Avatar Book 3: End of a Saga

Chapter 12: So it Begins

Keisha and I were sitting in the back of Appa's saddle along with Iroh. Zuko and Katara were sitting in the front. Zuko looked worried. "Don't worry! We can handle Azula," Katara says.

"I'm not worried about her. I'm worried about Aang. What if he doesn't have the guts to take my father down? What if he loses?" Zuko asked.

"Aang won't lose! He's going to come back, he has to," Katara said. We saw the comet flying overhead. We have hope that the war will end. It must end!

An hour later, we just land Appa in the Fire Nation. Azula had been about to be crowned as Firelord. Good timing! Zuko jumps down and says that he would be Firelord. Azula laughs. Figures! "Wait! You want to be Firelord? Fine! Let's settle this. Just you and me, brother. The showdown that was meant to be, Agni Kai!" Azula challenged.

"You're on!" Zuko growled.

"What!" Iroh exclaimed. "Zuko, you can't be serious! You can't fight her alone!"

"There's something off about her I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something wrong with her," Zuko explained.

"I see what you mean. She looks even more insane than usual, and that's saying something!" I remarked. Zuko and Azula prepared the fight for the throne. Azula fired the first blast. Zuko blocked the fire and retaliated. This kept going on for about thirty minutes. Azula was weakening. I saw it in her eyes. She was becoming even more insane by the minute.

When Azula fell last, Zuko started to taunt her. "What? No lightning today? What's the matter? Afraid I'll redirect it?"

"You want lightning? I'll show you lightning!" Azula shouted and started to generate her lightning. Azula was about to shoot it at Zuko, who positioned himself, but she changed her mind. She changed her position and let the lightning fly straight at Katara. Zuko turned and ran toward the lightning, hoping to redirect it. He was unable to redirect it. He fell to the ground, twitching and in agonizing pain.

Iroh ran to Zuko, while Katara and I ran to fight Azula. I had told Keisha to stay back and watch Appa, so she was out of harms way. Katara was doing poorly against the comet-empowered Azula. Katara ran behind a pillar. I charged Azula. She shot me with a fire blast that injured me and threw me into a ditch, out of sight of the others. I was knocked out instantly.

When I woke up, I crawled out of the ditch. Katara and Iroh were helping Zuko up. I stood up painfully and limped over. Katara looked toward me and gasped. My chest was covered in a huge burn. My shoulders were also covered in burns that extended down my arms. "Zuron!" Katara and Iroh exclaimed. Zuko was in too much pain to speak. My head and eyes felt heavy. I collapsed and passed out in agony.

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