Avatar Book 2: The Burning Earth

Chapter 5: Practice Makes Perfect

Iroh kept tossing and turning. I had cooked up some breakfast for everyone. When Iroh finally woke up, Zuko had prepared him some tea. I could tell right away that Iroh didn't like it, though. While Iroh was getting rid of his tea, Zuko spoke up. He said how he needs to learn more Firebending in order to defeat Azula. Iroh agreed with him and started teaching us about lightning. Iroh then took us to a cliff and demonstrated his lightning. Afterward, I stepped up and got into my lightning stance. I generated the lightning and released it into the air. "Very good, Zuron! Who taught you lightning?" Iroh asked.

"My father," I answered.

"Zuko, now it's your turn," Iroh said. Zuko tried to generate lightning, but he failed miserably. He kept trying, but each time, he was thrown backwards.

"Why can't I do it? It keeps blowing up in my face, just like everything else!" Zuko shouted.

"You must first deal with the turmoil inside of you," Iroh replied.

"What turmoil?" Zuko asked.

"Zuko, if you cannot successfully create lightning, then I shall teach you a technique that Azula doesn't know! I made it up myself," Iroh offered. Zuko looked at Iroh and nodded. We walked back to our camp. There, Iroh taught us how to redirect lightning. Iroh had us go through all of these weird motions. Afterwards, Zuko said that he wanted to try it with real lightning. Iroh refused to let him, so Zuko took one of the Ostrich-Horses and left into an approaching storm.

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