Avatar Book 2: The Burning Earth

Chapter 7: Under Lake Laogai

It's been a week after our arrival. Yesterday was Iroh's son's birthday. Lu Ten had died in the six hundred day siege of Ba Sing Se a few years ago. I had stayed with him while he remembered his son. He was extremely heartbroken over it. Today, Iroh was offered a new tea shop in the upper ring of Ba Sing Se. Soon after, Iroh received a flier that said that the Avatar's Bison is lost. Later, he argued with Iroh about it.

Later that night, Zuko snuck out and got information about where the Avatar's Bison was. When Iroh, Keisha, and I found him, he was under Lake Laogai. Iroh argued with Zuko again about destiny. He persuaded Zuko to release the Avatar's Bison. After that, we left Lake Laogai behind.

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