The Unbroken Promise to Find Family

Chapter 3

Rin held out his hand, lightly taking Renge's and pulling her from her bed.

Mephisto had been kind enough to let Renge have a room across from Rin, expecting her to join his cram school once she was able. Rin had fought with him a bit when he noticed Mephisto's eyes gazing at her, creepily.

"Well, are you sure you're ready to start searching", Rin asked as he gave her hand a squeeze.

"Yes! I have to know where they are! I want to be with them", Renge said with a nod.

Rin smiled and consulted his list of places to check out. The first was the super market where Renge had heard that an older couple had been seen going outside the gate.

It had taken Rin and Renge about an hour to get down there. Renge had almost fainted fifteen minutes into the walk and Rin had suggested that he carry her, but Renge had put up a bit of a fight.

"Renge calm down, alright! Maybe we should just head back. You aren't fit enough", Rin said as he pulled Renge onto his back.

"No! We have to do this! I'm good! If you want to go back you can, but I'll crawl there if it means I could find my parents", Renge cried as she flailed around on his back.

"Renge, listen. What if these people lead us into a dead end? They might not even be right", Rin explained as he balanced her wait on his back.

Renge fell silent, looking down Rin's neck as she tried to think more hopefully.

"Sorry... I didn't mean to sound rude... I just, I'd hate to see you get disappointed again", Rin mumbled.

Renge wrapped her arms around Rin's neck sniffing back her tears.

"It's alright. Thanks for caring... I-I just really want to see them again", Renge cried, squeezing Rin tighter.

"Hey, I understand. I miss someone, too. Except there's no way I'll ever see them again, at least not in this life", Rin whispered.

"What do you mean", Renge asked, getting closer to Rin.

"Well, my dad, he died a little while back... It still hurts like crazy! I mean he took my brother and I in when my mom died! My old man was awesome! I wish I could just see him even one more time", Rin remarked sadly.

"Rin... I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad you got to spend time with him, though. I'm sure he misses you just as much", Renge whispered to him.

Rin smiled weakly and continued their journey to the market.

"I'm sorry sweetie, but I'm not sure if I remember everything correctly. I just know I saw a couple walking outside the gate. In fact, I haven't seen them come in since. You might want to find them before something happens, if something already hasn't", the elderly woman answered as she handed Rin and Renge a hot cup of coco.

"I'll go look for them, alright Renge! You still aren't strong enough and it's way to cold out there for you. Here, I'll buy you a bowl of noodles and go look for them and when I bring them back, you can see if they are your parents", Rin said as he handed the elderly woman some money.

She nodded and went in the back while Rin gave Renge's shoulder a squeeze, smiling down at her as she sipped at her hot coco.

"Thank you, Rin! You need to be safe, though. Maybe you could call Yukio. I don't want you to go by yourself. What if you get hurt", Renge asked.

"Don't worry, girl! I've got my familiar I can call to come with me", Rin said, throwing a thumbs up as he grinned widely.

Renge giggled and thought for a moment.

"Rin, could I meet your familiar", she asked.

"Sure, I'll call him right now", Rin said as he headed for the door.

Within seconds, Rin had called on Kuro and was returning with his familiar proudly sitting on his shoulder.

"Kuro, meet Renge. Renge, meet Kuro. Kuro I called on you so you could maybe help me find a couple that walked past the gates a couple weeks back. We want to make sure they got through the woods okay and maybe bring them back if we could. They might be Renge's parents", Rin loosely explained.

"Alright, sure! That sounds like fun", Kuro cried happily.

"He says he'll do it", Rin remarked.

"Really, thanks! Please keep him safe, Kuro", Renge said happily.

"I will, don't worry", Kuro answered.

"He promises", Rin said as he turned towards the door.

"We'll be back before you know it, promise", Rin cried over his shoulder as he darted out the door.

Renge watched him leave, feeling a little frustrated and scared. She wanted to be there with him to see the couple and see if they were her parents, yet she kind of didn't want Rin to be doing all of this without her.

"You love him, sweetheart", the elderly lady asked as she set a hot bowl of noodles down in front of Renge.

"Yeah, I guess I do... I think", Renge said after a moment of silence.

"You care for him, I can tell", the elderly lady said as she sat down across from Renge.

"I do. I care for him so much. I'm worried about him. What if he doesn't make it back", Renge asked as she stirred her noodles.

"I'm sure he will, dear. There aren't many boys like him. I can tell he is a fighter. His passion to help you will fuel him", the lady said as she smiled sweetly.

Renge smiled, blushing a bit as she thought more about Rin. She did love him.

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