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Hayato and Hephaestus: In Search of Goddesses

By MiddonaitoShi

Humor / Fantasy


DISCLAIMER: Any people, places, events, incidents, organizations, and/or media portrayed in this novel is used in a fictional/fanfictional manner.

Any resemblance to real world/fictional people, places, events, incidents, organizations, and/or media are merely coincidental and/or used as fanfictional material.

Once upon a time, gods made the world we know today. They are differentiated according to their worshippers: The Roman and the Greek gods.

Some millennia after, the war in Old Hell got worse. So a group of Roman gods, particularly called the "Jupiter Sisters", sacrificed themselves so that all of the evil Old Hellians would be trapped forever...

Now it's broken...

7 years ago, a great breakout of Old Hellians, now called "Runaway Spirits", happened in the city of Maijima. Everyone of them implanted themselves in
the hearts of human girls, who has been devastated, tortured, saddened, and the like. If those spirits happen to be powerful enough, they would transfer to
that girl's future child, possess it, and devastate the whole world altogether.
Of course there would be countermeasures. I forgot to mention that a new Hell has formed after that war. They formed a team called "Runaway Spirit Squad".
New Hell would recruit great New Hellians to deputize and the latter would find a human "Buddy" to help him/her catch a spirit.

But, of course, that wouldn't be enough. I also forgot to mention that the "Jupiter Sisters" ALSO broke out and transferred into human girls ALSO.

So, I'm on the search for them...
Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention...
I'm also a god... Well, Greek one...
I'm finding the right human to help me find them.
My name is Hephaestus...
Yeah, yeah, a crippled guy with strong arms... Not me.
I AM crippled, but I made myself prosthetic legs so that I could walk...
I don't have strong arms to be that "Divine Blacksmith" of old, but instead, I have a pretty sharp brain.
I WILL find those goddesses...
But first, lunch, hehehe...


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