Avatar Book 3: End of a Saga

Chapter 10: Final Preparation

It's a few days before Sozin's Comet. The day started out with Zuko training Aang. Aang almost completely messed up with roaring and fire breathing. Katara was making Watermelon juice. Sokka and Suki were lounging on the stairs. Toph was sitting nearby. Iroh and Keisha were watching Zuko and Aang. When Aang's Watermelon juice was done, Aang bolted for it. Unfortunately for him, Zuko grabbed Aang by the back of his shirt and prevented him from getting the delicious juice. Suki told Zuko to take a break. Zuko then yelled at Suki and left. Sokka said that Zuko is right. Sokka agreed that sitting around the house made us lazy. We decided to have a beach party. We raced to the beach splashed in the waves. "Hey! Keisha, Iroh, I'll race you!" I shouted.

"Alright, Zuron," Iroh and Keisha said together. We raced down to where the waves were splashing. I had won. Then, Zuko launched himself out of nowhere. He shot a blast of fire at Aang, who dodged. Aang disappeared, with Zuko close behind him. The rest of us followed them back to the beach house. Zuko was kneeling by a tree after being blown from the house. Everyone, except me, seemed confused when Zuko thought Aang was fighting Ozai on the Comet day. I decided to tell everyone about Firelord Ozai's plan. Most of everyone was surprised by this. Zuko, of course, wondered how I knew. "How do you know, Zuron? I never told you," Zuko asked.

"I saw it in a vision," I answered. Everyone nodded in understanding, for they have heard of my visions. We decided to practice harder and ready ourselves for the comet.

The next day, Zuko taught Aang how to redirect lightning. After that, we did Sokka's battle simulator. Katara, Zuko, and I were on one side. Sokka, Suki, Iroh, and Keisha were on the other side. Toph was activating the simulation guards for 'Melonlord.' Aang was waiting above on the cliff. We rushed out to distract the 'Melonlord.' When Sokka gave the signal, Aang charged the 'Melonlord.' When the time came, though, Aang failed to deliver the final blow. We left the area and went back to the beach house.

Later on, during dinner, Katara came and showed us a picture. Zuko told us that it's Ozai. To everyone's surprise, Aang defends Ozai. Aang gets angered by the fact that he'll have to kill Ozai. Aang leaves.

The Next morning, we have already packed. Toph points out that Aang is missing, so we search the house for him. We don't find him, so we split up and search the rest of the island. When we regroup, Zuko decides to take us to the bounty hunter, June, for help. We head off to the EarthKingdom tavern. We wait for her to finish up her fighting match. Then, we'll get her help.

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