Avatar Book 3: End of a Saga

Chapter 2: The Beech and History

A few days after our arrival, we got word that Zuko, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Keisha, and I were to go to EmberIsland. Firelord Ozai wanted to be alone to meet with some important people. Firelord Ozai obviously didn't want anyone around to ruin this. When we were about halfway to EmberIsland, we started talking. Zuko didn't seem too pleased about being sent on a forced vacation. Azula basically told him to stop acting like a child. Is it me, or does Zuko seem a little sad? When we got there, Lo and Li greeted us. They took us to their beech house. It looked like a lot of old lady junk. Frankly, this is the worst part of our stay here. Then, Azula led us all to the beech. Zuko and Mai sat under an umbrella. Keisha and I decided to go swimming a bit. I also collected some sea shells to give to Keisha. We were interrupted, though, when Azula wanted us to play beech volleyball. It turns out that everybody was pretty good at it. After we wiped the beech floor with our opponents, two boys walked up to us. They invited us to a party and we accepted.

That night, we walked up to the Chan's beech house and knocked on the door. Chan answered. He said that we were early, but allowed us in anyway. We all had a lot of fun except for Zuko and Mai. They had an argument and broke up. Afterwards, Zuko was forced to leave. We left and waited at the beech near Zuko and Azula's old beech house. A few minutes later, Azula came down to the beech with Zuko behind her. Zuko tried to put his arm around Mai's shoulders, but he was slapped away. Zuko got up to get fire wood. When he returned, I was surprised to see him burn a painting of his family. "What are you doing? That's a painting of your family," Ty Lee asked.

"Do you think I care?" Zuko asked.

"I think you do," Ty Lee answered.

"You don't know me, so mind your own business!" Zuko shouted.

"I know you," Ty Lee mumbled.

"You don't! You're stuck in your world where everything's always great!" Zuko shouted. It started going back and forth. Ty Lee said how she had six sisters just like her. Mai said how she was controlled back with her parents. Zuko said how his father scarred him. He also said how he was confused. Mai got back together with Zuko.

Then, Azula said, "My mother always liked Zuko more than me. My own mother thought I was a monster."

"No, she didn't think that!" I blurted out.

"How would you know?" Azula shouted.

"No mother could ever think that of her children," I answered. We left the beech and went back to the party. We trashed the place and left to get a well-deserved rest.

A few days after we returned to the mainland, Zuko told Keisha and I that he got a mysterious note. I looked at the note and put heat to it. More words were revealed. The three of us went to the Dragon Bone Catacombs. There, we read the secret history of Firelord Sozin and Avatar Roku. After Zuko was done reading, Keisha and I followed him to the prison. Zuko was angry and yelled at Iroh. Iroh told Zuko that his mother's grandfather was Avatar Roku. Iroh then handed Zuko the royal artifact that should only be worn by the crown prince. Afterwards, we left.

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