Snapped Heartstrings

Limbo III

In the land between life and death four things happened simultaneously: Albus and Gellert returned with the final Horcrux, Jason woke, Tom arrived, and strange figure, hidden entirely by a hooded black robe, appeared.

"Perfect, we're all here," the stranger said.

"Where exactly is here?" Tom asked, shivering at the bone white forehead he could just glimpse beneath the robe.

"Limbo," Jason said. Tom turned, finally noticing his lover's presence. He ran to Jason and quickly embraced him.

"I'm sorry. So, so sorry," he whispered through tears.

"I know, love. I forgive you, there's no point in holding grudges beyond the grave."

"Should I be worried that there's a young Dumbledore here?" Tom asked upon seeing the remaining two men.

"Not really, he's actually much better than the elderly one. That's Gellert Grindelwald with him, by the way," Jason smirked at his friend's quickly paling face.

"And who are you?" Tom asked the cloaked figure.

"I am the ruler of this place."

"Death?" Jason gasped.

"Precisely," Death pulled black the hood to reveal a face that was nothing but skull and no one could doubt it's words.

"Why are you here?" Jason wondered, "Why are we here?"

"You and Tom have lived strange lives, tangled up with Fate, Horcruxes, and the Deathly hallows. This leaves you with an unusual choice, but first you must decide, are you two truly lovers or enemies? Would you be able to spend the rest of eternity together?"

And suddenly the others disappeared, leaving the two were alone.

"Tom, I'm so sorry. I should have told you I was from the future. I even knew it was possible I could go back. It's just—it felt like speaking about it would make it happen."

"Jason," tears were gathering in Tom's eyes, "I'd almost forgotten how you were. None of this is your fault. You weren't the fool who kill your own beloved. Absolutely nothing here was your fault."

"Tom, I won't blame you. I love you too much and I've missed you these last seven years. I can't bear to lose you again."

"Does this mean we've decided we're lovers?" Tom said, embraced him gently.

"Would you be able to spend forever with me?"

"I would love to spend forever with you," Tom kissed him with all the feeling of his fifty years alone.

When they parted, faces glowing with smiles, Death returned holding Tom's Horcruxes.

"I see you chose love," it was hard to see on the sell face, but Death seemed pleased. "Well, there are several things left to do. Firstly, Tom, you need to reattach your Horcruxes."

"Of course. How?"

"Like this," she snapped her fingers and the pieces of soul entered Tom.

"It's that easy? The rituals all said it would be painful."

"Yes, it usually is. Once you are dead many things are different. Some easier, some harder. Now for your second choice. There are a few things I need to explain before you chose. The two of you are soul mates. You can't live without the other-"

"But what about the prophecy?" Tom interrupted.

"Prophecies can be false and they can be misheard," Death's tone showed all the annoyance at the interruption that it's face couldn't show. "Since soulmates can't live without the other, the fact that the two of you were born so far apart was dangerous. You would have become sick, depressed or insane without each other. To make up for this mistake Jason was sent through time to be with you, but a person must live and die in their own time, so he was sent back."

"As interesting as this knowledge is, isn't it useless now that we're dead?" Tom wondered.

"Patience. That brings me to the final point, your choice. You have two options. And you must both agree on the one you pick. The first is to move on from Limbo and die properly. The second is that I will bring you back to life, since Jason collected all my Hallows. You will arrive at the instant you first saw each other with your current memories still intact. As the Master of Death, if Jason chooses this option he will be immortal, the eternal Master of the Hallows. Tom will also become immortal because of his Horcrux within you," he told Jason, "but any other humans you know will eventually die."

Jason turned to his lover, "Option two?"

Tom nodded.

Jason found back his five year old body, wondering briefly if all this de-aging would become a regularity in his life. Then the door in front of him opened to reveal the most important person in his universe.

"They'll do a good job," Albus told Gellert.

"Better than we did," he agreed.

"Then again, we never got a second chance."

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