Snapped Heartstrings

Flashback III

Harry was thrust from his worries into a new memory. He recognized it immediately and a bittersweet smile crossed his face.

"Tom!" he shrieked running from the furious boy, a slightly tattered silver and green scarf waving behind him. Jason knew he shouldn't have thrown the snowball, but he couldn't help it. Tom always looked so collected, sleek and put-together. The urge to ruin that was irresistible, and the snow had presented Jason with a perfect opportunity. He ran inside, hoping Tom would be too proud of his newly acquired prefect status to jeopardize it by throwing snow around indoors. Jason sped past the glittering Christmas decorations, until he reached an alcove and slipped in. He needed a minute to breathe and with luck Tom would just pass by. Unfortunately as he stood, bent over and panting, his friend approached. He walked towards Jason predatorily. Jason backed up until he felt his back hit the wall.

"Come on, Tom. It was just for fun," he said.

"Perhaps, you will find this 'fun' as well," Tom whispered, leaning forwards and capturing Jason's lips. For a second Jason was too shocked to respond, but he quickly found himself melting into his friend's talented kiss with knees too weak to support his body. Then Tom stopped and pulled back, still cradling Jason in his strong arms, and searched Jason's face until he found something which made his lips break out in a smirk.

"You liked it," Tom hissed. It wasn't a question. Jason gave a slight wide-eyed nod as Tom left, smug grin firmly in place.

The next day, Jason felt a snowball hit his back and turned to see a flash of black and green hurrying away. He quickly knelt to gather a handful of snow and retaliate before he was struck with a better idea. Casting a spell to silence his footsteps and disillusioning himself, he rushed after his friend. Once Tom slowed, the over-confident prick certain he hadn't been caught, Jason grabbed his arm and dragged him into the shadows, cancelling his spells. He pressed his lips to Tom's, until the two needed to part for breath.

"Surprise," he whispered in Tom's ear then he skipped off.

It became a game over the Christmas holidays – one would throw a snowball and the other would get revenge in the form of a kiss. On the last day of break it was Jason's turn to kiss Tom. He did, marvelling at the comfort he found so easily in Tom's soft lips and hungry eyes.

"I love you," Jason confessed when they split. Then he quickly ran off, fearing he'd misinterpreted what Tom had intended as a holiday joke. Terrified that his feelings would be rejected and their friendship ruined.

Tom raced after him and grabbed him, "Stop! Face me."

Jason nervously obeyed

"I love you too, silly," Tom said and Jason found himself yanked into his most passionate kiss yet. When the two separated, it was with large smiles.

"I love you so much Tom. I think that I have forever, I just didn't realize."

"I know," Tom smirked.

"Of course you did, you know everything, I'd almost forgotten," Jason joked.

"Exactly, I was just waiting for you to be ready."

"Prat," Jason said, but his tone negate the harsh word.

The two spent the night in their dorm. The Slytherin's had two beds per room and they had shared a room since they first arrived. The two snuggled together on Tom's bed, talking for hours until Jason suddenly trailed off mid-sentence. When Tom looked over he was amused to discover his friend had fallen asleep. He laughed softly, then kissed Jason's forehead before following him to sleep.

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