Siren's song


Yuki and lisa were childhood bestfriends,every night their parents would tell them stories about mermaids and other mythelogical cretures,but what if those stories became a reality? And mermaids aren't as nice and beautiful as in the stories. What if.....they were cruel and evil beings that feed on the flesh of living humans ?!

Horror / Fantasy
Angry German kid
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 part one

Today is the day i finally get to meet my childhood bestfriend after 12 long years.

I'm currently siting at a bus stop waiting for her yuki,that's how she goes by now her real name kanna but i guess i'll just call her yuki.

"Lalisa!!" I heard someone call out my name and imideatly know who it is. "Yuki-chan!! You remember me?"

"Of course i do,i mean ot hasn't been that long has it? I beleive it was 12 years?"

"Yes yes,twelve years. So where do you wanna go?"

"I don't know, maybe the mall we really have a lot of catching up to do."

"Okay! The mall it is then!" I said as we both walked quietly to the mall,but.....something doesn't feel right. I shook of the feeling as i followed behind. be continued

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