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bye bye Alex

Hanna's POV:

when we get to this basement or whatever it is we see spencer, then another spencer? okay, this is hella confusing. they are both saying their spencer. toby then puts his gun down and goes to the spencer on the left. "what's your favorite poem in the book you gave me" toby says as he puts her hands behind her back. the spencer to the right says something in french. then the police come in and take the spencer that was in toby's hands. "we should go" Alison says and we all nod in agreement. me and caleb then look back at spencer and see that she's crying silent tears. aria the notices so she decides to go comfort spencer. "it's over" aria says and we walk out of the house. "let's all meet at my house" alison says and we all agree. "we'll take spencer" ezra says and we all get into our cars.

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