The Unbroken Promise to Find Family

Chapter 2

Yukio was up a bit earlier than usual. He quickly got dressed and went down to the kitchen. He asked for two helpings and headed over to the infirmary.

He balanced both trays across his arm and knocked on Renge's door. After a few minutes, the door inched open and Shiemi poked her head out curiously.

"Oh hey, Yukio! She's still resting up. Do you need to see her," Shiemi asked with a smile.

"I don't have to, but I'd like too. I've got breakfast for her," Yukio said as he glanced over at the two trays.

Shiemi nodded and opened the door wide enough to let him in. He eased in and set the trays down on the table next to Renge's cot.

He noticed Renge look faintly over at him. She was even paler than yesterday.

"Good morning, Renge," Yukio said as he set out his tray for Shiemi.

"Goo' mornn', Yuki," she mumbled.

She rolled to her side and slowly tried to lean up, which surprised Yukio. He quickly placed an arm around her while Shiemi raced over to prop her pillow up.

"Hey, don't move so fast. You're seriously ill. I don't want you getting worse. We will help you", Yukio remarked.

He leaned her back on the pillow and picked up a bowl of rice for her. Shiemi snuck the bowl from his hands and began helping to pick some up and feed it to Renge.

"Don't worry, Yuki. I'll feed her while you get back to the classroom. I'm sure your first class will start soon," Shiemi said with a comforting smile.

Yukio chuckled and nodded.

"Alright, fine. Try to keep an eye on the time so you won't be late for class. Just tell one of the nurses to look after her before you leave. She really isn't looking good. I'm afraid she might be seriously sick," Yukio said as he stopped at the open door.

Shiemi nodded and turned back to Renge.

"I really hope you aren't getting terribly sick," Shiemi whispered sweetly.


"Alright, that's it for today. Remember to do the homework assignment. Class dismissed," Yukio said as he stacked some papers in his briefcase.

He turned and hurried out of the room, a strong intent to see Renge. He felt this strange feeling of seeing her before. Over the course of the day, he had thought about where he could have possibly seen her before, but nothing was coming to mind.

Before he knew it, he was rounding the corner to the nurse's station and stood in front of Renge's door. He knocked and listened for permission.

A small voice mumbled the words he needed to hear and he quickly entered.

"Renge, you're looking a bit better," Yukio said with a smile.

"Thanks... I feel a bit better," she said meekly.

"I just came to check on you. Are you up for any more questions," he asked.

"Sure, I guess," Renge said, a little discouraged.

A large thump turned their attention to the door. It awkwardly shifted open with a grumpy Rin rubbing his forehead.

"Man that hurt," he grumbled under his breathe.

"Rin, what in the world are you doing," Yukio said, slightly hysterically.

"Oh, uh, I tripped on my shoelace and accidentally bumped my head. Heh heh," Rin laughed awkwardly.

"No, I mean here. What are you doing here," Yukio yelled.

"I wanted to see her, duh," Rin yelled back.

"Rin, you have homework to do. Just go back to the room. I'll be there soon. I'm just checking on Renge," Yukio commanded.

"No way! I helped rescue her too! I'm staying right here to make sure she is safe," Rin scowled.

Yukio knew there was no point in fighting anymore. He wasn't going to get anywhere. He just turned to Renge and smiled apologetically.

"Well, I guess there is no point in fighting about it. I'll just ask my questions and be out of your hair, okay," Yukio said calmly.

Renge nodded and looked over at Rin, expecting him to listen or ask as well.

"Yesterday, you said you were looking for your parents. Are you able to tell us anything about that," Yukio asked slowly, being careful not to hurt her.

Rin leaned in closer to Renge, especially excited for the answer. He smiled at her, hoping to encourage her answer.

"Well, to keep it short, when I was really young, I was taken in by an old women who told me she found me wandering the streets. I don't remember much before that. I just know something terrible happened. After my eleventh birthday, I learned that the old women taking care of me had died in her sleep by a heart attack. I was so devastated and I had no where to go, so from there I've been working and searching for my parents, but I haven't had any luck," Renge explained painfully.

She squeezed the sheets, looking paler. Yukio sat back, completely surprised while Rin stared at her, his mouth hanging open, slightly.

Renge started to feel nervous. She didn't like telling that story an she certainly didn't like to be stared at. She covered her face with her hands and pulled her knees to her chest.

Rin jumped back a bit, realizing that he and his brother were being a bit rude.

"Oh, uh, sorry! We didn't mean to make you upset," Rin tried comforting.

He awkwardly placed his arms around Renge, trying to comfort her. She made a small noise that sounded like a sigh.

"What? Am I hurting you," Rin asked, jumping back a bit.

"No, you're kinda warm," Renge mumbled, slightly reaching for Rin.

He gingerly wrapped his arms around her again, hugging her close and raising the temperature of his skin, just a bit.

Yukio stood abruptly, startling the two. He still had a hint of shock on his face.

"I-I'm going to go ahead and let you rest. I'll see you later. Rest up, okay. Ad Rin, don't bother her too long. You still have homework to do," Yukio stammered slightly as he turned to leave.

He hurried out of the room. Slamming the door behind him. There was an awkward silence in the air for a few moments before Rin interrupted.

"Uh, sorry bout that. Your story. It kind of... Hit close to home for the both of us. Well, we were taken in by an old man, heh. He took care of us until he died last year," Rin loosely explained.

He looked down at his hands, holding back a tear or two. Even after all this time, it still hurt him to think about it.

"I see. Then you understand, as well. Well, I have to find my parents, regardless. I just have to. I... Want to see them again," Renge almost cried out.

Rin hugged her tighter, feeling a bit of her emotions starting to affect him.

"How about this, then. Once you get better, I'll help you find them, okay," Rin suggested after a bit of silence.

Renge looked up at him. No one really ever volunteered to help her look. Even the old woman who had taken her in never really checked anything out.

"You mean it? You would do that? But you barely know me," Renge questioned.

"I know, but I understand you. You want answers, and sometimes you can't get them without a little help," Rin said with a smile.

"Thank you, Rin" Renge said as she hugged him tight.

"Alright then. It's settled. I promise, once you get better, I'll help you look for your parents. Just rest up, okay," Rin said as he stood to leave.

He flashed her a smile before leaving her to her thoughts.

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