Avatar Book 3: End of a Saga

Chapter 5: Escape to the West Air Temple

We had just arrived! Who knew what wonderful sights we would see? Iroh landed the War Balloon in some forest. Both Keisha and Iroh decided to stay with Zuko while I will head to the Avatar. I must persuade him and his friends to let us join. I climbed the large cliff wall that overlooked the forest. I climbed up to the platform where the Avatar was. I stood and waited for him. The Avatar and his friends landed onto the platform. "Ok, we'll do that after I show you the giant Pai Sho board. Oh, you're going to love the all day echo chamber," The Avatar stated.

The blind girl turned towards me and said, "Looks like that'll have to wait."

The others looked in my direction. I took a step forward. "Avatar, I never introduced myself to you. Your friend, Katara, knows me. I am Zuron. My sister and I followed Zuko. I came to ask if my sister, Zuko, his uncle Iroh, and I could join you," I stated.

"Why would we let you join? Zuko hunted us! We'll never let you join us!" Katara yelled.

"Please, Zuko has been badly injured! Iroh and my sister, Keisha, are caring for him now! Firelord Ozai shot Zuko with a lightning bolt to his heart! If that won't persuade you, I have had visions a few months ago. They were of the comet. I saw you, Avatar, fighting Firelord Ozai. I saw you, Katara, and Zuko fighting Azula together. Please, you must believe me!" I pleaded, dropping down to my hands and knees. Both the Avatar and Katara looked to each other.

Then, they looked to me. "Alright, you all may join. Also, please call me by my name, Aang," Aang said.

"Alright. I'll get the others and bring them here," I stated, heading back to camp. I told Iroh what's going on. Then, Iroh, Keisha, and I lifted Zuko to Aang's camp. Katara walked forward and began to heal Zuko.

"Uhhhh! Wh…Where am I?" Zuko groaned.

"We're at the WesternAirTemple. We just joined Avatar Aang's group!" I answered. Zuko winced from pain. My eyes grow distant and then shine bright red. I place a hand on Zuko's wound and the burn starts to glow. Zuko visibly relaxes and the burn shrinks slightly.

"How did you do that, Zuron?" Katara asks me.

"I…I don't know. I just don't know," I answer. Katara leaves it at that and we get Zuko to his room. Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow, Iroh is going to start training Aang. Tomorrow, things will start changing for the better.

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