Snapped Heartstrings

Limbo II

Harry woke from the memories with a sob.

"What was that for?" he shouted at Dumbledore, "Are you trying to show me how much Tom used to love me? It doesn't matter. Tom is gone! All that's left is Voldemort. And he doesn't love me. He killed me!"

"Harry. I know it hurts, and I know you blame me. You may be right. I'm only human, and we make mistakes. I made more than my fair share in life, blinded by my ideals and certain they were the only way.

"One of my greatest mistakes has haunted me since my childhood. I was only able to fix it after death. I wish you did not need to go through the same. You may recall from Ms. Skeeter's book, "The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore", that I was once very close with a boy named Gellert. Our ideals seemed so similar. The desire to change the world, certainty that what we were doing was so just that the ends would always justify the means. We planned to find the Deathly Hallows together. With immortality we would have time to accomplish everything we wanted. During our time together I realized that if I gave it the chance I could easily fall in love with him—"

"Oh, I see," Harry sneered, "You're going to tell me how stupid I was to fall in love with an evil man. To take a stupid chance and lose my heart to the enemy. To—"

"Harry! Let me finish talking before you begin to accuse me of things. I also took that chance. I fell in love and it was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me. I grew – emotionally, intellectually, and magically – he showed me a side of the world I'd never seen before. I thought it would last forever. Until our fight and my sister's death, it was too much. I could no longer bear to be near Gellert, I blamed him. We didn't see each other again until the duel where I defeated him, and by then he was Grindelwald.

"It took a lecture from my dead sister to make me realize my real mistake and been abandoning him. By then I was certain it was too late to fix anything, but I was proven wrong. You see, Harry, love truly is more powerful than any magic. And it never truly dies. Return and explain to Tom who you are. Show him you still love him, because it may be the only way to save him. Don't wait like I did. Love after death is still love, but love during life is a blessing."

"I'm sorry about how things turned out for you, sir."

"Don't be."

"What do you mean?"

"Like I said, love after death is still love. Me and Gellert are together, I have my 'happily ever after.' But don't repeat my mistakes, the wizarding world needs the changes you and Tom planned. At least the ones from before he went mad. Those changes can't be performed by the dead."

"But you and Gellert are still together? Despite never speaking? Despite being enemies?" Harry could hardly bring himself to hope.

"Yes. You want proof?"

"I would appreciate some. You do realize how far-fetched this is?"

Dumbledore nodded and a man, who was young like the dead headmaster, walked up to them. Harry could not have told you where he came from, he had just appeared where it had a moment before been plain white wall. His laughing blue eyes lit up at the sight of Dumbledore, Harry recognized the young Gellert from the pictures in Skeeter's book, Grindelwald held the Headmaster's hand just like Tom used to hold his, and Harry could see their love.

"Maybe you two found love, but not until death. That's what it will take for Tom to forgive me. If it ever even happens. If my Tom even exists after Voldemort shredded his soul," tears slid down Harry's cheeks as he thought of his lover's self-inflicted destruction.

"It can be fixed. In fact, it will be. When you destroyed Tom's horcruxes in your attempt to return his sanity, they did not return to him. Instead they came here, to the realm of the dead. Gellert and I will collect the fragments so that you can bring them back with you, if you chose to live again. I will show you two more memories, and never forget what I said – love is eternal."

His voice faded as Harry found himself vanishing into a memory once more.

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