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He approached my cage slowly and began to circle it, his forest green eyes never leaving my shaking form. I couldn't help but feel like an animal on display as he continued to stare. He soon came to a stop in front of me but continued to remain silent. I had finally had enough. This boy was creeping me out. "Who are you! Where am I?" The brunette's smirk only grew as I spoke, he was enjoying this. "Oh! Did I forget to introduce myself? I'm Peter. Peter Pan." Characters based on Once Upon a Time versions.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

“Ok, so I finished my first paragraph, how far are you from…. Are you even paying attention?”

“Hmm? Oh! Yes! No, what were you saying?”

“Come on Raven! We don’t have that much left! I know you like to live in your head but can we please finish this first?” Jake was getting impatient with me, again.

“Sorry! We’ve been doing this for three hours! I’m tired! Can’t we just finish this tomorrow?” I gave him a little look that I know would make him reconsider saying no. Unfortunately, it didn’t work this time.

“This is due tomorrow Raven!” He looked down at our unfinished project then back to my pleading look and sighed, “Fine, but you owe me, and you better get your part done!” He started to put some supplies away in defeat.

I put my hand over my chest as a small, dramatic gasp escaped my mouth, “Who do you take me for?! A bad student? You should know me better by now!”

He looked back up at me and laughed at my dramatic gesture. I got down from my bed that we had been working on and walked over to open my window. A small gust of chilled night air rushed in and I shivered. The stars were already out and the moon was as bright as ever.

I turned around and headed to my closet. I needed to get into my night clothes. I heard Jake get up to walk over to the open window. Turning, I saw him staring up at the stars longingly.

“You okay?” He turned to me and I could see the sad look in his eyes.

“Not really, I miss her.”

I knew he must be referring to Anna. They had dated for two years when her family unexpectedly moved away. She had been my friend too, but Jake and her had always had a special connection.

I gave him a sad smile and moved to give him a hug. He accepted and we stayed that way for what felt like forever. I pulled away and looked up at him, his blond hair swaying from being so close to the open window.

He smiled, trying to lighten the mood and I returned it. I walked back to my dresser and started to rummage through it looking for my nightgown. I could hear Jake move from the window and toward the door.

“I guess I better get to the guest room before your dad comes up here and kicks me out huh?” He giggled at his comment and opened the bedroom door.

I laughed. He was right of course. My dad was notoriously protective of my sister and me. Jake was only allowed to sleep over if he stayed in the guest room, no acceptions. It was fine, we never complained, it was just normal by now.

Jake said goodnight and closed the door behind him, slowly making his way down the hall to the guest room. I quickly slipped out of my clothes and into my nightgown and crawled into bed. My book was sitting on my nightstand so I grabbed it and started reading, the glow from my reading lamp casting shadows across my room as I turned the pages.

New POV:

I watched as Raven laid in bed and continued to read her little book, oblivious to all else around her. She was perfect.

I motioned for my shadow. It was time to move forward.

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