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My Crush


Name:Y/N Age:25 Personality:beatiful,cute,adorable,innocent, motivated,always annoying her crush, cold Parents:Mother;CEO of Kim company. Dad;died in a car accident..... Siblings:Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, and Kim Taehyung; Jamming and Overprotective "CRUSH" :Min Yoongi Personality : cold,don't care of anybodys feelings

Humor / Fantasy
Xarah Marvyn Patoc
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Ring... Ring... Ring (your alarm)


Yawning while trying to get up

Taehyung :Y/N wake up...

Y/N:ahhh oppa, give some more minutes... Okay!??

Taehyung :yah!!! I said get up.. Mmhhh(thinking what is he gonna do to wake you up, then an idea pops up of his head)

Taehyung:Yoongi is waiting for you! (He said it while smirking, knowing that you can't resist your love which is yoongi)

Y/N's POV : after I hear the name of my love I quickly got up and open the door, then I realised that he was just saying that to make me wake up.. Aiissh....

Y/N:really! You're using my Meow Meow to wake me up... AISHH!

Taehyung :Yeah, I know you can't say no to Yoongi Hyung... (said while smirking knowing that he's your weakness...)

Y/N:ok, okay... I'm up

Taehyung :get ready, okay(he said while kissing your forehead)

Y/N:Ne,oppa.. Now get lost...shhuo sshuo(you said while slightly pushing him out of your room)... Then you went to your restroom and did your business and morning routine

After many minutes,(you know girls hehe)You got down and went to the kitchen...

Namjoon:Good morning sisi(said with a bright smile plastered in his face)

Jin:Good morning sweetheart and.. Oh yeah, Mom went to a business trip, so she'll be home after a month...

Y/N:morning! (you said with a bright smile but slowly dropped when you realized that you're mom isn't here) AHHH...Without saying goodbye to meh... (Pouting and Whining)

Taehyung :baby, just understand, ok. She's in a hurry because she's late.But don't worry she'll call you later( he said while back hugging you)

Y/N: ahhh ok... Jin oppa, what's for breakfast?

Jin: ohh, I cooked your favorite princess! 😊

Taehyung and Y/N : PANCAKES!!!

Namjoon: AISHH, this kids😂

Jin: Yeah yeah, now settle down

Y/N: thx oppa😊 (after you kissed his cheeks)

Jin: why do you have to be so cute😌


After some time, we arrived at school safely and then we are now walking to the hallway going to my locker and then someone back hugged me

??? :Hey babyyyy!

Y/N : yah! Lisa! Stop shouting okay!

Lisa: OHH!Sowwy, I just missed you okay

Taehyung : really, but you just met yesterdayyyyy


Jin:hey stob it! Stob arguing, you know we should go to our respective classrooms...ok bye sisi,see you later, love you....


Lisa:let's just go baby, okay!?

And then we parted ways....and let me remind you that it's really still f*vking early.. But my oppas don't wanna be late ever because they really care about their education and grades but the thing is they got a lazy as* sister but don't worry I'm trying hard here ok

Ok back to the story, anyways.....

While waking to the hallway my face light up when I saw my one and only love 😍...my Yoongi...

Y/N: why does he have to be cute and hot at the same time.. I'm falling for you every single day(you think)

Lisa:yah stop staring him, k! He might melt, so stop it, NOW! aiissh, really! Your really obsessed on him mmhmm!?

After that, reality slap meh

Y/N: huh,?! Am sowwy Lisa I really have to go... Sowwy Lisa, see at lunch

Lisa: yah! Aishh

Then, I quickly approach my Meow Meow...

Y/N: Hey Oppa, morning, miss meh!( I look at him with hoping eyes that he'll say "yes I miss you so much" but of course this is what he said;)

Yoongi: mmhh... Can you just let me take a rest Y/N! (he said while slightly shouting that make me flinch a little)

Yeah, his rude right but I'm already used to it because I'm always doing this to him but today is a little bit different because he slightly shouted at meh, it seems he has a big problem, Wait, IS THAT MEH!?! no nonon, can't be meh... AISHH stop thinking nonsense....

Y/N: ummm..uhh..o-opa are you-u O-okay O-p ppa!(sluttering)

Yoongi:It's non of your business, ok so stop bothering meh... And get lost!

His words making you feel like your heart has been cutted into pieces... I feel that my cheeks are getting wet so I quickly run pass my Yoongi and went to the rooftop and cry my self out...

YOONGI POV:Ahh Yoongi what the f*vk did you do to her she was trying to make you feel comfortable and good but you make her leave... Your really an as*hole!

I'm about to go and follow her but I realised that she need to understand that I need some space so that she can stop talking to me and I can not hurt her again... Jin hyung will really gonna kill me if he'll know this (sighed)

Y/N POV:I think I really need to stop this nonsense because I'm just hurting my self and annoying my Yoongi, ohh yeah his not mine and will never be.. Ahhh Y/N can you just accept the fact that he's not gonna love you..ueah I should do that (shouting while sobbing)

After that I clean up my self and went down stairs and I'm really late right now...


Ms. Lim: Ms. Y/N Why are you late?

Y/N:(awkwardly smiled at her and said) ummh.. Something urgent came up... I'm sorry ms Lim,this will not gonna happened again.. Sorry 😔

Ms. Lim:okay I'll let you pass today but don't be late again, ok..

Y/N:yes Ms. Lim, I promise thanks...


After the last class I went outside and act normal so that my brother will not gonna notice my puffy eyes but I guess I was wrong...

Jin:Hey sis, how's your day! (said while hugging and give you a peck on your forehead that's makes you fake a smile)

Y/N:yeah, I'm fine! (Faking A Smile)

Taehyung :( immediately hugged you)Hey, baby is everything fine... Were not asking if your ok or not but were asking how's your day! ...Wrong answer baby...

Namjoon: You know Y/N, you could tell us anything right?!!

Y/N:Yeah I know, but let's just talk at the house...

Taehyung: yeah ok let's go now baby?

You just nodded in response

The ride was very silent that no one tries to break it because they really Wanna know what happened to me...

Arrived at the house...

Taehyung :so Baby,what did really happened to you, tell me... Who hurt you huh..!?

You tell them the whole story and what you feel inside and they really do understand you, but in the other hand they understand Yoongi too because Yoongi is one of their friends and they know that Yoongi encountered alot of struggles in his past so yeah...

Taehyung's POV: ahhh my baby is hurt, I feel so sorry to my baby but actually this is good idea I think 🤔......Because I already know that our Yoongi loved our Y/N, well he did not tell me but his actions tell me... His really jealous when my baby is talking to some boys and his really over protective to her and in this way Yoongi can realize that he need may baby... My gosh I'm really brilliant... 😂 Haha🤐keep it torong

Next morning in school

Yoongi's POV: huhh!? Y/N did not great me a good morning and didn't even smile at me or even look at meh! AHHH it hurts... Wait what! What are you thinking you are the one who did this so stop it... It's just kinda wierd and I'm not used to it..ahhh just shut it ok... Yeah this is right.. But why does it feel not....

Y/N's POV: I just ignored Yoongi for the whole day and hurts,it really do but I need to set him free it's for everyone's sake Y/N just move on ok... (you talk to your self)

For the whole week you didn't really approach and ignored him and with that Yoongi's heart slowly sanked and tore into pieces, makes him feel that he has no one to lean on and its really killing him inside...

Y/N's POV: It's been a week and I didn't even saw my Yoongi because I keep ignoring him and now his skipping class... Well I'm not stalking, just my tae oppa said it and Am really worried and I really need to talk to him...

It's lunch time and I don't have classes in the rest of the day so I decided to go and find Yoongi... And yeah I know where he leaves because... Okay okay I admit I'm a stalker but not to the point of being scary stalker, so yeah I'm in front of his door right now and I hesitated to knock but yeah I did it...

Y/N:ahhh oppa (knocking)

Yooni:who's that? (cold tone)

Y/N:Yoongi oppa, please open the door for me please...

Yoongi:y-yn, y/n j-just... Go ok I-I don't wanna hurt Y-you a-an... Ymore...

Y/N :yah! Can you just open the door or else I'm not gonna forgive you...

Yoongi: (immediately open the door for you)..................

Y/N:(didn't waste anytime and went inside and she was shocked what she saw)

Yoongi:y/- (got cut off by Y/N shouting)

Y/N:MIN YOONGI!!! what the actual f*vk is happening to you!? why are you drinking this!? This is not good for you and your hurting me again Min Yoongi!

Yoongi:wait, WHAT!?where did I hurt you, huh!??! (your pouting while Yoongi is scanning every single inch of your body to know where did you got hurt)

Y/N:here it hurts here (while pointing on your chest near to your heart)


Y/N: why are you so cold to me,why are always ignoring me, why are skipping class and this is what I see in your house, (bottles of alcoholic drink everywhere) You know it hurts me alot seeing you like this because.... Because I like, no I love you and I know yo-(you got cut off bye Yoongi..KISSING YOU!??

You were very shocked by that sudden action but you gave in and kissed him back because you know... Who wouldn't hehe... After a few seconds Yoongi break the kiss and said;

Yoongi: Y/N I'm really sorry because I hurt you alot and am sorry because I couldn't express my feelings in a right way... I love you, I love you very much, it was just like I feel sa lonely without my baby beside me that always annoying me every time but I feel so blessed because even if you're so annoying you still make me feel that I'm not alone and always makes me smile by only seeing your lovely face, smile, lips and yeah I wanna kiss those every day...

You blushed so much and you feel your cheeks are heating up because of all the words what he said and you just hugged him burried your face in his chest hearing his heart beating so fast and its because of you... You feel so warm whenever your around him and it feels so comfortable and you wanna spend the rest of the day just for the two of you...

Y/N :I love you too, I love you so much (still burrying face in his chest... But Yoongi feel a wet substance in his chest and he quickly lift the chin of Y/N looking at her teary eyes...)

Yoongi:yah! Don't t cry baby, please don't cry okay!?

Y/N:mmhh!? Don't call meh that! (still wearing her cute pout that makes Yoongi chuckle)

Yoongi:why, baby you don't like it baby!?

Y/N : you don't even ask me to go out and now your Calling meh that!?!!!

Yoongi :Uhh!? O-okay... U-umm, aa-Ahh Kim Y/N will you be my gf!??


Yoongi : thx, I love you,now can I call my one and only baby, hhmmm?

Y/N : I love you my Meow Meow

Yoongi :I love you more my baby

And then they started a happy life but we all know we encounter some challenges, struggles, and roadblocks but it's not that hard to stand up when you know that their's someone will help you to lift up your self and fight it together

The End 😝😍😁

Well that's all for this.ff hope you like it and thanks for reading I really do salute you for finishing my ff because I do know it's kinda boring, but yeah! You did it! Once again thanks for reading it and have a nice day ahead! 😉

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