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Shivika smut


Highly mature πŸ’‹πŸ‘„πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”ž

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A/N: You can find me on wattpad too ( @nurbhiloveholic14)


Note:Anika is 18 but Shivaay pampering kept her baby minded and Shivaay is 29


Anika got happy that she got someone who is there to care for her. She without any fear hugged Shivaay who hugged her more tightly.

Shivaay. Come here my baby tell me do you want me to put you on sleep like princess daddy put her on sleep?

Anika. Yes. I wanted this not this but I wanted everything from you.

Shivaay. Aww my baby. But baby there are some sleeping rules that you have to follow. Not only sleeping but others rules too to make me your daddy

Anika. Rules?

Shivaay. Yes rules now my baby is grow big and there are some sleeping rules and I don't want you to break them. You are my baby and baby will never say no me. Understood

Anika. Yes understood.

Shivaay. That's like my baby. Now come let's me put you on sleep and tell you your sleeping rules

Anika. But I want cartoons to watch.

Shivaay. No time for cartoon is up. This is my baby's sleep time.

Anika. No movie

Shivaay. Fine I'm going then. You are breaking the rules

He coming out of bed was about to leave when Anika cries loudly running behind him stop him

Anika. I'm sorry mumma husband. Please don't go. I promise I will break rules. Please

Shivaay. Stop crying baby. I was joking only. Shhh

Shivaay picked her in arms and taking her on bed said straddling her on him.

Shivaay. My baby will sleep

He said brushing her nose with him to which Anika nodded yes

Shivaay. Ok baby listen your sleeping rules. From now on you are only going to wear panty while sleeping at night and noon. Understood

Anika. But I'll feel cold and mumma said I'm big girl and bg wear bra and panty

Shivaay. No you are my baby and baby won't wear them. I know you get rashes wearing it. And when I'm there, then you'll not feel cold. Got it.

Anika. Yes

Shivaay. That's like my baby. Now hurry lift your arms. I will remove your top and bra.

Anika smiling lifted her arms and Shivaay glancing her removed top first and then removing her bra with desires glanced her small buds.

Shivaay pov. My baby is so small. But baby's daddy will make them big.

Anika. What happened why you are looking me like this? I'm ugly?

Shivaay. No my baby is so pretty. Come give me hug.

He spreading his arms hugged her tightly and feeling her buds he feels his LF teasing him. He without breaking the hug opened his shirt button take off his shirt. He in slow motion removed her short too

Shivaay. Is my baby feeling cold?

Anika. Yes

Shivaay. Should I give you my warmth like princess daddy's give.

Anika. Yes give me your warmth.

Shivaay pecking her head hugged her more tightly and lying her on bed came on top of her said

Shivaay. Baby this is rule 2 for sleeping so keep in mind. I'll warm you by brushing your body with mine

Anika. Yes

Shivaay pecking her cheeks crushed his chest with hers and commanding her not to close her eyes starts brushing his Chest with hers . After that lying beside her. He roaming his big hand on small body asked

Shivaay. Is my baby feeling cold now?

Anika. No but I am feeling pain

Shivaay. Where my baby was feeling pain?

Anika. Here ( she points on her b)

Shivaay. Aww my baby feeling pain here ( he said cupping her B)

Anika. Yes ( she said sobbing)

Shivaay. Baby don't cry. Come hug me tightly you'll feel better.

Anika comes on her and hugs him tightly

Shivaay. More tightly. Yes more tightly. He said roaming his hand on her back and then bring on left side said playing with her buds

Shivaay. Tell me your first two sleeping rules

Anika. I'm only suppose to be in panty at night and noon time. You'll warm me by brushing your body with me

Shivaay. Wow my baby is good learner. Now third rule

He adjusting her kept her naked legs in his naked legs ( he too took off his pants and now he's boxers only)

Anika. What's that?

Shivaay. Baby never goes on sleeping without sucking daddy nipples.

Anika. Sucking nipples? What's that?

Shivaay. This baby ( he said pointing his manly nipples that are poking because of his built ton chest.) and this is most important rule and you will never sleep without it. Now come open your mouth and start sucking them and never take it out before I woke up got it.

Saying this Shivaay pushed her manly nipple in her mouth..Anika start sucking it giving pleasure to Shivaay who pulling her more in him and closed his eyes to control himself

Next Day

Shivaay wakes up and smiles seeing his baby sleeping on her stomach. He turned her front towards him and climbing on her presses his chest in hers and pecking her nose wakes her up

Shivaay. Baby wake up

Anika. Two minutes

Shivaay. No baby no two minutes get up fast we have to do breakfast and then we'll play

He said gently brushing his chest with hers.

Anika opens her eyes and greets her where Shivaay pecking her forehead greets her back and pulling her up hugs her tightly and Anika smiling too hugs him back.

Shivaay. So tell me baby did you have good sleep. Have I put you on sleep good?

Anika. Yes I love it. Thank you

She thanks him breaking the hug when Shivaay caressing her buds said

Shivaay. Baby never says thanks like this

Anika. Then how I'm suppose to give you?

Shivaay. Whenever princess daddy do something good that makes princess happy. She gives thanks by kissing.

Anika smiles and happily ties to kiss him on cheeks but he stops her

Anika. What?

Shivaay. Baby don't kiss her but they kiss here when they are happy or sad

He said pointing on his lips

Anika. Lips?

Shivaay. Yes lips come kiss me

Anika smiling pecks his lips and gets back but Shivaay pulling her closes says cupping her mouth

Shivaay. Baby kiss properly wait let me teach you. Should I teach you?

Anika. Yes

Shivaay smiles and pulling her in him seals his lips with hers and guide her too that how to kiss.

Shivaay. My baby he rolling his tongue on her lips broke the kiss and then again crushing her in bones said

Shivaay. My baby like kissing

Anika. Yes I like it and now I got new place to kiss you.

Shivaay. Aww baby you can kiss me everywhere. Here, here and everywhere you want and I can too kiss you anywhere.

He said making her touch his body

Anika. What you too can kiss me anywhere? Here too

She asked touching her private part

Shivaay. Yes baby only I can do that but keep in mind these are your princess parts and you are not allow to touch them without my permission. Understood?

Anika. Yes

Shivaay. Good baby. Now come let me giving you bath and then breakfast and some more rules for making you call me daddy

He picked her in arms and walked to bathroom where he left her empty her stomach but she got shocked to see hairs there.

Anika. Mumma husband

She cries loudly and Shivaay who was feeling tub for bathing ran to her and got assault to see her in birth suit. His LF teases him again but he scolding him hugged her tightly and caressing her a*** asked

Shivaay. What happened baby why you are crying?

Anika. I'm becoming monster see my princess part is hairy

Shivaay. Show me

He bending down spreads her legs and cupping her core says

Shivaay. Don't cry baby. I'm here and you are not becoming monster but you are getting ready to call me daddy. Stop crying and wait for me. I'm coming to remove them ok.

He quickly ran to Tia's room and came back with HRC and lying Anika in bathtub applies it on her princess part and underarms too. He clean it and once her clean pinkish princess part got visible to him.

He took her in lap and said,

Shivaay. See baby you are no more monster. Happy

Anika. Yes

Shivaay. Ok now baby you know when I'll give you bath. I've to push my fingers in your princess part to remove hairs from inside. So do you allow me to do that?

Anika. Yes

Shivaay smiles and applying gel on her gives her bath and then slowly plays with her princess part and then commanding her to not to close her eyes, he widely spread her legs and pushed his finger in.

Anika. Aaaaa. It's paining

Anika screams but Shivaay taking her inbetween lap says massaging her b****

Shivaay. Baby sshh it happens for first time. Look at me and see you'll feel better when I clean you

He fingering her slowly makes her look at him left her moaning and once she gets use of it, he increases his speed and when he felt that she's about to cum. He hugged her tightly and pecking her head calms her and says.

Shivaay. Is it hurting you?

Anika. Yes alot..

She cries on his shoulder. He picked her up and drying and moisturizing her body step down and after getting breakfast ready he straddling her in lap ask making her eat it

Shivaay. Baby is it still


Anika munching nodded positive. Shivaay took her on couch and spreading his legs wide adjust her between it. He holding her from pretty waist says

Shivaay. Baby do one thing rub your princess part here ( he told keeping her hand on his LF) first slowly and then fast. Then see your pain will vanish

Anika. What are you saying? I'm not understand?

Shivaay. Aww my baby don't worry. I'm hear to make you learn. Come hug me tightly and I'll teach you first and then you do it. Ok

Anika. Ok

Shivaay switched their place now Anika was on couch and Shivaay was infront of her. He crushed Anika in tight hug first and then starts rubbing his LF slowly with her princess part. Anika didn't knew what's happening but growing girl in her was enjoying this feel. Shivaay was groaning and when he felt that he'll lose his control. He stop rubbing them and changing their positions commanded his baby

Shivaay. Baby now you do it and keep your eyes on me and do it fast ok. With full energy

He holding her waist kept her hands on his shoulders pulled her close and Anika starts brushing them.

Shivaay. Baby more fast. More your pain will get cure.

He throwing his head groans loudly where Anika clutching his shoulders rub them hard and fast.

Shivaay. Yes baby keep doing...This is so curable.

He pulled her in hug and commanded her to keep brushing


Shivaay went on meeting though he don't want as he couldn't take his baby with her because her passport was expire so he alone went UK but both missed each other.

Anika cries for him on phone that hurts him too but he was helpless. Tia was too in her own world.

Anika with Shivaay friend Ragini was gone for outing but on her return she got super happy to know Shivaay back. She happily ran to her room as she knows that he is there only.

Anika. Mumma husband

She happily jumped on him who taking her in arms hugged her tightly

Shivaay. My baby came

Anika. Yes I missed you

She starts crying hugging him tightly. Shivaay kissing her head locked the room and sitting on bed locked his lips with hers

Shivaay. I missed my baby too.. I missed your everything my baby

He kissing her between said removing her and his dress. He break the kiss touches her princess part

Anika. I want to sleep mumma husband

She said bending down and trying to suck his nipples leaving Shivaay aroused to see her A** high

Shivaay. Aww baby I just came now and you want to sleep baby. Don't you want play with me

He said caressing her butt

Anika. No I couldn't sleep well. Now your baby want to sleep. Please put me on sleep

She said hugging and brushing her chest with his

Shivaay. Oh baby yes come let's sleep I too can't sleep without you.

He lying back on bed pulled Anika on her who brushing them attached her mouth with his nipple and in to time she slept leaving Shivaay in mess.

Shivaay. This is getting to much my little friend my baby is teasing us both. I know...yes she's our baby

He says stoking his length smirks fingering her A** gently


Anika. mumma husband wake up it's evening

Shivaay. Baby let me sleep. I'm not well

Anika. What happened to you?

Shivaay. Baby I'm tried. I've pain in my limbs

Anika. Should I call mumma and tell her that you are not well

Shivaay. No baby mumma is not needed when you are here for me.

Anika. Me what can I do?

Shivaay. Come here let me tell you how can you give relief to me.

He sucking her lips told her what she have to do.

Shivaay lies on bed where Anika was straddling on his back and playing game on phone was going up to his chest and then was sliding down to his hip was moisturizing his body with her dripping juice. He groaning turned and commanded her to keep brushing her princess part from his chest to his LF. Anika busy in game keep coating his build tone chest and cover length with her honey.

He till dinner time kept Anika doing this and at last he said

Shivaay. Thank you baby ( He kissing and sucking her lips said giving thanks to her ) my tiredness is gone.

He taking phone from her starts rubbing brushing her body with his and this time he was rubbing his LF with her princess part.

Shivaay lied beside her and waited for Anika who start sucking his lips.

Shivaay. Baby what happened? Why you are looking me like that. Do you need anything?

He asked placing her legs between his and roaming his hand on her AC

Anika. Mumma husband when I'll call you papa?

Shivaay. Baby your princess parts weak and until they don't get strong you can't call me

Anika. What my princess parts are weak?

Shivaay. Yes that's why you felt pain when I cleaning them and rub them and till they don't get strong you can't make me your daddy now.

Anika. When it will get strong and how?

Shivaay. That I'll teach you some other day. Now no talking and left have dinner


Shivaay making Anika stand under shower said pushing her on wall

Shivaay. Baby today we are going to make your B strong ok. It will pain you but you have to bear it ok and we will practice it daily

Anika. Ok

Shivaay. Good baby. Now listen I'll squeeze your B and then will pull your baby buds and you'll not close your eyes and looking at me you'll learn to call me daddy. Got it. Call me daddy when I pull them

Anika. Ok

Shivaay glancing her b with desires cupped them and then fondling them squeeze them like sponge

Anika. Aaa...it's paining

Shivaay. Sssh. Daddy is here to cure call me daddy baby

He squeezing her B start pulling her buds and making them crushed with his chest

Anika. Aaa Daddy

Shivaay. Yes baby...scream for daddy

He pushing and pulling her buds rubs his groin with her princess part. He for whole day keep on pulling her buds and different place of house in different style.

At last he pushed her on bed and with desires glancing her hard and red B said crushing them under him

Shivaay. Baby now I'll kiss them and suck them and then your first princess part will get strong day after day. And you keep learning daddy

Anika nodded and Shivaay left pulling them and like babies starts kissing, sucking and fondling them.

He continue pulling, kissing and sucking her .


Shivaay. Baby today will make your lower princess part strong. Come here

He sitting on snooker table called her.

Anika happily jumps on table and straddling her asked

Anika. How?

Shivaay. Baby remember how you brushing your princess part with my private part cure your pain

Anika. Yes I remember

Shivaay. That's like my baby. Now same like that from now on you'll hit your lower princess part with mine and call daddy. But make sure your hit should be strong and you won't cry

Anika nodded positive and straddling him pushed her princess part in his growing length

Anika. Daddy it's hurt what's this

Shivaay. Baby you hit us. It's daddy's magic with whom you'll get strong. Now no talking and hit more fast and hard baby.

Anika hugging him hits him hard and fast pushing her hip back and front.


Shivaay. More hard. Make me your daddy baby. make me....Hit fast and more hard.. yes like this...daddy baby is. getting strong...hit baby hit...you will have daddy

Daddy Daddy

He groaning in pleasure screamed and at last pushing her own table licks, sucks and kiss her bundle of nerves pulls her buds where Anika keep moaning

Daddy daddy.....



Shivaay took Anika for drive in movie as he made promise with his baby who was lying in birthsuit . Yes Shivaay took off her last piece of cloth too weeks back and now Anika roam in her birthsuit infront of Shivaay. Right now Anika was on top of Shivaay who was too naked from upper and boxer that he was wearing that was of thin material.

( Note. Shivaay still not let Anika to call him papa)

Anika was enjoying movie where Shivaay with one hand was making her eat popcorn and with other he was fingering her gently and then roaming his wet hand all over her upper body thrust his fingers in her mouth and commands her to make her taste her juice

Shivaay. Suck baby

Anika keeping eyes on movie suck his fingers and once she sucks them. He turning her to taste her juice my tasting her lips.

The movie came to internal and Anika gets upset.

Shivaay. What happened baby?

Anika. Movie stopped

Shivaay. Aww baby it's ok and it's good movie stopped because now I've to tell you important thing.

Anika. What is that?

Shivaay. My baby have learned everything and now are not going to call me mumma husband

Anika. What? Really then like princess I can too call you papa?

Shivaay. No. not papa

Anika. Then what?

Shivaay keeping her head on steering came on top of her and licking her lips said locking her hands above her head

Shivaay. Call me daddy baby

Anika. Daddy?

Shivaay. Yes call me daddy. Three times. He said brushing his chest with her

Anika. Daddy

Shivaay hit his cover hardness with her softness listening daddy from her mouth where Anika whines in pain but Shivaay locked his lips with her and commanded her to call her daddy again

" Daddy"

He thrust again

" Daddy"

He thrust her again and each one was more hard then last one. He keep on thrusting her but when he felt it's too much he quickly left her who crying tries to rub herself but Shivaay stop her

Shivaay. Baby told you before you are not suppose to touch your princess parts then why?

Anika. Sorry daddy but something was hitting me. See it's paining me too much. she crying told hugging him tightly

Shivaay. Aww baby what something is paining my baby? Show me

He placing her on driving seat spread her legs and glancing her softness feels proud on his artwork.

Anika. What happened daddy why it's paining?

Shivaay. Because you are daddy little girl now. Now stop crying and watch movie

Anika crying said no and told that she wanted to go home

Shivaay. But movie?

Anika. No movie. Home

She crying hugs him tightly where Shivaay smiling hugged her tightly and said

Shivaay. Fine come let's go.

He starts the car and reversing it get on home road but he changed his route to his farmhouse and it's weekend and he don't want Tia with them

Shivaay. Baby you sleep and when we will reach I will wake you.

Anika wiping her tears nodded yes and attaching her mouth with his nipples sucks them hard and fast like babies. Shivaay pushed her more in him and he keeping car on auto ploit keep on thrusting her hard that she sucking his nipples was moaning in sleep.

Shivaay. My baby got daddy.

He crushed her in tightly hug lifts his hip and thrust her saying

" Baby"


" Wake"




Anika screaming in pain wakes up making him go widely with her but he controlling him picking her arms where Anika keep on hugging her tightly once they reached farmhouse. Anika got scared to see girl inside the house

Anika. Daddy

She hugs him tightly

Shivaay. Baby don't get scared she's my friend. Ragini you wait here and let me put my baby on sleep.

Ragini wicking at her nodded positive and waits for Shivaay in hall who up was brushing his chest with hers and then making her suck his nipples came down putting her into sleep

Ragini. So at last you got her

Shivaay. Yes that lusty Tia. I don't want to take her name. Ragini I called you here for my baby and want my dark fantasy to done by my baby. Before I marry her I want some assault from her side now. Are you getting me?

Ragini. Don't worry give me few days and then see you'll find your baby ready for you.

Shivaay. That's great you have time of one week you help her and there I'll get rid of that bitch. But warning you don't hurt my baby otherwise you know what I can do

Ragini. Take it easy man. I know what she's for you.

Shivaay. Good. I'm going now teach her everything


One week passed and Anika was learning from Ragini who taught her that what is Shivaay doing with her. Anika was shocked but then she was ok as she got it that what's love between boy and girl and Shivaay is the only person in the whole world that loves her but she was too angry with him that why he never talked to her. But in heart she forgive him but still wanted to teach him lesson.

So on the return of Shivaay home. He was so happy that now he can spend his entire life with his baby as after few days they can get marry.

He directly went to kitchen throwing his shirt on off and pulled Anika in back hug and nuzzling in her crook giving her wet kiss greeted her bringing her in birthsuit. He squeezing her princess parts says grinding his length in her A***

Shivaay. How's my baby?

Anika. Baby is fine Daddy.

Shivaay. Aww my baby is angry with me come kill your anger.

He pulling her to him like hungry chews her lips and Anika was not less she too kissed him back.

Shivaay. My baby have got strong . Come show your daddy your strength

He said rubbing his groin hard and fast with her princess part and letting her to dominate the kiss

Anika pov. My bad Daddy . You are gone today

She jumping hug his waist and they without breaking kiss entered bed room where Anika pushing him on bed straddles him and hitting her princess part hard with his groin says

Anika. How it daddy. tell daddy have your baby got strong.

Shivaay. Aaahhh baby slowly you'll kill me. You are too strong...Ohhh.. baby stop

Anika hugged him tightly and biting his ears says why to stop daddy come on make me your baby.

She said squeezing his length

Shivaay. That Ragini have spoiled my baby.

Anika. No daddy it's you who spoiled me. And I hate you.

She said this time hitting her chest with his.

Shivaay. But I love you baby.

He rolling her underneath him kisses her whole body leaving marks on her body while bring his length out from boxers he took bud in his mouth and rubbing his length on her princess part says

Shivaay. What my baby want from daddy?

Anika. What you want from baby.

She pulled him up from hairs and chewing his lips said moving her hip

Shivaay. Aww naughty baby then take your daddy in but from now on it's your princess in my mouth and in you.

Saying this thrust his length in hers and lastly said chewing her lips

Daddy's little girl is mine now


The end

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