Avatar Book 3: End of a Saga

Chapter 7: Prison Break Part 2

Sokka ran to where his father was. There were other guards and new prisoners. The warden briefed the prisoners on the Boiling Rock. The warden antagonized Hakoda who, in turn, tripped the warden. The prisoners were marched out. Sokka and I followed to Hakoda's cell. We entered. "Thank goodness, you're okay," Sokka said, relieved.

"If you take one step closer, you'll see just how okay I am," Hakoda replied in a threatening tone.

"Dad, it's me!" Sokka said as he took his helmet off.

"Sokka! My son. You know, Sokka, you should be more careful with that guard helmet on. I almost punched you in the gut," Hakoda said. He hugged Sokka.

"Yeah, I ran into that problem earlier," Sokka replied.

"Who is he?" Hakoda asked while pointing to me.

"I am Zuron. My mother was EarthKingdom. My father was Fire Nation. I can choose to which nation I belong to because I belong to both. I am a Firebender," I answered.

"Wait, what do you mean that your parents 'were' of different nations?" Hakoda asked.

I looked away and my shoulders sagged. "They're dead. They were murdered because of their love for each other. That was two years ago," I said in a slightly cracked voice. Tears formed in the corners of my eyes. When I noticed Sokka and Hakoda watching me, I held my tears back.

Hakoda stepped forward and placed a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to his face to see gentle concern written over his features. "You can cry, Zuron. It's alright to shed tears," Hakoda said.

"No! I've learned to be strong for my sister. She's five and I am her protector," Even as I said that, I could no longer hold back my tears. I sobbed silently into Hakoda's shoulder. I pulled myself out of his embrace and wiped my eyes.

I stiffened. My eyes started to glow a bright red. "Zuron, what's wrong?" Hakoda asked.

"There's trouble. It is close. The comet! During the comet, Ozai will try to burn down all of the Earth Kingdom!" I said. My eyes returned to normal and I sighed. I felt weak from my vision. I fell to my knees, breathing heavily.

Hakoda helped me to his bed and sat me down. "What do you mean, Zuron? Ozai's going to do that?" Hakoda asked.

"Yes. I've been having visions of the future," I explained. Then, Hakoda, Sokka, and I started planning our new escape. We decided that we'll use the gondola. We'll use the warden as a hostage to get away. Sokka and I left Hakoda's cell and told Zuko and Suki the plan. After we left Zuko's cell, a few guards grabbed us and lined us up in the courtyard. Chit Sang told the warden that the imposter guard was another man. He knows that we are planning to escape.

Later that day, Sokka was able to let the prisoners out into the yard. I met Hakoda, Sokka, and Suki by one of the walls. "So, how do we create a prison riot?" Suki asked.

"I'll show you!" I said. I ripped off my guard outfit to reveal prison garb. I walked over, grabbed a tough-looking man, and pushed him. Unfortunately, it didn't have the desired effect. Then, Chit Sang walked over and started the riot for us. Then, Zuko made his way over to us. He asked how we were going to start the riot. We didn't know, but then we saw Suki jump on the heads of the prisoners. Suki managed to tie the warden up. We brought the warden to the gondola. We hopped into the gondola and Zuko broke the lever. Zuko jumped toward the window of the gondola and barely made it in. We moved a bit more forward. Then, Hakoda spotted Azula and Ty Lee standing at the Boiling Rock. They propelled themselves toward the gondola. Zuko, Sokka, and I jumped up to the top of the gondola. Azula and Ty Lee started attacking us. Sokka knocked Ty Lee out. While he was busy with that, Azula performed the motions for generating lightning. She let it go towards Zuko. I saw what would happen and pushed Zuko out of the way. I felt the shooting pain in my chest and my world momentarily turned black.

A few minutes later, I was on an airship headed home. I slowly opened my eyes and gasped in pain. I groaned and tears of pain sprang to my eyes. I felt a hand on my shoulder. Hakoda and Zuko were standing by me. I blinked twice before passing out. Two hours later, we had just landed. I woke up to the strong arms of Zuko lifting me up carefully. He brought me out of the airship. Katara, Iroh, and Keisha ran over to me. Zuko placed me on the bench and Katara began healing me. I flinched at the contact, but slowly relaxed. Then, Katara had a happy reunion with Hakoda. Things are looking up.

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