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Power Rangers: Last Engage: Sinful Actions

By Rylan Sato

Adventure / Action


The monster had grown to its giant form with the help of a grenade that appeared in its hand. It stomped around trying to smash the seven rangers below. The rangers scrambled to get clear of the monster's attack range. Five of the rangers, minus Ryan and Riley, stood near each other and raised their hands into the air.

"WE NEED DINO ZORD POWER NOW!" they all yelled in unison.

The five zords came onto the scene and the five rangers jumped into their respective zords. Evan, manning the controls of the Tyrannosaurus zord, pulled his power coin from his morpher. He placed the side of his fingers from his other hand against the coin and pulled it away slowly, forming a crystal like object. He placed the crystal into the control board, using it as a joystick. He now had full control of his zord. The other four rangers did the same motions to control their own zords.

"All right Power Rangers, let's do it," Evan said. The five zords moved alongside each other and began to transform. The legs of the Tyrannosaurus folded back at the knees. The tail of the Triceratops zord pivoted itself onto the back of the zord. The tail of the Saber-toothed Tiger zord did the same as its hind legs folded upward into the body and front legs folded forward. Both zords connected to the Tyrannosaurus to form legs. The body of the Mastodon zord split open and merged to the back of the Tyrannosaurus zord to form arms. The Pterodactyl zord flew in with its head and wings folding in as the head of the Tyrannosaurus folded into the chest, revealing the head of the Megazord, just as the Pterodactyl zord connected. Horns on the back of the head moved to each side of the head. The eyes flashed showing the Megazord was now active.

"I NEED WHITE TIGERZORD POWER NOW!" Riley yelled. A white tiger with black and red accents came running onto the scene and Riley jumped into the cockpit. "WHITE TIGER, CONVERT TO WARRIOR MODE!" She slid Saba into the slot on her left and the Tigerzord transformed into a humanoid zord.

Ryan didn't have to call out for his zord. He placed his Dragon Dagger in front of his helmet and played the appropriate notes on it to call and control the Dragonzord. The Dragonzord rose from the waters and marched into the battle.

It was a three on one battle. The Dragonzord fired missiles at the monster from its fingertips. The Tigerzord launched a volley of firebolts from its chest. The Megazord's power sword fell from the sky at Evan's command and the rangers prepared to finish off the monster. The Megazord raised its arm to charge the sword and then with one slash, the sword sliced through the monster which erupted in an explosion. The rangers cheered at another victory.


"That monster was pretty easy compared to some of the other ones we faced," Jessica said. She stood with Christen at her locker as she took books out to put in her backpack.

"Yeah it did," Christen said. "It didn't have any special gimmicks or abilities other than shooting lasers out of the giant bulges on its shoulders. It also had a gun. Usually only the commanders like Goldar or Scorpina will have weapons but those are blades."

"The lack of abilities has Trini worried," Jessica said. "She thinks it was way too easy."

"She needs to lighten up a bit," Christen said. "I know she's our leader and she worries but sometimes things are the way they are. Maybe there's nothing more than an easy win for us. Perhaps Zedd is playing mind games with us and wants us to worry that there is something more but in reality there wasn't."

"She's the experienced ranger and knows more about Zedd than we do."

Christen nodded. "Yeah, I just don't want her to get worked up over something that may not be there."

Lord Zedd transformed back into his grotesque form and paced around in his command lair. Goldar and Scorpina stood by awaiting orders. Zedd's mistress, Bandora was also nearby.

"So the Rangers have defeated the latest monster I sent after them and they're worried that it was all too easy?"

"Yes, my lord," Goldar said. "The Rangers are a little on edge."

"Good," Zedd said. "That is just phase one of the plan. Now to start phase two."

"So why are we only focusing on this team of rangers?" Bandora asked. "There are many teams to go after in this country."

"Because my dear, I have a vendetta against this team. They are aware of a possible link between this country and North Korea. Once they get more proof then they can ban the other teams together to go against me. They're not just going to do it without any hard evidence. No other team aside from the SPD team here in DC knows anything. Right now, this team is the most dangerous team to my power over the United States."

Ishimaru sat in her office when the alarm on her computer went off. The entered a few commands and the screen switched to the middle of the city where the Rangers had just fought their most recent battle. A black tornado had formed in the middle of the city. Ishimaru hit another button on her computer.

"Rangers, report to my office now." A few moments went by before the seven rangers started walking through the door. The city's tornado siren sounded.

"What's going on?" Evan asked. "Why is the tornado warning system going off?"

Ishimaru spun her laptop around to show them the twister that had just formed. "This is why. And this is no ordinary tornado."

"Why do you say that?" Will asked.

"Because the weather isn't right for one," she replied. "And it's sitting in one spot. Tornadoes don't do that."

"That's the spot where we fought the last monster," Riley said.

"Right and I'm picking up energy readings from the tornado that matches the monster's readings. There's also other energy patterns I'm picking up but I can't figure them out yet."

"I knew that fight was too easy," Trini said. "All right, let's go see what we can do to end this. It's morphin' time."

"GREEN RANGER POWER!" Ryan called.


"PINK RANGER POWER!" Christen said.

"BLUE RANGER POWER!" Jessica called.

"YELLOW RANGER POWER!" Trini called.

"RED RANGER POWER!" Evan said.

The rangers stood on a rooftop near the twister and it had not moved from the spot when they saw it on the computer screen. Aside from it not moving, it seemed to have the other capabilities of a tornado as it had destroyed buildings that were nearby and tossed vehicles away.

"So what do we do?" Evan asked.

"It has a pretty wide base that seems to be consistent with an EF3 tornado," Christen said. "Granted, they're scaled on how much they destroy and since this hasn't destroyed anything except for what is in the immediate area then it wouldn't be classified as such."

"We don't need a weather report on it, Christen," Will said.

"I was about to say that our zords would probably be tossed as well so we wouldn't be able to get close."

"You guys are about to get closer than you think," a voice said behind them. They turned around to see a monster that was designed like a sphinx standing there. It was grey in color and sported typical Egyptian styled armor as well as a pharaoh's headdress. This creature also had the face of a wolf instead of a human like normal sphinxes.

"Riddle me this, riddle me that," it said as it casually twirled its scepter.

"Who's afraid of the big black bat?" Will asked. The other rangers looked at him. "What? I like the movie and I couldn't help but say it."

"Close," the sphinx said. "But no. We're going to be playing a game." Behind the sphinx seven other sphinxes materialized, all identical to the original. "I'll ask a riddle and you answer it. If you get it wrong then you'll be sent into the twister."

"What if we get it right?" Will asked.

"Then I just ask you another and will continue to ask you until you get one wrong."

"We're not going to deal with your bullshit," Jessica said as she charged at the sphinx with her double bladed power lance in hand. She swung at the sphinx but it blocked her attack with his scepter and one of the other sphinxes came up and grabbed her from behind.

"Looks like you're first," it said. "Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it you die." He shot a look at the other rangers. "You can't help her or she automatically gets it wrong."

Jessica thought for a moment. "Nothing."

"Atta girl," the sphinx said. "What travels around the world but stays in one spot?"

"Uhh…the sky?"

"Wrong. You lose," the sphinx said. The sphinx holding Jessica started flapping its wings and then took off into the air towards the twister. Will switched his power axe into its cannon mode and fired at the airborne sphinx.

"Don't!" Trini commanded. "You might hit Jessica." They watched helplessly as the sphinx flew into the twister with Jessica in its grasp.

The lead sphinx ran over and grabbed Will with the hook end of his scepter. Another sphinx ran up and grabbed to hold him in place. The other rangers started to move toward them but the sphinx clones came up and formed a barrier around them.

"Now do you know what travels around the world but stays in one spot?"

"I'm not playing your bullshit game," Will protested as he struggled to get free.

"I can assure you it's no game and if you forfeit then you suffer the same fate as your friend."

"How about I just kick your ass right here and now?" Will said.

"Have it your way," the sphinx said. He nodded to the clone and it took off into the air and then into the twister.

"Guys, something isn't sitting right with me about that twister," Trini said. "Those winds have knocked away other things and messed up the buildings around it but those sphinxes are able to fly into it with no problem."

"Well they aren't exactly natural and neither is that twister," Ryan said.

"Yes, but what makes twisters deadly is the debris and that thing is not pushing out any debris. In fact, those sphinxes are flying right into it and with a stationary twister, there shouldn't be anything in there that would harm us. That leads me to think that there is more to that twister but I have no idea what that could be."

One of the sphinx clones swooped in and grabbed Trini and held her in place in front of the main sphinx. The other clone sphinxes rushed the other rangers and held them.

"A stamp," Trini said suddenly. The sphinx looked a bit surprised but a devilish grin appeared on his face. "That is the right answer for the other question but I was done with that question. And since you answered before I gave a question that automatically puts you in the twister."

"Ah what the hell?" she demanded as she was lifted off the ground and headed for the twister. The sphinx walked over to the other rangers.

"We're gonna change things up a bit. I'll say a riddle and it's open for anyone to answer and if you all remain silent then all of you go in. Now, if I have it, I don't share it. If I share it, I don't have it. What is it?"

"A secret," Riley said.

"Very good, White Ranger. A house has 4 walls. All of the walls are facing south, and a bear is circling the house. What color is the bear?"

"White," Evan said.

"Why?" the sphinx asked.

"Because the house is at the North Pole."

"Nice, Red Ranger. What is at the end of a rainbow?"

"W," Ryan said.

"And the Green Ranger gets a point," the sphinx said. "What is so delicate that saying its name breaks it?"

"Silence," Christen said.

"Good job, Pink Ranger." The sphinx nodded to a clone and the clone lifted off with Christen in its arms.

"What the hell?" Ryan asked. "We answered your riddles."

"I decided to change the rules a bit," the monster replied.

"You haven't even been following your own rules," Ryan said.

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't know there was a rule that I couldn't change my own rules when I pleased. And if you haven't noticed then you should know that I'm EVIL. I can do whatever the hell I want." He nodded to the sphinx holding Ryan.

"Bastard," Ryan said as he was pulled up into the air.

"Now is the sudden death round," the sphinx said. "The loser is sent into the twister and the winner…well let's be real here. There isn't a winner except me. Now, what has one eye but cannot see?"

"A needle," Evan said. "Oh shit." He looked over at Riley. "I'm sorry. It was a reflex."

Riley smiled behind her helmet. She wasn't pissed at Evan for deciding her fate. She felt the sphinx pick her up and take her to the twister.

"Well," the sphinx said. "Now there are no more people to compete against then there is no reason for you to answer more riddles. In fact, there was no reason for the riddles in the first place. It was just to see the order in which you guys would end up in the tornado."

Before Evan could protest, he felt the sphinx pick him up. The sphinx had him by the arms and he couldn't reach his blade blaster. He felt the wind get stronger as they approached the tornado. Hitting the threshold of the wind felt like falling into water from a high position. The sphinx let go and he fell. Evan thought he saw daylight before he hit the ground.

The sphinx stood on the rooftop and watched as the twister dissipated. He felt joyous that he had completed his assignment but slightly disappointed that the rangers did not put up much of a fight.

"Lord Zedd," the sphinx said. "It is done. The Power Rangers are no more."

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