Avatar Book 2: The Burning Earth

Chapter 4: The Chase

It has been a couple of days since we helped the town. Zuko had seen the tracks of a Fire Nation machine. He said that it was Azula. With that in mind, we followed the machine.

After about a day, we caught up to Azula. Shortly before we got there, though, Azula had found the Avatar. Zuko hid in the shadows and waited before he sprang up and struck out at Azula. He missed. I took my chance and shot lightning at Azula. She ducked and knocked me out with Fire. When I woke up, it was because Iroh, Zuko, and Keisha shook me awake. We ran over to where the Avatar and his friends were cornering Azula. "So, enemies and traitors all working together. That's it. I'm done. A Princess knows when to surrender," Azula said. She's lying, though! I know it! Suddenly, Azula shot blue fire at Iroh. He didn't see it coming and was struck down. Zuko cried out in grief before he attacked Azula. We combined our efforts, yet she was able to escape. Zuko, Keisha, and myself ran to Iroh. Then, I heard someone calling out to me. My pupils turned into the shape of a cat's eye. They started glowing red and I was being pulled into a world unknown to me.

"Zuron!" Someone exclaimed. A Middle-aged man in Water Tribe clothes floated to me accompanied by a woman in Fire Nation clothes.

"Mother? Father?" I asked. I could hardly believe my eyes.

"Zuron, you are a duos bender. A bender able to use two elements. The duos bender uses both its natural element and its opposite element. You are a bender of both Fire and Water! Use it well, my son," My mother said.

"I miss you mom, and you too, dad," I said, close to tears.

"I know. We miss you too, Zuron. Please take care of your sister. She was too young to remember us," Mom said.

"I will," I promised as they faded away. Everything turned to normal and I found out that no time had passes. I turned around to face the Water bender. "Do you have water?" I asked.

"Yes, but you aren't a water bender. You can't heal him," She said.

"I can bend two elements, water and fire, because I am a duos bender," I explained, taking the water from her. I started to bend the water into my hand and used it to heal Iroh. Afterward, Zuko and I lifted Iroh up and carried him to an abandoned building. There, we will care for him until he is healed.

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