Snapped Heartstrings

Flashback IV

Jason woke to the feeling of gentle lips brushing against his forehead. He lazily opened his eyes, savouring the feeling of being half asleep. The sun fell softly against his side and he drank in its soothing warmth.

"Wake up sleepyhead," Tom teased. Jason felt the usual burst of happiness that filled him when he remembered that he was the only one who saw this playful side of Tom.

"Hush, I'm asleep," he murmured, closing his eyes.

"Oh," Tom's pout was audible, "Then I guess you won't be able to appreciate the pancakes I made."

"I'm awake," Jason quickly sat up.

"Good, come," Tom said, Jason followed him to the kitchen, smile widening at the sight of warm, fresh pancakes on the table.

"I love you," Jason gave his boyfriend a quick kiss before sitting down and beginning to eat.

"You love me, or you love my cooking?"

"Hmm, you I suppose. The cooking just isn't sexy enough to be the main attraction."

"You are a complete prat."

"You love me anyways," Jason grinned.

"Well, you are a cute prat."

"I'm not sure whether to be flattered or offended."

"Don't worry about it. Most people can't keep up with my brilliance."


"Actually, my father never went through the trouble of divorcing my mother after he left," Tom's voice was forcedly nonchalant.

"Sorry, Tom," Jason stood and embraced his lover, angry with himself for bringing up those memories.

"It's alright," Tom sighed, "It happened before either of us was born. My muggle family has been dealt with, and they do not deserve the honor of remaining in my memories."

"I love you," Jason said, staring into Tom's eyes and allowing his honesty to be seen with Legilimency. He understood Tom's need for serious reassurances of his love, despite it being obvious in Jason's every action. He understood only too well, because he felt the same. A childhood without love had left them both emotionally unstable. Their need for constant contact and promises would probably be seen as strange and possibly even unhealthy by most people. Tom and Jason could hardly care less.

"I love you too."

"So, what special occasion has led to you making heavenly pancakes?" Jason had enough tact to change the subject.

"I can't make pancakes just because I want? We've graduated! We have a house of our very own."

Jason raised an eyebrow.

"Fine, if you really need a reason, today is my interview to become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Maybe I'll get lucky and Dippet will accept me."

"Maybe," Jason said carefully. He rather doubted it. Tom's knowledge and power level were incredible, but he was just out of school himself. Headmaster Dippet was the kind of person to deny the position based on age alone. Jason still wished Tom good luck, it was better to take a risk and lose than miss an opportunity through inaction.

That afternoon would be filled by Jason comforting Tom. Dippet hadn't given him the job.

"He said I was too young. Told me to come back in a few years after living my life! But it's now or never for me. Dippet is getting old, soon he'll retire or die and Dumbledore will become Headmaster. He'll never let me teach," Tom ranted.

While Jason had never understood Tom's love of teaching, he did know that it was his passion and he was very good at it. He also knew Dumbledore would never believe that. He would insist Tom wanted to corrupt students or steal Hogwarts' ancient artifacts. What the man would never see, despite his claims of faith in all people, was Tom's kind and caring side. He'd made his assumptions years ago, when they were just children, and refused to believe they could change.

But Tom had never been one sit around and whine about his life. Less than a week later he'd found himself a different job. He was working at Borgin and Burkes since it would give him the chance to find all types of antiques and artifacts. Tom planned to split his soul at least one more into a Horcrux, despite Jason's worries. Tom wanted to ensure his immortality, one Horcrux was not enough, when it could be found and destroyed. Tom wanted something special to house his soul. He also wanted to find Slytherin's locket. A connection to his great ancestor.

Jason wanted to work nearby but shops in Knockturn Alley – due to their illegal business – tended to be secretive and run exclusively within families. Tom had been exceptionally lucky to find work with Mr. Borgin who had no children. Jason ended up at Ollivander's wand shop, on Diagon Alley. He'd seen a sign asking for a store-front assistance who would not require the knowledge of wandlore needed to actually create wands. A bell chimed gently as Jason entered the store. He saw the same old man who'd given him his wand seven years ago. He had not aged at all and when Jason looked at his aura, a skill he and Tom a had worked to learn last year, it was not quite right. Ollivander was not entirely human.

"Come in and take a seat," Ollivander gestured to a small, rickety wooden chair which Jason carefully lowered himself onto. It gave a small wobble as he placed his full weight on it.

"What are you?" Jason asked.

"Ah, you see auras. A useful skill," the man chuckled.

"Yes. And you are not human."

"Not fully. But that's not really your business young man."

"I could make it my business," Jason challenged.

"I suppose. And if I do hire you it'll simply be a distraction if you waste time trying to discover what I am. I might as well tell you. I have Dark Elf and Necromancer blood. It's quite an interesting mixture. It gives me a form of the Sight which helps me match wizards and wands. It also tells me you were born in the future," the smiled. Knowledge was power and while he'd given up a secret he still had an even worse one from Jason.

"That is true," Jason frowned, "But I left that life when I was a child. All that matters is what I have here since I have no plans to return."

"Whether you return or not will not be decided by your choice. Any gift from Fate is a two sided coin. You have only seen the bright side Beware the reverse."

"Do you mean I will be sent back to my previous time?" Jason demanded with a shudder.

"I'm saying it's possible," silence hung heavily in the air. Finally Jason broke it with a voice that refused to reveal his newfound fear.

"Focusing on possibilities is unproductive. I came in search of a job. Will you give it to me?"

"Yes, you are quite interesting, child."

Jason would work there for several years during which he grew close to the old immortal. What had started as a precarious relationship based on the powerful secrets each held, became a close bond. Garrick Ollivander became the only person, aside from Tom, in whom Jason would confide. The years he worked there would be the best in both his lives. A home with Tom and a job learning the strange magic of wands from Garrick.

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