Avatar Book 2: The Burning Earth

Chapter 9: Destiny

It had been a day since our fevers had broken. Zuko seemed different. He was a lot more cheerful than usual. Iroh, Zuko, and Keisha had already started working in the new tea shop. I had requested to be out today. I had something that I wanted to do. I heard not too long ago that the Avatar and his friends were in the city. I wanted to meet them formally. I went to their house and knocked on the door. The waterbender, Katara, answered. "Hello. Is there something that I can do for you?" she asked.

"Hi! I'm Zuron. I had heard that you all were in the city. I wanted to meet all of you formally," I answered.

"Ok, well, my friends are out for around a week, but I'm here to stay, for now," Katara replied.

We talked for awhile when I got the familiar feeling that we were being watched. I looked around when a fire blast came through the window and seared my left arm in flames. I screamed as I passed from the pain.

When I woke up, we were in a cavern full of crystals. I groaned in pain before looking toward Katara. "I'm sorry that I can't heal you, Zuron. There's no water around here," Katara said.

"There's water. It's in the air," I said as I pulled water out of thin air. I placed the water on my arm and began healing it.

"That's impressive!" Katara commented. We laid about and waited for help to come. Then, the Dai Li opened the rock door and pushed Zuko down into the cavern. Katara started yelling at him. She said how her mother was killed and started crying. I sympathized with her. I know what it's like to lose a parent. I've lost two parents.

"Katara, I know how you feel. Both of my parents were murdered about three years ago," I said. She looked at me with an empathetic look. She apologized to Zuko and offered to heal his scar. Before she could, though, Iroh, Keisha, and the Avatar burst in. Zuko tried to fight the Avatar, but Iroh held him back. We stayed behind when Katara and the Avatar moved forward. Iroh lectured Zuko about Destiny, when Azula ambushed us. She persuaded Zuko, Keisha and I to help her against the Avatar. We started fighting Katara and the Avatar. Azula shot the Avatar with lightning. Iroh showed up and fought us. The Dai Li captured Iroh in a crystal prison. Afterwards, we escaped. We stood in the Earth King's throne room. Azula said how Zuko would be welcomed home, but he seemed doubtful. After Azula talked with Zuko, we started preparing for the long trip into the Fire Nation.

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