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Let's Play

Chapter 2

I reached over to grab the glass of water beside my bed. I can’t believe the author just killed my favorite character! He deserved so much better! He almost made it to the end too!

I had to lower my book to take a drink. I needed a break. Why do writers always kill the best characters!?

In my little fit, I accidentally spilled some water in my lap. Great. I got up and walked over to my desk to grab a napkin and change. As I stood up however, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t alone. I turned around quickly and let out a little yelp. Floating directly in front of my window was what looked like a transparent boy! I backed up against my wall without moving my gaze away from its glowing eyes.

The figure started to move towards me and reach out its hand as if to grab me. This was a dream, this had to be a dream! I pressed myself against the wall so hard I was sure I would have fallen through it. I was scared, no, I was terrified.

I wanted to scream for help but I felt the air leave my lungs as the figure grabbed my wrist. I tried to fight it as it dragged me to the window and pulled me through. I tried to fight back but an overwhelming sense of exhaustion overtook me and I blacked out.

I rolled over, half asleep. I was sore in body parts I didn’t know I had! I felt as if I had slept on the floor!

I sat up and started to stretch my arms out, but was surprised to find them hit wood on both sides. I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe what I saw. Jungle. And I was suspended in a tree in a hand made cage!

“Hello? Hello!? Is anyone there?!”

“Just me love”

I jumped and quickly turned around to find no one there.

“Where, where are you?”

I glanced around but couldn’t locate the source of the voice.

“Right here”

With those words a boy appeared directly in front of me, a large smirk spread across his face.

I pressed by back against the side of the cage, wanting to be as far from this boy as possible. Something about him seemed off. He was wearing all green and looked to be about my age. This couldn’t be the boy who kidnaped me right?

He approached my cage slowly and began to circle it, his forest green eyes never leaving my shaking form. I couldn’t help but feel like an animal on display as he continued to stare. He soon came to a stop in front of me but continued to remain silent.

I had finally had enough. This boy was creeping me out.

“Who are you! Where am I?”

The brunettes smirk only grew as I spoke, he was enjoying this.

“Oh! Did I forget to introduce myself? I’m Peter. Peter Pan.”

I sat for a minute waiting for him to laugh or say he was kidding but it never came. He just stood there with an expecting look on his face. He was being serious.

Now I knew that this had to be some sort of joke. I started to laugh because I couldn’t stop myself from doing so.

“Yeah right, Is Wendy Darling here too? Perhaps I should expect Captain Hook to come out behind that bush too, huh?!”

I looked back at the brunette expecting him to be laughing too, but my laugh quickly stopped when I saw the look on his face. He actually looked quite angry.

Before I had the chance to say anything else, the boy just disappeared. I had to blink my eyes a few times to make sure I hadn’t imagined it, but there was no mistaking it. He was gone.

Peter Pan’s POV:

I teleported myself back to the center of camp. The nerve of that girl! It took all I had in me not to just kill her then and there. I squeezed my hands into fists as I looked across camp.


I saw his head shoot straight up when I called his name. He jogged over and gave me a questioning look.

“Gather the lost boys, we’re going to play a little game to welcome our new guest.”

Felix quickly nodded and ran off with a grin. The boys love playing games.

I smiled to myself. You wanna play around Raven? Alright, let’s play.

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