened the door with the key Ryan had given me a year ago for our anniversary. Noise boomed through the apartment.

'GREAT HIS FRIENDS ARE HERE' I thought to myself making my way to the lounge.

I walked in to find Ryan and Kane playing xbox, Emma at Kane's side as always. I gave her a warm smile as she looked bored to tears. On the couch was Jason with his phone in his face properly harassing some poor girl, and then I stopped dead in my tracks as my eyes landed on the new guy.

Who the hell was he! He was hotter than hot. Tall and muscular with thick dark brown hair and inked arms as far as I could see upto the sleeves on his tight fitted Tee.

Looking around the room for somewhere to crash down the only space was between Mr hottie and Jason. I huffed and slumped down.

I cant believe Ryan hadn't even acknowledged me yet.

" HEY BABE" I said as I glanced at Ryan.

"HEY" was all he managed to reply without even taking his eyes from his game.

I felt uneasy sitting there. I felt as if I was being stared at I slowly looked to my right to find mr hottie looking at me with a sexy smirk on his face.

"HI" I managed to say shyly with a slight smile before turning to face Ryan.

" HEY, IM LUKA. SO YOU MIST BE AMY RIGHT?" Mr hottie said. So he finally had a name.

"YEAH THATS ME." was all I could manage to say.

As the night went on i still wasnt able to get time alone with Ryan everyone just say around drinking and talking about random stuff.

Luka kept looking at me throughout the night and it didnt help I was squished right up against him and Jason with 3 of us on a 2 person couch. I had fuzzy feelings everytime his arms brushed past mine as he held a bottle of beer to his full lips.

'What the hell is wrong with me! My boyfriend is sitting right the on the other side of the room'

After a while I made my excuses to leave I was bored and would of rather been at home.

"BABE IM HEADIMG HOME I NEED TO BE UP EARLY FOR COLLAGE TOMORROW." I said as I stood and made my way over to Ryan. Leaning down I planted a kiss to his check as he was still playing and fidnt take his god damn eyes from the screen.

"YEAH NIGHT BABE" was all I got before I left slamming the door behind me.

To say I was furious was an understatement. I got home as fast as I could, i opened the door and made my room before the girls i shared an apartment with could speak to me.

I sat and cried for hours.


Walking into school I was excited this was our last whole week of college for juniors. I couldn't wait for summer.

My Joy came crashing to a halt when I seen Kara pushing up against Ryan. He wasnt even pushing her off of him.

"HEY BABE" I walked up to he pushing me lips to his.

"HEY" he grabbed my and pushed a chase kiss to my lips before he walked away.

' what the hell!' Fuming I followed him down the corridor till I caught up to him.


" AMY IM JUST NOT INTO THIS ANYMORE. I THINK WE NEED TO BREAK UP!" he reply was harsh and devoid of any emotion.

Tears pricked the corners of my eyes I was devastated by his words he could he do this to us I thought we were happy and in love.

" YOUR BREAKING UP WITH ME? WHY?" is all I could say my heart and head began pounding.


At his words I turned and ran as fast as I could back to my car. I jumped in my car and raced home.

In my room I balled my fists and screamed with anger and hurt. 3 years with Ryan and he pushed me away without even a thought to my feelings.

I spent the next 2 weeks binging on takeout and watching sad movies on netflix. I skipped the last week of college calling in with the flu so I wouldn't have to see him or any of his stupid friends. I missed all the summer begin parties and fun at the lakes.

My life was a complete mess and I was broken...

My house mates were great they came in to comfort me when there were here, but I pushed them all away wanting to be alone.

Sitting on my bed after my weekly call to my mum and dad I started at the telly and was contemplating the advice my dad had given my just now about taking a step in life whenever the opportunity arises.


Looking at my phone I see a message request. Curious I open it to find a message from someone very unexpected.

** Hey Amy I dont know if you remember me. Its Luka. We met briefly at Ryan's.**

Do I rely? Dont I? What does he want.

**Amy: Hey, sure I remember you. How are you? :) ** I decided to keep it simple.

Not even a minute later his reply came through and I started to get butterflies. I decided to take dads advice and just go with whatever life throws at me and take the opportunity life presented.

**Luka: I noticed you haven't been around Ryan's last few times I've been there with my cousin Emma. I later found out you guys broke up. Sorry to hear this :/**

** Amy: Erm thanks I guess. I don't realise you were Emma's cousin i thought you were a friend of Ryan's... **

** Luka: Nah that guys a dick.**

'Well I wasnt expecting that but what the hell am I ment to say back.'

I decided it wouldn't message back at all as there was nothing to reply to in his message and I carried on watching films into the night.

Time 1.36am


** Luka: Hey you still awake? :) **

** Amy: Yeah, What's up? :) **

** Luka: I know you just broke up with your boyfriend and you prob hate all guys right now, but theres just something about you. You wanna chat for a while? ;) **

Before I could even reply...

**Luka: By the way your a total fitty and Ryan is an ass for losing you! X **

OMG....... I am completely stunned. This guy was super hot and he just said I was a fitty. My brain was on overdrive as I read and re read his message.

** Amy: Erm thanks x **

Please leave a comment. Good or bad? This is the first time I have written anything but has always been something I want to get into so please leave Feedback to help me on my journey x x B x x

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