Avatar Book 2: The Burning Earth

Chapter 6: To Ba Sing Se

After Zuko came back, we started moving towards an area near a desert. Iroh was still in pain, so we stopped to rest. While we were resting, five men on komodo-rhinos came out of the bushes. Colonel Mongke! I remember him! He's the one that slaughtered my parents! I stepped forward and created fire in my hands. I looked at the colonel with fire in my eyes. I spouted the fire from my palms and struck the Colonel in the chest. When I was doing that, Zuko and Iroh were taking care of the other four. I was so lost in my hatred that Zuko and Iroh practically had to drag me from the Colonel. I screamed at them. They took me farther away from the Colonel and his rough rhinos. By then, I had stopped screaming. Iroh turned to me. "What's wrong, Zuron? Why did you attack him that fiercely?" Iroh asked.

I closed my eyes and started shaking. "I remember him. He's Colonel Mongke, isn't he?" I replied.

"Yes, but why'd you attack him?" Iroh asked.

"He and his rough rhinos are the ones that killed my parents," I answered with tears in my eyes. Iroh placed his hands on my shoulders. He pulled me into his arms as I started to cry. This time I couldn't stop. I buried my face in Iroh's shoulder and sobbed loudly. My lip trembled and I tried to suppress my sobbing. I'm not sure what to do now. I'm just so hurt. I miss my parents, so much. I slowly stopped crying. I sniffled as I wiped my eyes. Iroh looked at me with worried eyes and asked if I was alright. I said that I was and we started to move on towards the desert.

A few hours later, we arrived at Misty Palms Oasis. We entered the tavern and Iroh spotted an old man sitting at a Pai Sho board. We walked over. Iroh and the old man created a White Lotus symbol on the board. He mentioned the White Lotus. Wasn't that the club that my father belonged to? Huh. Hey! Two guys are picking a fight with us. The old man is helping us escape. He brought us to a small flower building. He brought Iroh into the back room and made Zuko, Keisha, and I wait out in the flower room. When they were done talking, the old man said that we could go to Ba Sing Se. Zuko wasn't too enthused on the idea, but Keisha was. So was I! I've always wanted to go to Ba Sing Se. The two men returned, so we escaped in flower pots. After we exited the pots, we headed towards the ferries.

Two days later, we arrived at the ferries. We stood in line and gave our passports to a crabby lady. Then, we boarded the ferry. I took a bite out of the rancid food and spat it right out. Yuck! That tasted awful! Zuko obviously felt the same. He had the same reaction. A young man walked out of the shadows followed by two other children. The first one came forward. "Hey! Name's Jet and these are my freedom fighters, Smellerbee and Longshot," Jet introduced. Jet proposed a plan to steal food from the captain and give it to us refugees. Zuko accepted and, that night, Zuko, Jet, Smellerbee, and Longshot stole the food. The morning after, we were the ones eating like kings. When the ferry ride ended and we arrived at the train, Jet pulled Zuko off to the side. He offered Zuko a position on his freedom fighters, to which Zuko refused. Jet noticed that Iroh heated his tea with Firebending and left. Zuko yelled at Iroh and we boarded the train. To think, in a couple of minutes, we'd be in Ba Sing Se.

When we arrived, we started exploring the city. We hoped to snatch up things to decorate the apartment. Iroh had found some jobs for us at a nearby tea shop. When we made it there, Pao, the shops owner, fitted us for our aprons. Iroh's apron was far too small for him. Pao went to the back to get some extra string. While he was in the back, Iroh sampled some tea. He hated it, so he tossed it out of the window. Keisha and I started waiting tables while Iroh and Zuko served the tea. After the day was through, we arrived back at the apartment. All we did was converse and go to bed. The next day was normal until Jet burst through the door of the tea shop. Zuko and Jet started fighting after Jet accused Zuko of being a Firebender. The Dai Li appeared and took Jet away.

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