Avatar Book 3: End of a Saga

Chapter 6: Prison Break Part 1

We were working hard. Aang had finally started progressing in his training. A few days ago, Iroh took Aang to the Sun Warriors' civilization. Since Aang was having a hard time learning Firebending, Iroh thought it best for Aang to learn the true meaning of Firebending. Now, we were sitting around a campfire drinking tea. Sokka came over to the almost fully healed Zuko and asked to speak with him. I know that Sokka's planning something! I'll wait on Appa tonight and see what it is.

Later that night, I jumped onto Appa's saddle to find Zuko already there. "What are you doing here?" Zuko asked.

"Obviously the same thing that you're doing," I answered. We waited together.

Finally, Sokka noisily made his way to Appa. "Not up to anything, huh?" Zuko said in a mocking tone.

Sokka was so shocked that he fell off of Appa. He got up and picked his things off of the rocky floor. After he had done so, Sokka said, "Fine, I'm going to go rescue my dad! Happy?"

"I'm never happy," Zuko commented. We offered to come with Sokka. He refused our service, at first, but we left no room for argument. We got in the War Balloon and set off towards the Boiling Rock.

When we arrived, we ran into trouble right away. The War Balloon wouldn't fly in the intense heat of the Boiling lake. We went down! The War Balloon reached the land by the lake. We tumbled onto the hard ground. After Sokka pushed the broken War Balloon into the lake, we made our way into the prison. Zuko got us some disguises. There was a scuffle and Sokka helped drag the prisoner away. We waited for him. After all of this work, we hadn't found Sokka's dad. Sokka looked so upset, but he brightened after he peered over the rail. "Hey! Look! It's Suki!" Sokka shouted and raced off. Later on, Zuko just had to get himself arrested! We all decided to meet where the prisoners were mopping. Sokka came up with the plan that we'd use the cooler as a boat. One of the prisoners butted in and we had to let him join us. Zuko got himself locked in the cooler in order to remove the bolts.

Later that night, when we met at the lake, we found out that Sokka's father might still come. Zuko, Suki, Sokka, and I decided to stay. The other prisoners left. As we made our way back to the prison, the other prisoners were caught. The gondola started moving at that moment. Men started walking out of it. Just as we were losing hope, one more prisoner walked off of the gondola. Sokka looked up and whispered, "Dad!" We knew then that we were getting tantalizingly close.

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