Snapped Heartstrings

Limbo I

Harry woke, feeling a bright white light against his eyelids. He remembered walking to face his death. Where was he now? The hospital wing? Had yet another person sacrificed their life so he could continue with his useless existence? He opened his eyes to discover he was in…King's Cross Station? Except it wasn't. The building was white, clean and empty in a way the real station never was.

He sat up and began to examine the Not-King's Cross, when he saw Dumbledore walking up to him. He groaned. Of all the dead people to see when he arrived—Dumbledore? The man had been horrible to him back when he was Jason and continued to lie and withhold information when he was Harry.

"Where am I?" he asked, his voice echoing through the station.

"Limbo. You died as Master of the Deathly Hallows. You now have the choice to return to life instead of going on to true death."

"I should think my choice obvious," Harry sneered.

"I know that you wish to die but-"

"Of course I want to die. Tom hates me! I spent the last seven years waiting, hoping every day to finally see him again. Now when I do, he kills me. Obviously the man I knew is gone; he probably destroyed himself with the Horcruxes, I tried to warn against making seven. Since according to the prophecy one of us has to die, I'd rather-"

"The prophecy is no longer an issue. I believe it was fulfilled years ago when a boy named Harry Potter traveled through time. never to return. In his place was a very different man. In Limbo I can cause you to live your memories again. I hope you'll see the truth…"

Harry felt his eyes fall closed as he slid into darkness.

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